[Status] Ammunition


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    [Status] Ammunition

    Post by Darky on Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:40 pm

    So, after the recent event resulting in the map switch to Torrington, I have been informed that guns were obtained via a loot haul of a gunstore. Woo hoo for all you people wanting weapons. Now, I was also informed alot of ammunition was expended due to the activities being committed during the swap.

    I have spoken with Pixie regarding the matter and we have come to the conclusion, that, ammunition is now rare and expensive to purchase. This means you should be alot more wise when it comes to expending ammunition.

    Now, with this in mind, FEAR Task Force is a government organization and is still, yes, somewhat prone to the ammunition purchases, but not nearly as much as a civilian trying to get their hands on it as it is Government funded for the Task Force.

    - Lots of weapons were looted
    - Loads of ammo expended
    - Ammunition became rarer
    - Price of ammunition has increased drastically
    - Be wise when you are using your weapon
    - Don't try whiteknight all the time

    Logs of proof:
    10:27 PM - ∂αякŷ: with the map change, i was informed police and hunters were disbanded and FEAR Task Force took operational control. now, people are making their cops and hunters as civilians and roleplaying with all their gear. I feel this is going to ruin RP even more as now we have military running around as a civilian figure when ICly all the gear would be stripped off them for repurposing. Do you plan on doing anything regarding these changes or let them keep theit things? I am very frustrated with the state of affairs how everyone tries to whiteknight because they have a gun, ruins some roleplay immersion and destroys the element of fearRP
    10:28 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: It happened IC, like people looted the gunstore
    10:28 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: but
    10:28 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: I think i'll probably say
    10:28 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: lots of ammo
    10:28 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: was used
    10:28 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: and bullets are now quite rare
    10:28 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: and expensive
    10:28 PM - ∂αякŷ: okay, good.
    10:28 PM - ∂αякŷ: that is one way to solve it.
    10:28 PM - ∂αякŷ: people be more careful what they choose to shoot at

    10:31 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: to reduce either ammo and weapons
    10:31 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: and since the weapons were obtained IC
    10:31 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: it should be ammo
    10:31 PM - ∂αякŷ: yeah
    10:31 PM - ∂αякŷ: i wasnt here for the event, so i didnt know what is 100% going on
    10:32 PM - ∂αякŷ: and from what you told me, gun store was looted -> Ppl got guns easily -> lost alot of ammo in firefights etc -> ammo becomes rare and expensive to purchase right?
    10:32 PM - Pixie [BTG-O]: Yep

    - Darky

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    Re: [Status] Ammunition

    Post by Fuppy on Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:45 pm

    i read it

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    Re: [Status] Ammunition

    Post by Darky on Fri Aug 29, 2014 12:47 pm

    n'aw fanks mista pavel. u r sexy naow

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    Re: [Status] Ammunition

    Post by Real_Nirri on Fri Aug 29, 2014 1:29 pm

    If guns are an issue it's easily fixed by using F.E.A.R as a counter. Confiscate!


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    Re: [Status] Ammunition

    Post by Darky on Fri Aug 29, 2014 2:13 pm

    They aren't as significant of an issue if civilians are having a hard time getting ammo. But yes, I do believe FEAR confiscate weapons as part of their duties anyway.

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    Re: [Status] Ammunition

    Post by Vampyr on Fri Aug 29, 2014 11:51 pm

    Horrible news, I didn't use much ammo :v. Avoided FEAR P well.

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    Re: [Status] Ammunition

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