The "ATMOS" Day/Night Circulation System


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    The "ATMOS" Day/Night Circulation System

    Post by TheValentineLegacy on Sun Aug 31, 2014 1:48 am

    Greetings my fellow community members.
    I will be skipping over the "Introduce Yourself" sub-topic to skip straight to a more useful aspect of forum membership, DEVELOPMENT CONTRIBUTION!

    Suggestion Title: Active Day-Night Module
    Suggestion Type: SCRIPT/SYSTEM/RULE/OTHER(Please specify below)
    Other Type: 

    Content Owner: Disseminate;rp_industrial_v1 Development Team;looter;Boximus
    Content Distributor: Steam Workshop Service
    Content Details: This is a complete rewrite of the previous addon Atmosphere for Garry's Mod 13. It has been coded to try and support as many maps as possible, using the new env_skypaint sky shader functionality and being easier to work with for administrators and players.

    User Justification Section:
    By now you have most likely noticed that the new map, "Necro City - An Evocity Remake", has been found to be unlike it's predecessors based on a static daytime setting.
    While a change from the previous maps, the staticity of daylight prooves to be of a negative impact upon the faction which has largely advertised the server itself, the Sanguines.
    The "ATMOS" addon contains the ability to fix this issue in favor for both Fable and Non-Fable factions.

    The ATMOS addon itself will upon activation override the basic functions of the map's skybox, using LUA encoding to apply env_skypaint shaders over the map itself.
    This will in turn allow the addon to dynamically change the time of day. Including light settings.
    That would in result mean that any map used on the server from that point on would be able to support a Day/Night cycle which would proove useful to enhancing the roleplayability.
    Worth noting is also that the time it takes for ATMOS to switch between Day/Night can also be configured trough either the RCON console or a direct VGUI.
    As an added bonus, the system comes with an automated random chance for the creation of a thunderstorm based upon a 1-100% integral value. Setting the chance to 0% will disable the rain. Just like the time, the duration of the rain can be altered.

    Rain is also not performance heavy on clientside functions.
    Users are able to use the tool's integrated options to modify just how much rain do they wish to be displayed on their screen, in density and radius, splash effects and drop effects...

    Additional Note/Bug Section:
    Sadly, ATMOS is not yet evolved to support changes to fog. As the map currently used has a brightly white-illuminated fog ambiance, with a low visible distance, it would be recommended to create a Sky Fog Editor entity upon start of the map and alter the fog density to 0%.
    This may cause an odd visual effect where, due to the size of the map, not all of the map may be drawn out, it will appear only as you approach it. This being due to the size of the map itself rather than the addon's LUA function.


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    Re: The "ATMOS" Day/Night Circulation System

    Post by Bulldog on Sun Aug 31, 2014 5:03 am

    I already talked to the coder about this, apparently it breaks our script or something like that. I don't even know

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    Re: The "ATMOS" Day/Night Circulation System

    Post by Dad on Sun Aug 31, 2014 7:26 am

    I have the ATMOS in single player and its rly good day/night everything weather too.

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    Re: The "ATMOS" Day/Night Circulation System

    Post by Nemesis™ on Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:38 am

    I also have this for single-player, it helps with immersion as i've seen it in one other server, but it does cause some problems. I support it if we can work around the problems.

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    Re: The "ATMOS" Day/Night Circulation System

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