Anthony Turner Dremor Application

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    Anthony Turner Dremor Application

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    Steam Name: Anthony Turner

    Steam ID:(Ugh, effort) STEAM_0:0:24659239

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I think Nicole would add quite an interesting aspect to roleplay, she is a relatively unique character that can add interesting conflict and a unique perspective.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: Two and a half years, I joined Dark Fraction in March of 2012, I became Head Admin on Labor Day 2012 and held that position for six months before I resigned under extreme pressure and left to LNRP where I met friends I often RP with, jumping to UPG, UNRP, RRP somewhere in there, TnB somewhere in there, and then CMO

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:

    Nicole Deveraux, what can one say about her. She is an enigma, the French, blonde, beauty, almost like a siren luring Greek sailors to their death, some rumors even suggest that those sirens were her. Current speculation places her age at a little over two hundred, a child of the French noble Barbeyrac family as some records suggest, many records however were destroyed during the French revolution when the family fled to Austria to flee the Great Terror. Legends about her bounce around those who know her, this seemingly weaker woman somehow instilling fear into those around her, an intimidating and awe-inspiring presence. She would disappear for decades at a time, showing up in Germany in the 1850's and 60's on occasion, leaving and appearing in Italy as well during those years, after the foundation of the North German Confederation and Prussia and Bismarck's rise to power, she extended her stay in Italy. Once Rome was captured by the newly unified Italy, she traveled about the flourishing land at least until 1875 where she would make her last known appearance, briefly in Florenza, before once again vanishing into the wilds of Europe, rumors of her bounced around once again 6 years later in 1881. It is believed that she found refuge, a home if you will, somewhere in the Balkans, where she fed and lived, haunting the countryside of the newly unified Romania and the fracturing territory of the fragile Ottoman Empire. Deveraux would find herself consistently in an area during great change or instability, something she found awe-inspiring, and possibly even encouraged in some ways, although it is nothing but hearsay, occasionally spread by Deveraux herself to encourage her legend. She vanished from history altogether during the two world wars, she never says where she was, and likely never will. She emerged in 1982 with the name she bears now, Nicole Deveraux, as a criminal mastermind, controlling perhaps the largest drug trade organization in all of Western Europe, making millions of Euros trafficking drugs into France, Germany, Spain, Denmark, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Italy. Unfortunately for her, or perhaps fortunately if the stories about her are true, her reign as drug kingpin of Europe had to come to an end in 1986. She found herself pursued by various government forces, arrest warrants abound as they slowly began closing their grip on her empire. She fled as fast as she could, German, French, and even American police pursued her to the Rhine river, hoping to catch her on the border. They arrived too late, she had seemingly vanished into thin air, the German police had not seen her on the German side, the French hadn't seen her on their side, and the Swiss did not have any record of her entering their nation at the city of Basel along the French and German borders, her fortune was seized by the French, 2 million Euros missing however, Nicole would emerge briefly in Berlin on June 12th 1987, again evading police, it is believed that she found refuge in Moscow until 1991, she was seen leaving December 12th of that year, on a flight to China. She would remain in hiding until 2015, where she reemerged, stepping off a flight from Tokyo to Los Angeles, knowing the Europeans had given up on arresting her she paced out into the New World, a plan already forming in her mind

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:

    Nicole gives a rather loud chuckle, sitting by her fire along the Rhine river, looking up at the sky with a smirks, sounds of shifting around hopeless next to her, along with a rather loud yell "I'll kill you!" a red headed woman yells, tied tightly with rope, bruised and beaten

    Nicole turns to her, wagging her finger "Now now dear, I'd prefer you not be so rude." she scolds, a large smirk on her face "This could be a lot less painful for you, I've given you the choice."

    The girl simply glares at her "Yeah, tied me up you fucking psycho bitch!" she yells, the ropes cutting into her wrists as Nicole stands, pacing up next to her

    "I'm not an unreasonable person dear, a little hungry, yes, but not unreasonable." she says, running her hand gently over the girl's neck, giving a dark chuckle.

    "Wh-what are you doing!" she yells, wrists bleeding and raw by this point, looking at Nicole, terrified.

