Smift Application Augustine.



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    Smift Application Augustine.

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    Steam Name: Smift

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:53911951

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?:

    Well I'd like to have something fun to RP and I feel I can be trusted with it. Many people here know me and I've been RPing for many years in general.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: Roughly six or five years.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:

    Personality(Added due to I feel it being needed.): 
    Samuel is a very fun loving person in general and due to his powers never really takes anything too seriously. He's one of the most goofy fun loving people there is out there but do not take him for being stupid. He's very, very serious and smart when he wants to be and can tend to switch between attitudes quite easily. So as long as you're not a total prick he should be charming as could be!

    Born in Ireland Samuel (Or Sam) Guerin was from an English born family whom has moved during the plantations. This can be traced back through his family whom were mainly placed in Munster. Though as he grew up he soon began to realise he wasn't exactly normal... and with the death of his parents at a very young age he began to be taken into a group whom would make him the poster boy for their... little secret. The truth was, he was already tasked with this family beforehand but... they weren't seen to be doing as good as they should be so a replacement was in order.

    The truth was, he wasn't really born to these families at all. He was a child whom had been by luck or fate been chosen as the next leader for these families whom would keep Ireland 'under wraps', of course being Sired by a master vampire. It was a time when people didn't pay or ask for anything. People took what they wanted, and these rich British families wanted more land and money to spread their reach further. These families of course were primarily Augustine and were all recruited into them when born or young to produce loyal and able members.

    This family was of course more of a figurative thing then an actual 'family'. Though they treated each other all the same. Though as time went by members whom were much older and involved in its creation began to constantly use each other and fight for wanting more of its riches. This went on for years until around 1914 when Ireland began to rise against such families taking their land and at this point Samuel had become exactly as he was intended to be, though he questioned what he was doing and what he wanted to do. The Easter Rising was the day that decided what he'd do. The Irish failed miserably in this Rising and ended up being executed bar a few. Samuel watched as they all ate the food that was not theirs and remembered all the people they used for their own gain and decided... to well... kill 'em, simple as that.

    He firstly began to use some of the resources to fund these rebel groups and then as time went on he began to make some undesirable people... disappear. One famous event being the slaughter of the British spies which caused a multitude of problems for them and involved them losing all their info on any positions and people of interest. It also caused civilians to be ordered to be slaughtered by these families, whom worked their lands and farms as punishment towards these groups, and while outside watching each person get slaughtered one by one Samuel turned on them... but he didn't just kill those whom led the family. He killed even the young, he saw it as starting over and that the only way for things to change was a new slate.

    The civilians watched as he did so looking in a mix of horror and pleasure... of course anyone whom had lost friends and family towards these men, would feel instant pleasure at their deaths. It was then that Samuel turned to them giving a smile. "Well... I guess this place is yours." he said chuckling to himself. The people around him staring at him oddly. In the next few days the servants whom worked for them would become great families whom would own a lot of land. Though... they never got any of the money that was taken from before. Samuel kept it for himself... so he could now enjoy himself and move around with no bars. He was the sort who didn't like being tied down and just wanted to roam and that's exactly what he did.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:

