Heartless's Dremor Application


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    Heartless's Dremor Application

    Post by HeartlessArtlesss on Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:04 am

    Steam Name: Heartless_Artless

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:32638152

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: Because I'm a decent roleplayer and was told the server was a good roleplay server by my friends. I'm told certain things about the server could use changing but I decided since I haven't seen a  Garrysmod server I'd join it. I don't often power game unless I have to nor do I meta so I'm hoping that increases by 
    chances. I'm not going to say that I know everything about vampires because I obviously do not. I know a lot of about them from my friends and through certain lore but Again like I said. I'm not a professional at everything vampires do. Even then I can make some assumption through common sense.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: I've roleplayed for Six years. I started back in Fall Out Roleplay then to Half Life Roleplay. Write the back story of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]: 

       Liesel Dietrich was born somewhere during 1935. She grew up with her mother and father. They were left poor with the funds owed to the Allied Forces during World War I and because of this everyone else was often poor too. As she grew up she attended school like any other child growing up. In 1934 Hitler came to power and began to give speeches about his political group which he called the Nazis. There was all sorts of propaganda littered in the streets about resisting foreign policies and how the economy was failing. He lashed out against the Treaty of Versailles and was then elected Germany's Dictator. This didn't play much a role in Liesel's life but the fact that she was taught about him in classes now and when she turned ten was forced to participate in a sort of Boy and Girl scouts club which she thought was a boring excuse to get children outside and working, It was called Hitler's Youth. In all honesty Liesel didn't believe a thing Hitler said. She thought of him only as the man who had made treaties with powerful allies and yet still lost due to his overconfidence and the man who had taken her father away from Liesel. During 1944 the War began to turn against Germany and men began being drafted in one by one. Some men included Liesels father who had fought and died in Russia. Now fatherless she lived with her mother in a town that had already began to get air raid drills as Allied forces closed in. Soon enough Germany lost the war when Liesel turned 20. Eventually she moved out into her own apartment as Germany now owed even more funds to the Allied Forces for World War II. Life continued like usual for two more years until one night she was attacked. She stumbled back home injured and tired as she past out in her apartment. Soon enough her attacker reveals herself as Nicole Deveraux and offers her life in her service or death. Liesel chooses service and soon begins to follow her from a distance as Nicole travels country to country often being chased by the Law enforcement in those countries.
        Liesel however only followed in her footsteps avoiding the Law Enforcement as if she were a ghost. She'd wait days before making her move to follow Nicole. She'd only ever return to her side when she was needed and was out before anyone or anything could take notice of her presence. There was even a time when Liesel had to help bail Nicole out at the Rhine River away from the Law Enforcement who had tried to chase her from those stupid drugs she sold. Over the year Liesel grew to have a more joking side of her always telling a jokes whether they're bad or not and obviously making fun of others if she could. She did do some stupid stuff but most of the times is serious when she is forced to be. Eventually Nicole went up to China where she moved to Japan and then to a City in the U.S.A called Los Angelo. Liesel would follow shortly but from a different path. She'd go back to The U.K and book a flight to Boston Massachusetts. From there she'd fly to the West coast to Los Angelo to return to Deveraux. Finally as she had left her flight's plane she walked around the airport before walking over to a nearby telephone pole. What was Nicole's number she'd think to herself as she'd put in coins repeatedly only to call the wrong number until finally she had called just the right one. "Hello is this the annoying French lady who I call boss?" she'd say over the phone. With a brief conversation she was on the right track as she headed over to where Nicole had said she'd be waiting for her.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:
    "Liesel continues to follow the man in the grey suit as he walks down the street alone with her."
    "She walks up behind him tapping him on the shoulder "Do you think you could help me with something. My friend gave me something but I need help carrying it do you think you could help me move it?"
    "The man looks at her questionable at first but soon it turns to a smile and he says "Sure."
    "As Liesel would bring him into the Alley she'd point to a large brief case on the ground "That's it."
    "As the man kneels down besides it attempting to lift it up it is quite heavy but it shouldn't be much a problem."
    "As he kneels down, Liesel checks behind her approaching the man from behind as she takes out her knife hitting it's hilt against the side of his head."
    "The man falls over with a loud thud obviously out cold as Liesel would put her arms underneath his after she put away her knife."
    "She'd drag the unconscious man farther into the dark alley before setting him on his back then pulling his collar down."
    "She'd then open her mouth biting into his neck as she'd drinks some of his blood."
    "As she'd finish she'd sit back wiping away her mouth as she'd pick up the man's body dragging it and leaning it against the nearby wall as she'd run off."

