Vincent St.Claire Augustine Vampire App


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    Vincent St.Claire Augustine Vampire App

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    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I believe why I should be white-listed, is that I feel as if I can bring a strong realistic VampireRP that others can follow by example, I understand many types and styles of vampires and would like to bring this to the table. 

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: I have been Role-Playing for five years now on GMOD and seven years IRL with D&D.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:

    Vincent St.Claire, born on February 9th, 1921 in Sicily, Italy. Mother Gabrielle St.Clair, Father Donny St.Claire. When he was young his family did not find themselves well off, as they became very pour and could only fight for crumbs, his father began to work for a well dressed man and Vincent didn't really understand who this man was at the time but showed him a great deal of respect because his father and mother told him to, he was also told that this man would be taking care of us and treat us as his own family, as his father worked for this man day in day out more money began to come in. When Vincent reached the age of sixteen he started to ask questions and soon after was given answers, in the following years his father brought him in the business and he was sent to watch stores for what they called, 'Trouble' Vincent was only grateful for the opportunity to work with the well dressed man. Quickly he learned that who he was working for was the Sicilian Mafia, but by this point he had only but the highest respect for them and looked to them as his own family. With this Vincent soon gained a higher position in the family becoming a Solider for the Mob, dealing with more trusted jobs. By the age of nineteen, Vincent took another man’s life for the first time, they others called him a natural at it. He was lost after that moment but with all the respect that was given to him for doing so he started to feel right again, understanding if they stand against the family they stand against his life. The year that followed, Vincent did more jobs taking more lives, truly becoming a natural born killer. At the age of twenty World War II was at a peak and the Mafia saw a chance to spread out of Sicily, they looked to Vincent as a beacon for this granting him Capo of the Mafia and send some soldiers with him to Vichy, France there he would start a family and recruit new members, choosing out of Italian blood. The St. Claire Family was born, as the Nazis controlled everything going on in Vichy at the time he started to become friends with Strunbannfuhrer. Hans Von Stutton, once saving his life he was granted the civil iron cross for being a hero. In 1944 when the Allies invaded, Vincent was left alone in his apartment with only him and a  Colt M1911 the door was kicked in but it was not the Allies but Hans Von Stutton himself coming to 'save' Vincent, he told him "You will not make it out of here Mister St.Claire, I will grant you a gift in repayment for showing your bravery. Let me take you into the true side of the world." Vincent was unsure but knew he had no other choice, he nodded in acceptance with the following moments Mister Stutton turned Vincent into a Vampire granting him the power to survive the invasion, Stutton told him to follow the Allies back to there home and live among them and making a superior race. He gave warning that there are other threats out there as people know the truth of them and that we are hunted by a group called 'Hunters' to keep the world 'pure' and there is one other enemy, one that runs with the wolves, they are but no friend but only a foe. In the following years Vincent made it to America keeping his true self a mystery to others feeding on the scum of the streets at night, searches for the past of his new found blood line. Taking the lives of those who oppose him, he did not live his life in fear but only in the shadows waiting for his time to create the superior race. When the time came, and the world was told the truth, he stepped from the shadows into the public as he felt judged and discussed with man kind and these animals that walk among him.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines Min]: 

    **Vincent St. Clair pushes past the younglings towards the bounty of war, bending down to the body of the hunter. "You dare try to stop me.... I am pure unlike your race that only power is the sun, look at what that brought you." grabs the body with his right hand by the throat and raises it up as he stands, turning to the younglings, "This, this is what they are. But a mere meal for us! Understand that we are not the ones that bow, but the ones that stand before them as they bow to us!" with a quick targeted swipe with his left hand claws, he slashes the juggler of the body, the blood pours out as he brings it to his mouth and clenches his teeth down and drinks the blood. looking to the younglings as they follow his lead. When he is feed, he throws the body down and stands breathing heavily out, staring to them. "We raise!"
    ____________________________________________EXTRA FEEDING RP_______________________________________________

    **Vincent St. Claire slowly approaches the crow sitting on the edge of the roof, letting each foot fall before the other. As stays low he gets inches from the bird.
    **Crow looks back and fourth scanning the street, hearing a step it flicks its head around meeting Vincent's gaze. Spreading both of it's wings out in preparation of flight.
    **Vincent St. Claire quickly launches his right hand towards the Crow at supernatural speeds grabbing the bird, he takes his thumb and sets it on the side of the birds head pushing, waiting to hear a pop as the birds neck breaks.
    **A small pop/crack can be heard as the crow grows limp and its neck is broken.
    **Vincent St. Claire bringing the bird to his mouth, he brings his free hand to the birds chest raising a finger. He takes his claw from his index finger and pierces the birds chest, sliding it down and cutting it open.
    **Blood starts to pour out of the bird, dripping onto the ground.
    **Vincent St. Claire sets the bird above his mouth and lets the blood pour, as it reaches his mouth it slides down his tongue into his throat, clearing the dryness and moving further down. It pours over his lungs causing them to heal, as it pours into his chest his heart collects it, popping it through his body.
    **Vincent St. Claire drops the dead bird and stands, looking to where the Crow was. "You dead for a greater cause..."
    **Blood covers his mouth and drips onto the rooftop.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines Min]: 

