LePaul Abraham Augustine Application


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    LePaul Abraham Augustine Application

    Post by Nemesis™ on Mon Sep 08, 2014 3:31 am

    Steam Name: Nemesis

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:33125376

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: While it is true, I am a little new to the server, I do believe everyone deserves a fair shot. I have grown up and even more so recently discovered a passion for vampires. I've been watching true blood for around six years and while it sounds like I have little basis of what I am doing here, I do know one thing, becoming a vampire here sounds like a ton of fun. I've always been a roleplayer, for almost seven years now i've been doing roleplay and for me to find a vampire roleplay server was nothing short of destiny. I've spent a few hours in the server and discovered that the atmosphere is almost perfect to what i've been looking for, and the canon of vampire bloodlines is also nothing short of astounding. As a huge follower of true blood, I am very aware of the capabilities (and also limitations) of what vampires can do. Expressing my interest in the whitelist further is something that I do not take lightly, because this is something that I really want to be able to immerse myself in for a long time to come. I believe that I should be selected for this white-list over other roleplayers because of my attention to detail and the ability to bring something new to the table that other roleplayers may not be able to. I am not looking to roleplay a thousand year old ancient, yet powerful vampire. That is awesome, yet it also gets dull to see every single vampire attempting to be old and ancient. Sure, that's what we all want, but I have learned other ways to achieve power without having to start off being legendary. I have developed an extensive backstory for the creation of my vampire and his making, and I take all things vampire very seriously. Old and ancient is great and all, but I believe true roleplaying stems out from the development of the character rather than the immediate stance that he is already allmighty and powerful.

    For example, I spent some time in the server and noticed on the applications that there was a 2,500 year old vampire application, and it got me thinking, instead of creating a 3,000 year old ancient powerful vampire, why not start fresh? I believe this is something roleplayers can benefit from, especially myself. I have done vampire roleplay before in the forms of Second Life and SA:MP, not sure if any of those have been heard of. However, these are extensive platforms for roleplay gaming and I have delved myself into deep roots within vampire roleplay. I will explain more about this in the section below. Here are some bullet of what I can offer specifically.

    • Unique, and non-powergaming roleplay.

    • Activity and interesting roleplay

    • Willingness to concede defeat and not always be the victor

    • Able to create roleplay for others as well as myself

    • Perfectly content with Passive Roleplay for hours at a time.

    • Nice, mature, and friendly disposition.

     • Years of roleplay experience!

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: I've been roleplaying for at least seven years. I have stretched my numerous years amongst the profession unto a platform of different medias for it. I started off with simple SA:MP roleplaying on servers like LS:RP and NG:RP, however, those servers were just for normal roleplay in a urban setting. After spending numerous years and presenting an "on and off" relationship with the format, I expanded onto other platforms such as Second Life, which is marvelous and endless for roleplay. I did Marvel RP, Vampire RP, Star Wars RP, you name it! I believe the Vampire RP is what really convinced me to start off here at BTG, mostly because I was so successful there. 

    • Second Life Vampire -- For two years I roleplayed a vampire on Second Life, I was a mutant-vampire hybrid who had been made during the Chernobyl incident. Mass amounts of radiation before being made caused some scars and cuts on his body to never heal, this presenting a constant loss of blood and made him more hungry than the average vampire, but more deadly when fed due to powers he obtained as a mutant, including the ability to spew radiation through his blood into human's he infects. This limitation presenting a LOT of problems when dealing with droughts in which I couldn't obtain blood, such as when the Lycans kidnapped myself. It was a great experience, and prepped me for a lot of vampire roleplay to come.

