Vampire Types


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    Vampire Types

    Post by Pixie on Sun Aug 03, 2014 2:31 am

    There are three kinds of vampire:

    Augustine : The classic vampire, strong and fast, needs blood to survive.

    Dremor : These are a lot weaker than an Augustine, a master dremor is about as strong as an adept Augustine. They need a lot less blood to function, as they have less powers. They are not killed by the sun, though it still hurts the younger ones. They are more skilled in the manipulation of human emotions than an Augustine or a Nosferatu.

    Nosferatu : These vampires are incredibly rare, as they have been hunted almost to extinction, partly due to being the most distinctive, and partly due to their strength and speed being the most threatening. They don't look even remotely human, their skin is grey and wrinkled, they walk with a hunch and run in the same way. Their hands are tipped with razor sharp claws, and they're far stronger and faster than an Augustine of the same level. They often live in sewer systems due to their inhuman appearance.

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