The Valkyries


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    The Valkyries

    Post by JiiBB on Sat Aug 23, 2014 8:51 pm

    The Valkyries

    Some gang members before the events of the Fable War.

    Background Information

    The Valkyries are a splinter group of the original Bloods in LA. They like many others started out as a regular street gang, though over time they began to gain reputation. The events the Valkyries have named as the Fable War pushed the group to infamy. Pulling over an all out monopoly in the streets of LA and Compton. About 3 months later the Valkyries left the Bloods Alliance all together. A young woman soon rose through the ranks. Widely believed she did this with her superior Lycan powers. Many of the hang not knowing her by anything other than such names such as 'Sentinel'. Since then the Valkyries have since abandoned terrorizing citizens without reason, now focusing on bigger game. Most crimes as in, Human Trafficking, Drug Trade, Illegal Weapons, Prostitution and Theft can be guessed it was the Valkyries The gangs drug of choice to solicit being Methamphetamine. They can be identified by black or purple bandanas and/or purple coloring. No-one including police truly knows who 'Sentinel' actually is, and only the higher ups of the gang actually see her face to face. 

    ((OOC NOTES: As a fairly populated gang I will be expecting citizens to Fear RP accordingly. Because if you in real life were approached by a Bloods member I honestly doubt you would say, 'Fuck off.' This group will not be carrying many heavy weapons or anything of the sorts. I am not posting a Roster; as the white knight vampires will undoubtedly kill anyone on the roster from some hunch.))

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