'Felix' Dremor Adept Vampire Application



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    'Felix' Dremor Adept Vampire Application

    Post by FlameCow on Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:51 pm

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    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I believe I can roleplay the character well, and I'm not going to be an overpowered killing machine.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: 2-3 years

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:
    Born in the slums - Yesler Terrace, Seattle, Wesley King had a lot of responsiblities. Raised in a large six-story tenement, his family lived in poverty. At the age of nineteen, he was kicked out of his home by his father for being unable to assist in supporting the family as much as his brothers. Since Wesley did not have a job at this time, he resorted to illegitimate schemes and money-making methods. Coaxed into the drug business by his friends, his personality had to change. He always kept a positive attitude, and thus his friends dubbed him 'Felix'. Things went smooth for 'Felix' until the posse had a run-in with a rival drug kingpin. 'Felix's best friend was killed in a violent shoot-out after a negotiation gone awry, and he quickly left the state.

    'Felix' took public transportation for three days until he reached Los Angeles, California - society still in shambles caused by the mass discovery of fables. Without friends and unable to support himself, he began to buy cheap goods in bulk to peddle to the local populace. Though selling cheap Chinese flip knives and counterfeit Rolexes didn't get him anywhere. On his way to the club, 'Felix' met a certain vampire. Following a short discussion, he was told to contact a white-haired woman and give her the secret code. Unsure but out of options, he accepted. The woman was 'Felix's road back into the drug business. After a few meth cooking operations, 'Felix' met a man advertising a new drug called 'Fangbang' - a vampire venom extract that makes the user feel incredibly serene and tranquil. 'Felix' then went on to meet the owners of the operation - an all-vampire crew who offered him a deal he couldn't resist. The deal was that 'Felix' sells a pound of the product and returns the money to the vampires. Without a minute of hesitation, he agreed.

    Roughly a week passed before 'Felix' sold the drugs. He returned to the underground drug ring with the money, and they took him in as their own. Months past before he was fully trusted, but eventually the vampires came to like him. They told him that before he can get further involved, he would have to be turned. 'Felix', having found a new crew, accepted once again. A seemingly young vampire by the name of Alexandra Connor took 'Felix' into a back room. He sat upon a leather office chair and waited patiently. Alexandra came back into the room, wielding a knife. She slashed his right wrist and closed her mouth over the wound, draining his blood until he was near death. When his face paled, she did the same to herself and he consumed her blood. Days passed until he was once again strong enough to walk, but once he was able to, he felt power and speed like never before. Though it wasn't much, the difference was immense.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:
    **Artyom Andropov lies asleep at his stool, leaned over and drooling onto the countertop of the restraunt. The moon dimly lights the hazy backalleys, with a set of fluorescent lights flickering above his head.
    **'Felix' approaches the sleeping Russian from behind, glancing around the vicinity to see if he's alone. He carefully plucks his cigarette from his lips and sets it into a nearby ashtray.
    **'Felix', knowing now that they are in solitude, inches towards the man. He breathes deeply, his fangs slowly finding their way out of his gums.
    **'Felix' lurches forth, snapping at the man's neck from behind. The sharp fangs easily penetrate the skin, drawing blood.
    **'Felix's fangs retract as he cups his mouth over the bite, suckling blood from the trickling wound.
    **Artyom Andropov writhes in his slumber, before slapping angrily at his drizzling neck wound. "What the hell?!"
    **'Felix' rears back, blood running down his chin. He wipes the liquid away with his sleeve.
    **Artyom Andropov exclaims, "'Felix', is that you? Did you fucking bite me?", he asks, looking over his red-stained fingertips.
    **'Felix' nods his head, then chuckles slightly. "Sorry homie, you smelled fuckin' good. Like a chocolate croissant or somethin', you know?"
    **Artyom Andropov furrows his brow. "A chocolate croissant? What is wrong with you? You're a vampire?"
    **'Felix' nods once again. "Hell yeah a chocolate croissant, and yeah. Sorry, man."

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:
    **'Felix' walks down the damp road, puffing his cigarette occasionally. The soles of his boots send splashes of muddy water airborne as he moves on.
    **Trevor Mifflin spots the man, leaning forward off of the wall. He taps Garry Dentley on the shoulder. "That's him, that's the fuckin' biter."
    **Garry Dentley visibly jumps, taken by surprise. He glares daggers at 'Felix' before immediately jetting forward.
    **Trevor Mifflin trails behind his eager companion, taking a flip knife out of his hoodie pocket and flicking it open. "Hey, you fucking fable!"
    **'Felix' snaps to the man, his brows furrowed. "What you say?"
    **The two men approach 'Felix', clearly intending to hurt or maim him. Trevor Mifflin lurches forth, carving at the vampire with his blade.
    **'Felix' jumps away from the blade, the tip still digging deep into his left arm. "You mother-fucker," he retorts. Slipping his right hand into his trenchcoat pocket, he whips his Colt 1911 out with inhuman speed.
    **Garry Dentley immediately drops his stance and sprints into the nearest alleyway at the sight of the firearm.
    **Trevor Mifflin ignores this action, pushing forth and going for a stab at 'Felix's abdomen.
    **'Felix' takes the four-inch blade to the gut, piercing his skin and muscle. 'Felix' groans in pain and pulls the trigger wildly, his pistol levelled with Trevor's torso.
    **Trevor Mifflin gets hit in the shoulder, the bullet fracturing instantly upon entry. Blood trickles from the entry wound, but he continues to attack and shout at 'Felix'.
    **'Felix' shouts back at the man, firing once more. "Beat your feet, mother-fucker!"
    **Trevor Mifflin is shot in the lower right arm, drilling a gnarly hole into his forearm. His fingers lock up and he loses grip of his knife. Adrenaline loses it's grasp on Trevor, and he attempts to escape.
    **'Felix' lets the man run away, patting at his stomach with his left hand. "God damn.."
    **'Felix' slips his Colt 1911 back into his trenchcoat and goes to seek immediate medical attention. Though he's a vampire, he's not invulnerable.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:
    **'Felix' heads into the club, easily opening the double-doors as he nears them.
    **'Felix' bobs his head to the beat of the party music, jive-walking over to the bar.
    **'Felix' offers a familiar wave to the bartender as he nears.
    **Seth Irish nods to 'Felix'. "What would ye like today, 'Felix'?"
    **'Felix' shrugs, then withdraws his cigarette from his lips. "I'll take anythin', man. Surprise me."
    **Seth Irish smiles, then walks over to the refrigerator. He opens the fridge door and grabs a bottle of tequila.
    **Seth Irish turns back to 'Felix' and reaches under the countertop, grabbing a shot glass. He twists the cap off of the tequila bottle and pours the alcohol into the glass.
    **'Felix' grins at the bartender, his pearly-whites glowing dimly. "Thanks, son. You alright."
    **'Felix' slides the glass towards him and looks it over briefly. He shrugs, then leans backwards and downs the liquid.
    **'Felix' says, "Damn, that tastes strong."
    **Seth Irish nods. "So, what have ye been up to?"
    **'Felix' shrugs. "Same old, same old, I guess. Got some more money now, so that's alright."
    **Seth Irish puts the cap back on the bottle of tequila and sets it on the countertop. "More money's always nice."
    **'Felix' says, "Damn right. And talkin' 'bout money, put that on 'Conk Conk's tab. He'll pay that shit."
    **Seth Irish crosses his arms for a moment. "Righty right."

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    Re: 'Felix' Dremor Adept Vampire Application

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