Apollo's Lycanthrope Application


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    Apollo's Lycanthrope Application

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    Steam Name: Apollo

    Steam ID: 

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: What I can tell you that I did had a bad expression towards the server for the first couple of days because I just didn't like the certain things in there and I became too opened minded about it, started talking shit. But after a few more days on the server I came to realise it's not that half bad, even better than I thought so I started putting time in to the server more lately and doing a lot more passive rp with people around 90% of my time on the server. I'm a good role player really and I know I didn't show it on the first couple of days but I made a change for myself for the server and I'm willing to stay changed to prove myself that I'm worthy towards the community when it comes to my role play abilities. And after all; the community itself gave me so many chances after I even talk crap about the server still forgave me (Maybe some hold grudges). So in apology to all of them I started to act mature in the server and showed them I can be different for the community and I wish to have the werewolf white list because personally I think it's bad ass 10/10.  Not just because it's bad ass but because just the lore with it in old stories inside books and movies makes it interesting, I mean who wouldn't want to become a werewolf? You can do a lot of cool shit with it but it's something not to fuck around with alot because you can put yourself in deep shit. I've been liking werewolves at the age of four when I watched the old original film "The Wolf Man" from 1941, and after I saw that I came to thinking as a child you can be like super strong and all this stuff in like turning into a werewof, becoming one with the wild.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: Almost for two years now.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length]: "Area taking in the abandon mall" *Jay smokes the rest of his joint before he flicks on the ground to stomp it out with the front of his shoe* He looks up at the night sky noticing the full moon gleaming through the dark clouds in front of it. Jay mutters to himself "Shit, I better fuck off inside", he gets up from the couch and then starts his way down to the stair case to make his way out. As jay reaches to the bottom of the stair case, he catches a glimpse of a big white wolf walking infront of the entrance in the mall making a snarling noise as it looks back at Jay.  Jay drops to a silent and pauses where he stands for a moment as he looks at the werewolf before quickly trying to jump down to the other staircase and making his way to the underground pathway to the club. The werewolf begins to chase Jay down in the underground of the mall to only catch up to him within seconds, he attempts to pounce on jays back. Jay side jumps to his left where he would barely dodge the pounce from the wolf but to me slashed across his back with one of its claws. The werewolf growls as he misses and then begins once more charging towards Jay down in the hall  way; Jay grabs a wood board one of the walls and then turns around to only attmpt to smash the board across the werewolf face. 

    The board would smash across the werewolf, barely damaging him at all and shaking his head to regain the bit of consciousness it lost from the swing. Jay looks at the werewolf with fear and turns quickly to run down the hall once more, he begins to dash faster as he see's the door where it would lead to the club. As he reaches to the big slide door he tries open it but to only find it to be locked shut from the other side, jay turns his head back down to the hall way where he would see the were wolf stand in the middle of the hallway not far from him and begins it's way slowly towards Jay snarling. Jay panics quickly and starts pounding the door with his fist and yelling to get in but he gets no response from the other side, he begins to look around to find any weapons to at least hold off the werewolf until someone to come to the door in time. There would be a rusty lead pipe in the garbage pipe; jay picks it up quickly grabbing a tight grip with both of his hands. He stares at the werewolf down in the middle of the hallway as it continues to pace slowly towards him as it continues to get louder with it's growling. The wolf begins to move quickly into a sprint towards jay with a loud growl that echoe's down the hallway; Jay raises the lead pipe like a baseball bat, readying for a swing as soon the werewolf approaches him. The wolf jumps up from its feet from the ground and attempts to pounce with much more force this time, attempting to pin Jay against the ground. Jay swings the lead pipe at the werewolfs head, bending the pipe as it hits the werewolf across the face. The werewolf face would barley react to the hit and continues to pounce on Jay; Jay would be strucked down to the ground and looks up at the werewolf in fear. The werewolf looks down at Jay with it's glowing yellow eyes gleaming down to Jay's eyes; the wolf's mouth opens widely exposing his large white teeth as it lets out a loud growl before chomping down on to Jay's neck. Jay lets out a blood cry of pain from out of his lungs as he was chomped by the wolf. The wolf continues to bite down and then jerks him around across the floor before letting go as a man opens the giant slide door with a shotgun in his hands, aiming at the wolf. The man begins yelling at the werewolf before flicking off safety on his shotgun, still raised his aim on the wolf's head. The werewolf quickly gets off of Jay and begins to flee quickly away from the scene and soon to be gone within moments later. The man looks down at Jay, quickly dragging him across the floor where he would soon take him into one of the underground bar rooms they have for some of the staff members that work there. Jay passes out on the bed, and soon to wake up the next morning with bandages wrapped around his upper torso near his right shoulder; noticing the bloodied rags he begins to lift it up the bandages a bit from his body, not feeling anymore pain he notices the wounds of the bite are to appear missing. "The end?"

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    Re: Apollo's Lycanthrope Application

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