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:
    "As Liesel runs down the street she turns looking back "Where did he go she thought to herself"
    "As she turns back to the front she sees a figure, she is then caught and thrown against the wall."
    "The unknown person slowly approaches her as he stops just before her looking down."
    "The person kneels downs beside her grabbing Liesel by her collar pulling her closer as she'd bite into her neck."
    "Liesel's eyes widen as she is bitten and she quickly bites her pursuer in the ear hoping it'd do her some good, the person lets go yelling out in pain as blood drips from his teeth."
    "The taste of her ear was gut retching as she spit it out and begin running away once more but the strange person simple stands back up running at her."
    "She looks back seeing her gaining on Liesel as she runs into a nearby Alley she's quickly tackled."
    "The person attempts to bite her again but she quickly puts her hand between them."
    "As Liesel is bit in her hand she screams out in pain before looking around for anything that might help her."
    "She manages to get her hands on a nearby brick before smashing it in the side of the vampires head giving her a large gash on her hand."
    "She quickly with her good hand holds the brick up as if to hit the woman with it if she dare approached."
    "The woman quickly regains her balance with a small amount of blood coming from her head's right side, she'd growls then lunges at her knocking Liesel against a wall as a loud thud is heard."
    "The woman chasing her quickly bites into Liesel's neck again as she uses both her hands to hold her against the ground."
    "Liesel having her blood drained would freeze as if she was paralyzed until Liesel's pursuer stopped draining her of blood though she'd remain on the floor barely conscious."
    "The woman now finished draining her blood seems to be interested, she says in a rather calm annoying french voice "You seem to have talent in fighting me off. It's be a shame if I were to let that go to waste don't you think?."
    "She would then take her own hand up to her teeth biting down hard as some blood would begin to pour from it as she'd grab Liesel's wounded hand and allow some of it to pour into her wound.
    "The woman would chuckle as she finishes transferring some of her own blood to Liesel she'd tear off a piece of her shirt wrapping it around her hand before saying "Don't waste such a talent my dear. It'd be a waste of time to have done this for nothing."

    "After the woman finished Liesel would slowly close her eyes slowly becoming cold as everything fades to black and she'd stop breathing. She'd lie on the ground pale and lifeless as the woman soon leaves her. Thought she would not be completely dead yet."

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:
    "As Liesel soon comes to her senses she sits up her head throbbing."
    "She looks around shivering before realizing she is covered in blood and also lying in a pool of blood."
    "She slowly gets up, falling back down while recalling last nights events."
    "She quickly looks around using her right arm to lean off the wall she slowly walks out of the alley."
    "As she walks out of the alley shivering her skin much paler than before."
    "She begins to make her way home with a headache, the freezing cold and her blood covered clothes."
    "As she walks home she trips occasionally before making it into her house, she quickly locks the door."
    "She sits down at her table tired as she rests her head on the table and falls asleep.
    "Liesel soon begins to wake up still feeling weak as before but much better than last night."
    "She gets up walking into her bedroom changing out into more clean clothes as she finishes she rubs her face trying to remember what had happened the previous night."
    "She thinks to herself "Did I die?" or "What did I do last night?" Maybe even "Was it all just a dream?" until she remembered her clothes did have blood all over them."
    "She quickly cleans up before opening the door and looking out, everything seems... brighter?"
    "She walks outside the sunlight touching her and immediately she'd felt something wrong her head felt heavier and she seemed to dislike the sun so she backed into her house once more."
    "The moment she stepped back in, her head wasn't heavy all of a sudden and she felt better than before."
    "She stayed in her house until night time before she summoned the courage to step outside once more."
    "Nothing happened, in fact she felt better outside in the night than out in the day."
    "She began to feel weak again and had an urge to drink blood every time she looked upon someone or something living."
    "At first she thought it was just her mind until she actually went out during the night and bit into someones neck herself."
    "Soon enough she began feeding on other people, during the night she'd go out drinking the blood of others and during the day she'd inside her house away from the sun."
    "Weeks past before someone had approached her doorstep, when she opened the door it was the same woman who had chased and bit her that one night."
    "She invited herself in explaining what she'd done and why, in the end she offered Liesel two choices to die in her home where she may be found later as a corpse or join her ranks as a vampire."
    "As if I even had a choice Liesel would think to herself as she'd take her second option."
    "Good said the other woman who introduced herself as Nicole Deveraux"
    "After she leaves Liesel would collapse on a chair in her kitchen thinking about what'd she had just done."

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    Re: Heartless's Dremor Application

    Post by Anthony Turner on Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:35 pm

    +support because Nicole is an annoying French lady


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    Re: Heartless's Dremor Application

    Post by Smift on Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:24 am

    +Support. He makes an effort which is always appreciated.

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    Re: Heartless's Dremor Application

    Post by Dad on Fri Sep 12, 2014 4:38 pm

    Amazing, hoping to meet you in game. Unless we already met and you tried to kill me... I have a horrible memory. I 100% support u Smile

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    Re: Heartless's Dremor Application

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