    **Vincent St.Claire launches himself behind the concert barrier.
    **Bullets fly past, inches from his legs.
    **Vincent St. Claire peaks out of cover looking for the attacker.
    **A man stands 30 feet away with a side arm drawn, fires two rounds.
    **Rounds hit the top of the concert barrier, fling up dust in front of Vincent's eye's
    **Vincent St. Clair drops down, avoid the shot. Yells out "Just one!?"
    **Unknown Gun Man radio's in something, after doing so says. "Trust me there are more inbound, get out of cover and lay on the floor!"
    **Vincent St. Clair smirks, "This should be fun..." bending his knees he twists his body into a pouncing position and lunges forward, gripping on the the barrier and pushing forward for added speed.
    **Unknown Gun Man fires five rounds towards his leaping attacker
    **Vincent St. Clair is hit twice, once in the right thigh and left shoulder. Still meeting his mark and tackling him to the ground, he places his hands on both of the man’s shoulders shoving him down as well as bringing each leg over him pelvis. Causing the man to be pinned, looks to his wounded shoulder, "Guess who is gonna fix that..."
    **Unknown Gun Man squeezes back and fourth in attempts to exit but fails, "Listen we don't have to do this...!"
    **Vincent St. Clair eyes glare, "That is were you're wrong mortal!" lunging his head forward opening his mouth as his fangs reach out towards the man’s neck as he connects, his fangs piercing his flash into his veins draining the man’s blood, leaving just enough for him to survive. Taking himself away and standing, "You will be but a warning to those who oppose me."
    **Vincent St. Clair wounds begin to heal as the bullet are pushed out of his body and the skin closes around the wholes, he then turns to his left and quickly darts off into the darkness


    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines Min]: 

    **Vincent St.Claire drops down to his knees and bows his head, "The world as changed so much since World War II I have lost so much, as I have gained very little..." sighs out, "I was given a duty by the man who made me this way, I understand that my new blood fathers were placed on the world for a reason, to lead these humans into salvation to turn them and for those who fight against us would only be the force to keep us alive..." shakes his head. "Soon my fellow brothers and sister will understand that we were not made this way, but born this way. If not what we need to live, pumps through another species veins no enough of a sign. That they were made for us, designed for open purpose to serve the greater race?" opens his eyes and stands up, looks behind him to a door. "I will not let my fathers down, I will serve them well..."
    _____________________________________EXTRA PASSIVE RP___________________________________________________

    **Vincent St. Claire stands in the shadows as the sun starts to rise up, he follows the shadow line into the subway. "One day we will walk in the light again." walking down the stairs he takes a right, passing a drunk man. 
    **Drunk stumbles by looking to Vincent, "W-wow- your a-a ugly one..." Stumbles into a wall, using it as support to keep him up.
    **Vincent St. Claire looking to him, "Be gone with you mortal, or I paint these wall red with your blood!" He turns back to the position he was walking and continues to walk along.
    **Drunk raises his hand to the back of his head and scratches in confusion, "A-Aligh-Alright..."
    **Vincent St. Claire approaches a set of doors, he walks through them pushing each door with a hand. Stepping into the room he looks around seeing it empty. He steps to a desk and takes a seat in the leather chair.
    **The chair moans and cracks as the leather is dry.
    **Vincent St. Claire leans back and reaches towards the top right drawer, taking a hold of the brass handle and pulling it open.
    **The Desk creaks and dust raises up.
    **Vincent St. Claire reaches into the drawer pulling out a ancient book, slides his fingers along the cover and towards the opening, hooking his fingers he opens the book.
    **The Book says 'Întuneric la lumină' translated. 'Darkness to Light'
    **Vincent St. Claire flips a page lightly and reads down the page, nodding in understanding.
    **Once finishing two more pages he closes the book gently and sets it down on the desk with both hands, slowly pulling away. He then closes his eyes to rest them.

    **I would like to add this character in based off a fully developed character from a Role-Playing server based in WWII

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    Sprawled and etched underneath your delicate skin. Lines of blue and indigo travel up your forearms and push out adrenaline. Dark as ink, poisoning ones very soul. I trace the wicked lines with the very tips of my finger and you break out in shivers. The very lines that fascinate me, I want to make a home out of your veins. I want to be within your every being, I want to be the very thing that makes you feel alive.
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    Re: Vincent St.Claire Augustine Vampire App

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    Ohkay. C'mon, people. Nosferatu. We need them ugly fuckers. Please? I BEG it of you~<3. Hi Moosey Moose~! But for this app.

    Holding support/no support, you still need to extend the passive RP and feeding RP.

    Character list incoming!

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    Re: Vincent St.Claire Augustine Vampire App

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    Extended both.

    Sprawled and etched underneath your delicate skin. Lines of blue and indigo travel up your forearms and push out adrenaline. Dark as ink, poisoning ones very soul. I trace the wicked lines with the very tips of my finger and you break out in shivers. The very lines that fascinate me, I want to make a home out of your veins. I want to be within your every being, I want to be the very thing that makes you feel alive.

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    Re: Vincent St.Claire Augustine Vampire App

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    Re: Vincent St.Claire Augustine Vampire App

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