    Years of experience in roleplay and a ton of unique experiences across several platforms surely helps my case in becoming a vampire. Overlooking the relative new-face that I am, hopefully you can see that i'd be a perfect fit for this servers vampire bloodlines due to my extensive experience and extensive knowledge of the role that I am attempting to play. Amongst these platforms, I have learned that in roleplay, you do not play to win, you play to lose. If you can concede defeat and build on that to develop a character, then the experience is all the more worthwhile.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]: A shivering breeze floats over the streets of France. It is the year 1789 and holding France in his palms, metaphorically, is Louis XVI. France is facing economic hardships from helping america during the revolution and blood is prepared to be shed. LePaul Abraham, a jacque for the rebellion, sits calmly in a tailor shop as he nods his head to a mistress walking in, a lady of fine stature, she requies a linen to be threaded for her dress. This linen, a fine thread strung over her bosom, would represent her allegiance with the rebellion. LePaul knew who she was, if not by name, then by face. He wholeheartedly agreed with the task, little did he know who she was or what was going to happen. It was weeks before the storming of the Bastille, LePaul returned home to his family. Mr. Abraham was lower-middle class, a fine lad with a family to take care of and geniune care in his heart for his family and friends. A knock was heard at the door.

    "Mr. Abraham, open the door." (translated to English)

    LePaul rose from his seat, conceding a breath of relief as his joints strengthen his ascent towards the door.


    The two chatted, seemingly aggressive words spew from the visitors mouth. LePaul glances back towards his family before being almost dragged from his residence. His screams and pleas were met with screams and pleas of their own from his family, but little could be done to stop the men from dragging LePaul off. During the French Revolution, LePaul had been taken captive and held in the Bastille, one of the few prisoners inside. It was reported after the storming that only seven were inside, there was eight, LePaul was the eighth. 

    It was an hour after midday on a sunny day in July. LePaul sat in the prison cell, his hands cold with sweat after being accused of treason and imprisoned indefinitely. Shots rang, a clear sign that something was of wry and wretchedness amongst the courtyards. Screams and blasts of gunpowder litter the air,  a picture of his family falls from his pockets as he rises from his prison bench. They stormed the bastille, it was pure chaos. LePaul stuck his arms from the cell as he tried to scream for help, no one answered. 


    Artillery had struck the bastille and rubble and debris lay over LePaul, the bastille now swarmed in smoke and debris. He spit blood from his mouth over a cold, sweat pressed area of skin now revealed by torn garments. He was dying, and quickly. 'Twas only a few blinks before he noticed out of the corner of his eye a fine linen hung over his face, the silk stretched amongst the dirt underneath his hairline. It was dark out, the storming was done and the effort to clean had been begun. They must have missed LePaul, he lie on the ground, bones crushed and all. He glanced up and there she stood. Her smile was almost obscured by the moonlight and clouds, along with her fangs crowning over her teeth. LePaul's heart sank. "Are you death?" She smiled, letting out an almost childish laugh. "I am.". LePaul thought of his family, his friends, his children, before opening his mouth to plea, she was hunched over his face. "But I am not here to kill you, there is a fate much larger for you.". Out of shock, or desperation, his groans morphed into a breath of plead. "Pleas---", but before he could finish the thought, her fangs were in him and the process was ready for her to begin.

    LePaul woke up, it was midnight and he had awoken inside of a coffin. After releasing himself from it, she had explained herself, her bloodline, and what had become of him after being made. Her blood was now flowing through his veins and he had a different responsibility. What of his family? She had shot him down, he could no longer see his family. A whole new life was to be made of LePaul and after living for the next one hundred years, he found himself amongst the new colonies and what they call America, feeding off those that he could to remain alive, he tries to live a life away from the more feral beasts, and has taken to a home in L.A...

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]: ** LePaul Abraham withdraws his fangs in almost a snapping motion as his head cocks towards the man in the alleyway.

    ** The man pauses in fear, looking towards LePaul, his lip quivering with all sorts of emotion.

    "Who...Who are you?"

    ** A smile cracks over LePaul's face as he leans in, not moving, just leaning.

    "I'm death."

    **The man lets out a nervous chuckle, looking towards the nearby dumpsters for weaponry.

    "I got... I got stakes you'll get staked!"

    **LePaul Abraham peers over the man, shaking his head in dismay and disappointment.

    "You look brittle, you look nervous, theres nothing to be nervous about."

    ** The Man takes a step back in caution, before turning around and releasing a burst of speed as dust sweeps up from his feet, his motions kickstarted by andrenaline.

    **LePaul Abraham flashes towards the front of the man, cutting off his path as he folds his arms.

    "You're going to have to do a lot more than that to escape this."

    ** The Man withdraws Garlic from his pocket, shaking his head in disbelief.

    "Yeah! Ain't so powerful now hm?"

