Yøshї's Lycanthrope Application


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    Yøshї's Lycanthrope Application

    Post by Yøshї on Thu Sep 04, 2014 2:54 pm

    Steam Name:

    Steam ID:

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?:
    I think I have the capability to play and handle a Lycanthrope character and I certainly will enjoy being one. I'll also bring in a good aspect of Fear, Passive and ActionRP for this character and contribute to the server.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?:
    I've been roleplaying for around three or four so years now, and I'm quite adept in the ways of /mes, talking and other situations. I've roleplayed on numerous games and numerous genres, such as SSTRP, HL2RP, NightmareRP and even some RP on TF2.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length]:

    Deacon Hearthfire was the lone wolf.

    Also known as 'Forlorn', his childhood was taken care of and raised in the quiet countryside of Maine by his two lycanthrope parents, his father: an abusive and demanding businessman and his mother; a pityful housewife who felt defenseless to help stop her harrassing husband. 

    Deacon had a pretty abused childhood, which is the main cause of his aggressive demeanour today; he was picked on persistently at each school and made very well sure to stave off his anger While not just that concern, his abusive father reigned on; their own family becoming rather money-tight in dire times.

    On went his child-hood and onto his teenager life, and in began the teachings of lycanthropy by his parents and the rules guided along with it. Deacon was gleeful of his learnt abilities and with this, used it to his advantage.

    One day at college, his anger was put to the limit and his rage turned into a bloodlust. A group of ruffians deceased and the rozzers were on his tail, directing them back home. Their parents, at home and perplexed at his current lycan form, found themselves being attacked by the police, and soon they attacked back, shifting into forms. Deacon used this to his advantage, abandoning his hopeless parents and sprinting full on through the countryside.

    Deacon sprinted for a full day and a half in his lycanthrope form and eventually reverted back, coming across a rather large town with an airport. The only concern was that he had a severe lack of wealth on him, so he managed to settle down in this town untill he caught up a job and got enough money to fly off, somewhere a long way from his hometown and away from Maine.

    Ten years later, age thirty one, Deacon found himself at the Los Angeles airport, awaiting in the arrivals line and finally hauling up to the front. His fingerprints were scanned and his passport checked, and the woman stationed there nodded.

    "Very well Mister Hearthfire; enjoy your stay in Los Angeles."
    And off he went;
    start of another new life.


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