Alan's Werewolf Application


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    Alan's Werewolf Application

    Post by Altairp on Tue Aug 26, 2014 8:59 pm

    Steam name - Alan

    Steam ID - U:1:83613032

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist? – Because I'm awesome. Really. No, okay. I am really interested in roleplaying a character on this side of the supernatural factions, the guy I have in mind has abilities and behaviour that fit a Werewolf, more than a Vampire. I may or may not have fell in love with the 'Gangrel' clan of a VTM Roleplay community I stayed with for a while – not sure if it makes sense, I'm shit with applications.

    A last thing. I understand that roleplaying something that can easily turn into a living war-machine is a great responsibility. The Werewolf will not be abused to Powergame anyone, since I 'grew up' in a strictly-serious P2L community (Pixie knows!), I'll do my best to provide good, collaborative roleplay during fights or conflicts (if those will ever arise) rather than just try to stomp over the opponent.

    How long have you been roleplaying for? – Three, four years? It's around that.

    Write the backstory of your character.

    November, 1941. Reports of an incoming attack from the Japanese army swarm Department of State in the United States, but they are all ignored. In the meantime, German forces slowly advance trough the harsh winter towards Moscow, eventually stopping due low temperatures and a resistance from Siberian forces. Inbetween these two events, at the Phoenix's hospital in Arizona, a lonely woman gives birth to her child, Jack Graham. A skilled individual who will be destined to become a soldier, mercenary and then, after a struggle for his life against a supernatural beast, a werewolf.

    Jack grew without a father, died during the attack at Pearl Harbour, and with a lonely, sad mother. However, for an wealthy american boy, life wasn't too hard. Influenced by military propaganda, a family dedicated to the army and with the memories of his soldier dad, he decided to follow in his father's foosteps and become one of the heroes depicted in the posters around the city, he wanted to join the army and be a hero.

    His dream came true twenty years later. After a hard training to join the Marines, he was sent to Saigon during the first american involvement in the Vietnam War. The smell of gunpowder and death was almost exciting for him, the young man fought every battle almost fanatically, being always the first to attack and the last to retreat.

    Months passed, people died, America was losing the war. A lot of soldiers realized that it wasn't working out, even a fighter like Jack saw how, sooner or later, they would've lost. Eventually, the Vietcongs managed to break trough some american camps during the Tet offensive, few surived the attack, managing to retreat. Jack was left alone during this invasion, he was wounded, underequipped and completely cut off from the other companies, but somehow, after a couple of days in the jungle, he managed to reach Saigon alive.

    That war was enough for him. After the end of his third tour he decided to return back home, to recover from mental and phisical wounds.. maybe even try to build himself a life. But for a war veteran normal living can be boring, after a full year of rest, he packed up and went to fight again, selling his skills to the highest bidder.

    October, 1986. The man was about to walk back to his home, ready to rest after months of mercenary work away from the states when he noticed a dark, unknown figure observing him. Handgun in hand, he decided to investigate, ready to ice the possible hostile if needed. *BLAM* *BLAM* - too late. The beast, seemingly hungry, leaped against him, knocking the man against the ground. With strong teeth sinking against the shoulder, Jack fired again, unloading the whole pistol point blank on the wolf, something that, apparently, made it leave.

    Heavily wounded, Jack crawled his way inside the safety of his home. After a quick bandaging and some painkillers, he called for an ambulance, and was brought to the local hospital around an hour later after his unfortunate encounter. The doctors patched him up, the law enforcement questioned him – but the mercenary simply talked about an attack from a stray dog, and he was sent back home after the operation.

    All he felt during the following night was pure pain. His body contorted as his form slowly turned into the one of a savage, furred beast. Strugging to keep control, but failing, Jack bursted out of his home, disappearing for the night to lay waste over a poor community of hobos living under a bridge nearby – massacring everyone.
    With time, he managed to get a grasp of what he became. To avoid other sensless massacres, he left his hometown and started travelling, living in the wilds for several years before eventually ending up in L.A. Probably bored of lone life among the trees, maybe wishing to find others like him, he decided to settle in the city, throwing up the foundations for a new life.

    (Not entirely sure of why the font is fucked up. I can't understand this forum.)

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    Re: Alan's Werewolf Application

    Post by Fuppy on Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:58 pm

    tl'dr, but altairp can roleplay, I mean, he isn't bad. not sure what his erp is like, though. might want to check that out. (joking aside, he can properly write and develop a character, I think he could handle this.)

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    Re: Alan's Werewolf Application

    Post by Pixie on Wed Aug 27, 2014 5:06 pm


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    Re: Alan's Werewolf Application

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