Heyo, I'm Yøshї.


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    Heyo, I'm Yøshї.

    Post by Yøshї on Tue Sep 02, 2014 7:57 pm


    Before I tell you about myself, it would be wise to know that I suffer from Autism and ADHD in real life, which basically makes me quite un-social towards people. Although I have those problems in real life, I'm almost the opposite online; bubbly, stupid and weird (in a good way). 

    I was born in 1995 August 28th in the good ol' United Kingdom, so currently I'm nineteen. 
    I listen to just about all kinds of music, mostly pop and such. I also like a wide variety of games, including Indies, Actions, Adventures, MMOs and more. My favorite overall games are Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, and the HL2 series. 

    You've also probably seen that I'm fairly good poser in GMod aswell. I kinda started one or two years back and have been getting better ever since. I'm also a big fan of roleplaying, after having done so for around three years; I've RP'd on GMod gamemodes, ChatRP and even TF2 once. 

    So yeah, that's my summary, pretty much. 



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