    "You think you're the first person to be in this position my dear? Do you think that they haven't all yelled at me, screamed for me to let them go?" she says coyly, still rubbing her neck "You will break, everyone does." she says, leaning down near her head

    "Get away!" the girl yells, obviously to no avail

    "Tick tock, I can do whatever I want to you, it's simple, if you're good and obedient and learn fast, it's much less painful" she says, leaning forward, nearing her neck "Now I'm hungry" she whispers as she bites into her neck

    The girl simply freezes up, unable to resist, fear paralyzing her.

    Nicole simply pulls away with no ceremony, smirking, running her tongue along the woman's neck "You'll learn to love it..." she says, as she shifts back over to her fire, humming lightly.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:

    Nicole gives a dark smirk as two goons approach her, the year is 1984, the height of Nicole's Empire, she simply shakes her head at them "You think I am someone you want to toy with dears?" she asks, crossing her arms

    The goons chuckle, the bigger one who is clearly in charge nods "You're some tiny French bitch, you think you can fight us?" he asks a British accent.

    "I wouldn't be worried about fighting me..." she says, shrugging lightly "I'd be worried about what happens next if you manage to run away dears..." she says, taking a small step forward

    The men seem confused, the one in charge speaks again "What the fuck do you think you are!?" he asks, pulling back his coat to reveal a revolver

    She gives yet another coy shrug "I am the most powerful woman you will ever meet dear, you will be dead before you can lay a finger on me" she says, taking a small step forward "If you don't believe me, fight me one on one." she says, staring the man dead in the eye.

    He smirks, pulling his revolver out and handing it to his buddy "Fine, I'm sure the boss doesn't mind you being broken." he says, cracking his knuckles.

    She gives another chuckle "Will he mind you broken dear?" she asks, moving forward quickly and attempting to throw a powerful punch at his stomach

    He doubles over, the wind knocked out of him straight away as the punch connects hard, he blindly throws a punch, his other hand clutching his stomach.

    Nicole is already beside him, aiming a punch directly at the stunned and defenseless man's kidney.

    He stumbles to the side, balance gone, wind knocked out of him, and in unbearable pain "Wh-what a-are you!" he wheezes out before falling onto his side, groaning

    She shrugs "I already told you dear." she say, pacing over to his buddy, extending her hand "I want that gun, your gun, and a little bit of cash for my trouble." she says rather plainly.

    He looks to her in shock "H-how did you?" he manages to stutter out, quickly handing her the revolver, his own Beretta, and about 50 Euros.

    She gives him a small nod "Give your boss this message for me, would you?" she asks, pacing over towards the man doubled over, aiming the revolver at his head and pulling the trigger without blinking "He doesn't send any goons after me, and he works for me now." she says, tossing him the revolver.

    The man quickly nods, unable to speak as he runs off in fear.

    She sighs, looking to the body "So messy..." she says sadly, her voice seems more sad about the mess than the actual death

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:

    The year is 1987, West Berlin, Germany.

    Nicole give a loud sigh, looking out the window of her hotel room towards the massive hunk of concrete that makes up the Berlin wall.

    "What's the matter?" a female voice asks from across the room.

    "Oh, nothing dear, just watching history." she says nostalgically, turning to the redhead from the Rhine.

    "Ah, I know you love that mistress." she says, any hint of resistance from her gone, nothing but loyalty and admiration of Nicole.

    "Its a shame I can't be out there to watch it fall." she says, sitting down in the red velvet chair.

    "Why not mistress?" she girl asks, giving a reassuring smile to Nicole.

    "Because Jen my dear, the Germans are still looking for me, and soon they'll be able to chase me into East Berlin" she says rather matter of factly

    The girl gives a small shrug "You are Nicole Deveraux mistress, would it even be possible for them to catch you?" she asks, giving a bit of a silly smirk

    Nicole chuckles "I knew you were a good pick." she says, stretching softly "When the wall falls I will walk out there and then we will run." she says

    "Why thank you..." she says, blushing and rubbing the back of her neck

    Nicole gives a small snap "I know someone who can get us to Warsaw from here, I'll make sure he is ready." she says, standing up and pacing over towards the hotel's phone, calling her contact.

    She paces back to her chair, flopping down with a smug smirk

    "Why are you so happy?" Jen asks, raising an eyebrow.

    Nicole gives her usual short chuckle "Because dear, now the authorities think I've left for Paris." she says

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    Good to see you here Anthony, and a fantastic app.


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