[Denied] Darky's speshul auth?


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    [Denied] Darky's speshul auth?

    Post by Darky on Sat Aug 23, 2014 9:21 am

    Steam Name: ∂αякŷ

    Steam ID: 

    How long have you been roleplaying?:
    Nearly 9 years.

    Any experience havng this auth before? Yes i have experience with this auth. Plenty of times.

    What are you applying for?: Approval for usage of an 1911 (Icly engraved), M1928A1 'Tommy Gun', Vervein usage.

    Why should you have this?: So on the character of which i am applying for, i can begin to create tensions with 'customers' and others. I believe then also, my character can have a past, where he got the weapon and how that shapes him now.


    Vito Vincenzo had worked at a local gun store from the age of 24, mere weeks before the government announcements of supernaturals. Of course, working at this shop ment discounted prices store-wide on all products purchasable. During his time working at the shop, men would constantly be making their way into the back room, chatting with the other, yelling, then they would leave. Curious as Vito was young, he left the counter to check on the back, as the men would enter as part of 'routine'.

    Upon entering the back, the men could be seen visibly waving firearms, generally 1911's. They wore black italian suits and did so very formally. Vito never had a good past, a criminal record including assault, grand theft auto, theft, grevious bodily harm and more. He was sure lucky the gun store owner permitted him to work with him to straighten his life out. Although, this all changed when he went into the back. The men in suits talked of high amounts of money, owed to them. Being Vito's young age, wealth is always a fortune for him, wanting to become a bigshot. He confronted the man, questioning the large sums of money.

    The suited males told him to go outside. They'd 'speak' to him after. Approximately a few hours later, the men leave, telling young Vito to come with them. Curious, he does so, leaving the counter and heading out front where there were 2 black 1940's style sedans and a few other suited males. Pulling out a rap sheet, they show Vito his own criminal record. As if they were intending to come across him.

    Vito being suprised with this, becomes heavily involved with this group of men. The life of crime, high-rolling and the high-life were present, staring him in the eyes. Years after accompanying the suited men's endeavours secretly, behind his store owners back, he was called in by the suited men to 'assist' with a clean up, at his gun shop. After arriving, wearing similar suits to the other men, he would enter, go in the back and confront the owner. The men handed Vito a chrome 1911, and ordered him to shoot the store owner. Being Vito, his past conflicted with emotions and morality.

    After a good solid minute, the men became impatient, Vito pulled the trigger. His store owner's head collapsing as a puply mess exits out the back of his skull. Two more suited males enter, ransacking the place, taking ammunition and weapons. Vito's mind assuming it was their way of getting the money his store owner owed.

    Approximately 3 years after this, he became his own. Under the order of the boss, he was sent to America, Los Angeles. Here, he was to establish a crime circle and bring control under the family name. He, of course, ran his own family. Being the don, top-dog. Wealth and power now in his fingertips. He began work, starting with his 1911, engraving the words 'Vincenzo' in a cursive artistic pattern, across the side of the weapons slide and getting himself the infamous M1922 Thompson, modified with a drum magazine infamously known as the 'Chicago Typewriter'.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? Yes, i understand this term and condition.

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    Re: [Denied] Darky's speshul auth?

    Post by Darky on Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:35 am

    JiiBB approved this during the Nos mall attack event.
    Said he cbf to post.


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    Re: [Denied] Darky's speshul auth?

    Post by Raikmaister on Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:34 pm

    Denied for now.

    You're too inactive on the server, and this could use some revision.

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    Re: [Denied] Darky's speshul auth?

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