Sloth's Application



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    Sloth's Application

    Post by Sloth on Sat Aug 30, 2014 4:09 am

    Steam Name

    Steam ID

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?
    The reason for me having the ability to acquire the whitelist is mostly based on my actual roleplay in general, I've been roleplaying for just little under four years, it first scaling around minor forum to virtual game roleplay and then moving the attention towards Half-Life 2 Roleplay, after playing it long enough my bordem got the best of me, I'd been playing the same schema for little over three years and I'm bored of it, I've taken in to consideration that this is a new vast of roleplay and that is the main reason I want a bigger opportunity of having a whitelist, I want something new.

    Along with that my reasons for being trusted for this can't be explained over the forums but more so showed within game, I'm not one to tend to 'minge' around, though I'm not that uber 'edgy' secretive player. I'm mainly acquiring this to have more option of getting more passive roleplay than anything other. Although the only reason I see me not getting this for reasons is due to my IRL 'issues' so to speak, due to my narcolepsy it means that my inactivity may increase over time or shorten even, but in game would be me going at the random of moments in AFK and either for short or long periods of time which is conversational.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?
    Little over four years.

    Write the backstory of your character [Before reading I aploygize for having some minor type of 'IC' moment in there but it was to give me a better idea on which section I was in]

    ** The scene would be settling on a broken down mall, Zoey would be leaning against the wall and there would be three others surrounding her while a campfire is in the middle of them..**

    Jacob Kittsman would say breaking the silence, "So, Zoey we've all said about ourselves so I think it is about time you told us about you.. Who bit you, remember when or how even?"

    ** She would look upwards the can of soup withheld in the palms of her hand as she would say, "Alright then.. You want to hear about me? I was never bitten, I've been dealing with this my entire life.."

    Jacob Kittsman, "Shit, that kind of sucks.. Got a story you want to share at least?"

    ** Her head would nod slightly looking upwards with a slight grin, "Get comfortable, it is a lengthy story.."

    I was born on the 3rd of August on 1999, my parents were both pure but eh- They tried to cover it up well, they even lied to me many times but I'm not mad at them, I guess what they mean on trying to hide what I truly was.. They wanted me to lead a normal life because they hell didn't. They died in a car accident when I was about five, I was in the car at the time and always wondered, "Why was I worth of living, my parents could've lived and if I never wanted to go to that stupid ass school event then they wouldn't of died.." But shit happens, my uncle later took care of me but I didn't know much about him, he was rather old, he lost his son and wife in the same way I lost my parents so hmph, we have something to relate towards, I still however had my two brothers looking out for me but they were always focused on staying under the radar, my one brother Kane - He was a Paramedic and loved that medical stuff and as for my other brother we didn't see much of him, always interested in that bullshit with packs and always had to be the 'rebellion' of the family. He never looked at us first and brought shit to our doorstep. Not literal but you get the picture.

    My uncle was like my parents, tried hiding it away but long enough he told me the truth.. About what I could do, about the things that I had I- It sounded like a damn fairy tale but I was living with my god damn transformations long enough to quickly believe it.. Before he would tell me that 'all humans are like it' and that they 'hide it away' I laughed when he told me those things because I was scared, I was scared of believing otherwise because the truth is always scary. A-

    Jacob Kittsman, "So- Uh, I'm confused how did you deal with school and shit?"

    Hmph- I was about to go on to that but yeh, with school it was not a huge issue as you would think. I didn't have many friends but I had the odd couple, I guess I was actually normal. I wasn't some sort of asshole broad that picked on anyone because they were ugly or I was not in some sort of 'nerd' club, I was just.. Me, normal for a couple of hours until I returned him. My uncle was working mostly in a PMC (Private Military Company) meaning that most of the time we had to have people looking after me while he was doing his contacts and while social services came along checking how long it takes until my own baby sitter kills me- I kid, but seriously, it was kind of strange to see my uncle for a rare amount of time, I loved him to bits. He made me laugh he made me feel human to the little bit I had left but in the end I never got to fully be with him then I wanted, the baby sitter that I was with had good personalities, she took care of me long enough to know me well. Of course she was a really, really close friend of my uncles so we -had- to tell her about my 'abilities' but she never looked at it in the wrong way, but yeh.. My first transformation MAY of made her piss herself quite litteral but apart from that she was cool with it.