    *LePaul steps back, covering his skin with his arms as he lets out a groan of pain. "Aghhh---- ahghhahahahah..", his stature raises, his arms thrown up in nonchalant. "I don't think that works so well..."

    **LePaul flashes towards the man, grabbing him by the collar and sinking his fangs into the mans carotid artery, a pulsar effect alerting LePaul of when the heartbeat slows down.

    ** Blood drips from Lepauls fang as his head rises, alerted to incoming footsteps, he licks his finger and closes the mans wounds from his neck and speeds off into the blackness of the night, nourished from a decent feed. 

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]: ** LePaul Abraham stutters back, shocked from the wooden board to the face.

    **The Human raises the wooden boards once more, "Don't come any nearer ya'heard?"

    * LePaul's head rises, the stream of blood from his nose clearing as his tongue runs over it.

    **LePaul steps towards the man before withdrawing his fangs with a snap of his neck, slightly, yet firmly.

    ** The Man unleashes another powerful swing at LePaul, connecting him with the board across the face and breaking it over his head.

    ** LePaul falls to the ground, fragments of the shattered board surrounding himself. The force to ascend is applied and LePaul rises from the ground, a large gash revealed over his cheek. His eyebrow quirks slightly, as the gash over his face heals. "I don't think you have a very good idea of how to hurt one of us."

    ** The Man steps back momentarily, hsi head snapping towards the door as an intrusion is heard.

    ** The Lycan steps in--in wolf form-- as he growls towards LePaul. His steps cautioned and lethargic, he begins to circle in towards the vampire.

    ** LePaul steps back cautiously, his fangs now procured towards the Lycan instead of the human.

    ** The Human takes the opportunity and runs, leaving the two to be.

    ** LePaul Abraham dives at the wolf, sending a fist towards it's mouth to attempt to stun it in moment for him to sink his fangs in.

    ** The wolve barks in pain as the dive lands amongst him, but twitches fiercely and sends a calm bite towards LePauls leg.

    ** LePaul groans as he contorts his body to avoid the bite, a scratch from the wolf's claw is formed amongst his stomach as he rolls himself from the wolf.

    ** The wolf likens himself to a former stance as he peers towards the vampire, the venom flashing over his teeth as a grown is permitted through his vocal box.

    ** LePaul steps back before turning and abandoning the building, his head shaking in dismay and hunger as he speeds off into the night after a defeat.

    ** A wolf is heard from the building as a sense of victory overwhelms the lycan.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]: ** LePaul Abraham relaxes back into the chair, the moonlight passing through the window as he sits victorious over a hunched over body.

    ** LePaul stands himself over the man as he leans down, licking his tongue and pressing it over the fang dots amongst the mans neck as he casually steps away from the body, proceeding into the bathroom.

    ** LePaul picks up the shaking cream and razor, applying the cream over his face with just a dab of water to spread the formula out over his face.

    ** He takes a razor blade over his cheeks and removes any hair from his cheeks, a smile climbing over a bloodstained lip.

    -- The hair would grow back and a razor cut, formed just above the lip, would heal rather instantenously.

    ** LePaul frowns as he steps back from the mirror, a slight chuckle heading over the echo of the bathroom as he turns back to the body amongst the floor.

    "I might have over-did it... hmm.."

    **LePaul leans over the man and presses his head agsint the mans chest for a heartbeat, and nods his head in understanding.

    "No.. he's still alive."

    ** LePaul stands himself from the man as he shakes his head in acknowledgment as he picks up the man and throws him over his shoulders.

    ** LePaul heads around the back, placing the body next to a dumpster before patting some dirt from the mans shoulders.

    "Sleep tight bud."

    **Lepaul claps his hands as he turns around, noticing the door wide open as he retreats back into the house, sitting on the same chair as he was.

    ** LePaul leans over and recovers the martini glass full of blood he had retrieved and emits a chuckle as the glass presides over his lips, revealing a small stream of blood falling from his lip like a river towards his chin.


    **LePaul toasts his glass towards the moon, a sense of achievement and victory presiding over his calm, cool, pale body.

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    Re: LePaul Abraham Augustine Application

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