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    Neot 'Vips' Uksin

    Post by smiley1994 on Sat Aug 23, 2014 11:13 am

                                                Neot 'Vips' Uksin
                      Family|Love|Best Friends|Friends|Hated|Hate|Fuck you|Burn in hell please|

    Safiria 'Red' Vestrolska: After, all you are my mother i would kill the person to kill you or harm you, but You need to know what real friends are..

    Jase Ramensin: Fuck you, asshole..

    Delilah : I really like, you but.. i think you don't like me in that way but yes sure..whatever thank you for helping me when i'm sad or low.

    Larissa: I utterly hate you, you act like a bitch to me i try to be nice but you arrest me and tried to throw me in jail..

    Hale : Fuck you, you asshole you shot me three times..for when you tried to attack me and i defended myself..

    Lila 'Crimson rose': I like you, because you helped me when hale shot me you placed Bullets into his back forcing him to a wheel..chair as i love what you have done, and you are really nice as a Friend.

    Sophia Plague Orr: Sometimes you piss me off, but i can't really get mad at you cause your soooo cute your so small i could just pick you up and pretend your a Teddy.

    Alice : You are really nice as a friend, you helped me when i was injured once..

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