    Jacob Kittsman, "Wheres your uncle now?"

    Well uh- He was in a damn PMC so take a guess? I'm with a family assigned to me by the 'Hunters' but hell, if they knew a little more about me then I don't think they would even bother with keeping me around. I just have to get away from abnormal for some time, Alice Jackson and Christian Rendle are there to feed me and shit but they don't speak with me or anything. They look at me more as some homeless person that they're helping out, they don't care where I am or what I'm feeling, as long as they're feeding me and get money for it they give the least of shits. But ye', after my uncle died I was put in to an adoption home, my brothers couldn't look after me due to dumb legal reasons.

    Shortly after being in my adoption home it got out about me quite quickly. I was dumb to stay there so long, I tried hiding in the basement to transform but uh- My.. Staff came down and I was already transformed you know? I didn't know what I was doing, he- Made me jump and.. Well **She would clean a tear from her eye before forcing a smile to the others before continuing on** After that they found his body, I was already packed and gone from the building but the police came, they knew it was me but they were probably curious of the small claws and bite marks so they suspected something else happen, I was the only kid missing and the only one reported to have left her room after the case so I kept running, I was still young hell- I was fifteen so I didn't stay out for long, It was winter and I wouldn't of survived it so I found my brother, he took care of me.. Of course we had moments that he nearly got caught with me because what do they do when someone goes missing? The family, they always suspect the family. Good thing we avoided it.

    He taught me things about how to restrain urges while in transformation, he tried to teach me the little he knew himself and also tried setting me up with a new selective school for girls to keep me in isolation, he was not a good parent type but he was the best I had and was always there for me. In-fact he wanted me to stay until I was old enough to move out. So now I was with my new guardian, I was in my new school and was two years from going to medical school selected and suggested by my brother. Then-

    ** She would pause, raising her arms in a shrug before muttering at the end, "This shit happens."

    My brother never returned and all I heard was sirens, the streets turned from the daily cars moving along to the screams of people and the fires emitting.. All homes were being broken in to and military's tried to keep the calm, the moon was glaring to a full one and the stretch of howls emitted along the coast reaching furthermore towards the households, people transforming within my eye sight and-.. I can't remember anything else, I locked myself in a room and woke up surrounded with bodies, others awaking and even having a bloodied up face, I returned to my house to collect my things and as I go to leave I'm stopped and stood within my way was a military officer, having his gun aimed to me along with his others troops.. I was startled, I didn't know what to do.. Was this because of -me- or was this because of something else? Of course it was just me being a kid so they took me to a small settlement then the martial law came in to affect, now.. I'm here.

    [Sorry if anything is 'off-canon' I'm just now learning more advancing potentiality of factions but I'm not new to the whole 'supernatural' case.

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    Re: Sloth's Application

    Post by Pixie on Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:30 am

    Steam ID is n/a? And this application would make your character 16 at the most.


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    Re: Sloth's Application

    Post by Sloth on Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:42 pm

    Pixie wrote:Steam ID is n/a? And this application would make your character 16 at the most.
    I often can't get on to the site with Steam ID Finder, I'm unsure why and yeh. My character is suppose to be 16 thats why I looked about the application other then having a IC event towards it due to her being 'pure' It'd make more sense.

    I've got my friend to get my steam id for me
    Updated my post.

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    Re: Sloth's Application

    Post by Triangle on Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:46 pm

    Steam ID isn't that important anyway. But we could really do with less teenage fables. It's getting out of hand.

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    Re: Sloth's Application

    Post by Sloth on Sat Aug 30, 2014 12:48 pm

    Triangle wrote:Steam ID isn't that important anyway. But we could really do with less teenage fables. It's getting out of hand.
    I'm not really sure of the 'issue' with teenage fables, I'm merely applying because Zoey'Lizabeth White is more of my easier characters to play as and because I have a general backstory on her, also because most of the character whom I see underage roleplay so, so.. Badly. I wanted to try and give someone decent roleplay for once with someone below the age of 18 at least, that's probably the general remark with servers that allow underage is that they're protraied within the given universe (story-line) so badly you need someone to show a correction towards it.


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    Re: Sloth's Application

    Post by Sloth on Sun Aug 31, 2014 12:32 am

    Any verdict? Sorry for the double post.

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    Re: Sloth's Application

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