The Vincenzo Family


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    The Vincenzo Family

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    The Vincenzo Family

    The Vincenzo Family arose from the Don named Vito Vinenzo. A wealthy, powerful man who rose to power in the early 1940's. Starting off young, Vito was a mess. Surrounded by criminals and criminal business, it soon became one with him. At the age of 24, Vito was confronted by suited males, who soon dressed him up and made him a made man of the 'Leosipi' Family. At the age of 26, Vito was on the verge of death, having taken several rounds to his chest fatally wounding him. Mysterious people surrounded him as he would lay dying in his own blood, before blackness. He awoke, his wounds healed and a puddle of blood nearly gone. Upon arriving back at the mansion alongside his made-men counterparts. Important business regarding expanding operations had been spoken of, some Capo's were killed and they needed new ones. Vito became said Capo, running things in Sicily for a short time before approached by the Don and ordered to expand into the United States.

    This is where the family became known. Vito, arriving in Los Angeles, made quick work of expanding operations. Racketeering shop fronts and using them to clean money, prostitution rings and so much more. The family becoming well known, sent the LAPD into a frenzy, the corporate fronts all under control of Vito. The police could never understand why they feel so close to arrest, yet, are so far away. Vito recruited in mass, sending them out to do the dirty-work for him so the police couldn't pin anything onto him. These mobsters then eventually became made-men, assisting in official family business as Vito saw fit. From here, Capo's were assigned, running things in certain areas and states. Vito began importing firearms and selling them on the black market, making millions at the cost price of near nothing, due to his racketeering profits. He would outfit his men with firearms and send them out to do a job with it. Of course, these weapons weren't registered and had no serial, making them impossible to track back to anyone.

    The Vincenzo Family soon became one of the largest syndicates in Los Angeles, eliminating the competition with both money or brutality. Whatever had to be done...
    The year is 2014. Vampires and werewolves are of the modern age, Vito, a vampire, survived the many years without death due to immortality. Vervein becoming produced in farms and weapons becoming hard to come by. Vito stuck close to his trusty 1911 and 'Chicago Typewriter', discretely packed away. The Vincenzo family has thrived since the 40's. Raking in more money than you could imagine, outfitting more men across the U.S and profits also send to Sicily to fund the war-front back there against another rival family. They bring the 1940's criminal ethics and business, to a modern age.

    Note: If you decide your character knows about this organization, do ensure you understand the large-scale operations and that all members are not known. They work in secrecy and do not make their presence widely known. If you are part of this organization, do not gloat about it to others and ensure you have some cover-up stories.

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