So. Cal. Christian Radio - Your number one station for updates in the Fable Onslaught


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    So. Cal. Christian Radio - Your number one station for updates in the Fable Onslaught

    Post by ferrick on Sun Aug 31, 2014 8:27 pm

    **A track ends and the disc jockey comes to life.**

    "Hello, this is Keith Donovan on the Southern California Christian Radio Station. I'm joined here today by Deacon Steve Richardson for our daily news update on the War against the Fable Onslaught. How you doing today, Brother Richardson?"

    "Very well, thank you, Keith. I'm doing so well in fact because today is the one month mark since the last fable attack within the City of L.A. which has gone without incident for the past 31 days thanks to the resilience of the people of Los Angeles. You may remember the last incident in which a werewolf shot and executed a father and his children before mauling two FEAR patrol officers."

    "I do. Truly a terrible tragedy and it makes me very happy to add that the trial continues later today after continued delays due to the offender, a Desmond Turner, acting out repeatedly in court before having to be muzzled and tranquilized."

    "It's a shame these savage creatures cannot look into reason. However, why don't we move onto more pressing matters? There have been repeated sightings of roaming vampire and werewolf terrorists in the suburbs and outlying towns surrounding the City of Los Angeles. Residents in those areas are reminded to stay indoors and not to be swindled by cheap fable tricks. Keep your doors locked and your children safe. Do not forget that FEAR is your friend."

    "That's right, indeed, Brother. Millions have joined to keep back the Fable Onslaught, will you help protect the true American people and do your part?"

    "Fighting amongst the groups themselves continues which has given FEAR squads opportunities to press the advantage, but they need all able bodied men as it is truly chaotic out there without FEAR control."

    "Mhm, and when chaos rains, it pours, and your family deserves a respite. Luckily we here at SCCR are here to keep you dry and your spirits high."

    "Residents are also reminded to keep an eye out for other potential fables. While Lycanthropes and Vampires remain the only creatures to have come out from their deceit, we remind you that we have reason to believe there are others out there. There have been strong rumors of Faeries aiding the other species in the region. We serve to remind you, that while these species' practice their magic, it is nothing short of the work of demons and Satan. We urge you to keep your distance from these foul creatures, all of them as FEAR units push back the vermin that seek to destroy our way of life. Remember folks, if it's not human, it's not a friend. In God and FEAR, we trust."

    "Thank you very much, Brother Richardson. The Brother and I will be back shortly for our next music break. Coming up next, you may remember this blast from the past, here's Creed with their 2000 hit: With Arms Wide Open..."

    **Shortly after, the radio switches over to the track and the music begins again:


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