**Fliers Posted About L.A.**


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    **Fliers Posted About L.A.**

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    **The Flier has a lengthy message from some fanatic religious group, but it has been copied and posted endlessly, throughout the sprawling city, for all to read.**

    With vampires and werewolves stepping into the limelight, many grew concerned that other fables and legends were also not so mythical. Some potentially as populated as the sprawling vampire and werewolf societies, while others were thought to be dwindling down in the wake of the outcoming. However, they were the only two species to make themselves known, and while they flip turned the world upside down, others remained hidden behind legends and the Scifi Channel. Some find themselves clinging to these veils, as well as the guise of a human, which isn't all that hard at pretending to be, especially for a Faerie. When people think of faeries, they think of Tinkerbell, the Tooth Fairy, or even little balls of light, shouting at you to "Listen!" But what they fail to realize is that faeries aren't a solitary race, but rather a collective of mythical creatures. Their existence has been debated and dismissed since ancient times, but I assure you, in light of recent events, the discussion has come back to life in back alleys and bars.
    Fae Culture:
    Some of the races of this collective inhabit Earth, while others inhabit the Realm of Fae; even fewer had the opportunity to traverse between planes. They are considered neutral at best, under the leadership of their longtime leader, Queen Mab, who had held her title in the time of Shakespeare. The Fae Collective are split in half and follow either the Seelie or the Unseelie Court, which some vampire clans have also been known to partake in. Neither Court is considered right or wrong. Seelie are seen as less independent and more friendly to other races, however they're known for stealing infants. Unseelie are believed to be more independent, but that's because of their association with demon magic. Seelie are depicted as friendly and outgoing, whereas their Unseelie counterparts are more self-concerned and recluse. However, neither court trumps the other in their maliciousness and trickery. They thrive off it, whether they are Unseelie and trying to harm or Seelie and testing someone's character. If you thought that the Waco Compound Fire was an accident or that Malaysian Flight 370 crashed into the sea, you've got another thing coming.
    Fae Biology:
    The collective comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, but are, for the most part, humanoid in appearance. Most maintain the height and appearance of children, but look like young adults when they reach their middle age and later years. While most live an average of around a hundred to a hundred and twenty years, some have surpassed this, such as Queen Mab herself. Contrary to popular belief, the majority do not have wings and the few that do can only sustain short flight. The few that do have wings require them in order to transfer between the realms of Earth and Fae. The Fae Collective does, however, have a variety of abilities under it's domain, ranging from changelings to restorative healers, and from demonologists to masters of the elements. The fallback to such a wide variety of skills is that they must frequently be flexed and trained in order to remain intact with their user. This constant training and focus causes many to focus on a single following rather than trying to become a jack of all trades, but a master of none. Do not let their mythical status fool you though, they have about the same tolerance for pain as human beings and in some cases can even be harmed by more juvenile things, such as silver, iron, sugar, salt, or religious objects. Their scent is odd. Any lycanthrope would be able to take note of this at close range. Their blood, however, adds in interesting layer in the current power struggle between the warring fables and the human race. To vampires, human blood acts as sustenance, or even a stimulant. Fae blood differs in that it is more of a depressant and a hallucinogenic for vampires. For that reason, they are often sought by vampires addicted to the taste. While vampires may become interested in fae blood, it carries the same stigma that recreational drugs carry to the human race. Their blood can be relaxing, but it numbs their senses and their abilities. 

    With the recent events of the past six months, I implore you to take caution, because we, humans, werewolves, and vampires, are not alone. There are others that work in more mysterious ways, especially those amongst the Fae Collective. We'll have to tread carefully because for what little we know, they could already be walking our streets. Use the knowledge provided to arm yourselves, because they know a lot more about us than we do about them and they plan to keep it that way.

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