    **Samuel gave a sigh sitting at home whilst watching TV... it was a dark and boring night and he was already getting pretty peckish. 
    **Picking up the phone he began to dial the numbers for a local pizza place which he loved giving a smile as they answered. "Hello welcome to Daves Pizza Place, how can I help you?"
    **Samuel gave a large smile as he heard the name. "Ah yes... can I get a pepperoni pizza with everything on it? Also, I'd like it sent by that fat guy... what's his name...? Oh! That's right, Richard! Send Richard, he's the best!" he said with a small chuckle.
    **The man answered with a rather nervous laugh. "Right... where'll I send it?" he asked curiously.
    **"Apartment 225, hurry up too I'm... bloodthirsty for one! Muhahahahh!" he said laughing at his own joke hysterically. Yes... he did have a sense of humour
    **After a few more moments he sent out Richard and a knock was heard. But not at his door, no, no, no. At the door down the hall. Samuel then stuck his head out waving him over. "Sorry, I gave the wrong door number. Come in." he said leaving the door open. 
    **The Pizzaman walked inside and without the drop of a dime from the side he was punched square in the jaw and dropped to the ground with a thud.
    **Samuel gave a small chuckle. "God forbid you ever slept with a woman, you might just break the bed." he said then shutting the door and leaning down to the fat man, his teeth sinked into his skin with an initial sound of teeth going through the skin, very subtle but there nonetheless. He began to feed happily, though fat men weren't normally his style... at least it'd keep him fed for a while! Under this man and carefully placed was a big while mat of sorts to make sure no blood was left behind for evidence. Giving a gasp of slight pleasure he chuckled. "Right! I'm full and I don't want to get as fat as you!" he chuckled before stabbing him through the back of his neck to finish him before wrapping him in the mat and throwing him into an open top freezer. "Chill out... heh... I'm on fire today!" he sat shutting the freezer and toddling off.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:

    **Samuel had decided to take the day off and head out for a night on the town, entering a bar in his usual manner he began to wave towards the many delightful people whom wore leather vests and had pierced just about everything on their body. Though he found his extroverted nature had oddly offended them as they all closed in around him, about four in total. "So... how's your health plan?" he said before one took a pool cue and swung it towards him. "Apparently it's great!" he said lowering his head below it and sending fist into his balls before taking the cue. He was they pounced on by the other two but he managed to hold their weight. "I don't swing that way!" he said jumping up and moving so they'd cover his fall but injure themselves in the fall. He then watched as the male he had hit in the balls rushed him attempting to sending a kick to his head, but he was too fast, and leaped back onto his feet, his kick heading straight into his own friend causing him to be down for the count. "Alright... I'm done playing this game." he said dashing forwards sending an uppercut into one before taking the other by the head and tossing him across the room with a spin of his body to gain momentum. The bodies crashed against the floor, frequent groans emitting from them before he strode towards the barkeep. "One Martini please!" he said to the girl behind the bar whom simply nodded her head with a gulp.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:

    **Samuel sat at home giving a sigh, he had nothing to do and it was light out.... GREAT. He slowly took up his phone giving a grumble as he called the operator. "Hello? Operator?" he asked curiously, wondering if she even answered. "Yes?" said the womanly voice behind the phone. "I need some place that can get me a TV and netflix... like right now." he said in a rather demanding tone. "I don't think they can do it that fast... it usually takes a few d-." he was cut off by him hanging up and walking out of his apartment and down the hall to a room with the faint mumble of a tv. He walked to this door gently knocking on it. Inside a girl no more then twenty answered giving a smile. "Yes sir?" she said towards him. "Hi! I'm the... TV man... I need to check your TV and make sure nothings wrong." he said smiling towards her. The bimbo like girl gave a quizzical look for a moment before smiling. "Sure! Sit! I'll get you a drink!" she said skipping off. "Great..." he said sitting on front of the tv with a sigh of relief. "Today will be a good day." he said with a smile before watching the girl skip in with a drink and chips. "Just incase you're hungry!" she smiled. "A very, very, good day." he said turning back to the TV which was re-running 'How I met your retarded Spunkle'. A show that dealed with kids who's parents did it with each others siblings and found out they were adopted and that their whole family was a lie.... it was hilarious. If you were five. He changed the channel and then the girl came back giving a smile. "So is anything wrong? I'm just a typical kinda girl, I don't know anything about TV or things that require brain use." he then leaned off patting her head as he munched happily on some chips/crisps. "Just get me some cheesy doritos and everything will be fine." he said with a smile towards her.

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    Re: Smift Application Augustine.

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    Smift's a pretty cool Irish cunt, I trust him to not abuse


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    Re: Smift Application Augustine.

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    The True High King of the Potatos. HAIL OUR KING AND MY BABE THE IRISH FAMINE BRINGER SMUFT. Good Roleplayer +supp 10/10 Would bang again.

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    Re: Smift Application Augustine.

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