Seras Rosenthal

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    Seras Rosenthal

    Post by Detective Zero on Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:23 am

    "Behind all the suits, cleavage and flirting, this is who I really am."
    [So it's an anime pic, so what? Sue me.]

    Name: Seras Valentine (V.) Rosenthal
    Age: 21 (Looks between 19-24)
    Height: 6'2"
    Weight: 138 lbs.
    Gender: Female
    Race: Human
    Ethnicity: Caucasian
    Nationality: American
    Hair color: Dyed purple, natural black
    Eye color: Ice blue
    Sexuality: Pansexual


    Hobbies - She enjoys having a good drink of any kind, hanging out with friends, enjoying a good book or getting lost into some music
    Personality - Usually kind and sweet to others she gets along with, and naturally feels a strong loyalty to those that become her friends and family. She may come off as flirty, and often times downright playful but it's all in good fun for her. She's not a pervert, but she enjoys the things it entails.
    Extra - Despite always wearing some form of glasses, she doesn't really need them except for reading for long periods. Otherwise, she just thinks they look really good on her. Her silver necklace that is on her neck at all times, nearly like her glasses but more-so, was a family heirloom belonging to a close friend of hers. Before he passed away, he left it in her care and she's worn it ever since.

    Loved | Close friend | Friend Acquaintance | Neutral | Dislike | Avoid | Enemy

    Pandora Moraei Woodward - One of the first friends she made here and since then has continued to be one of her best friends. Gave her a place to stay and being around her usually introduced new friends. Really fun to hang around, share a few beers. Her style in both attitude and clothing is pretty cool, and she's hot too. Plus a great kisser, <3

    Ryker Michaelis - Another one of her first friends made alongside Pan, the guy amuses her to no end with either just his style - always being in that bloody suit, his quips or his awkwardness to anything with sexual tension. He's shared a few secrets, but she's not tellin' a soul. Finds it adorable but it'd help if he grew some balls about it.

    'Ephrael' - Where to start.. A lot has happened since then, but now she's unsure where Ephrael will stand on this list. It's rough to know for sure.

    Jase / 'Preacher' - Seemed pretty questionable and edgy at the start. Sometimes still is, but he proved to be a reliable ally and friend to have around. Seems to have grown to ask Seras for help too, which she's willing to oblige. Being one of the first vampires she's met, he seems okay. Feels bad for him a little for what goes on in his life.

    Larissa Kinley - Don't know much about the woman, but she seemed pretty cool when they hung out with Pandora. The vamp seemed pretty willing to play too, rather chill and fun attitude to be around she guessed. Voluntarily gave her her first vampire bite. Was a lot more erotic than she expected.

    Felix Richardson - Despite being part of FEAR, he's one of the rare few that is fun to be around and is rather relaxed on how things worked.

    Seth Jacobs - Not sure how to explain this one, but she'd guess similar with Felix, though not being part of FEAR. Interesting to talk to.

    Lilith Vandella - Adorably sexy, deserves her own category, but definitely a close friend if anything else. Everything she does amuses Seras and she's quite a looker too. Talking with her is always fun. Sometimes has an uncontrollable urge to just cuddle the shit out of the girl, luckily, she was able to one night. Lil' also used Seras' leg like a tree a couple times, like she was a koala. Again, adorable, yet oddly a little sexy for the 18 year old.

    Sarafina 'Sara' Crawley - Fun girl, usually sees her when Seras hangs with Pandora. Normally makes a fun conversation with her around.

    Chloe Atkins - Started out as just business, getting a gun or two off the red-head. After a few run ins with FEAR and some other stuff, started hanging out more, and she guessed Chloe decided she was a friend afterwards. Can be rather rough around the edges, reckless and brash, but she's a pretty chill girl to hang with. Thinks she might be trying to get in Seras' pants at times though. Well.. She is kinda hot.

    Zelana Stone - Questionable at first, but she seemed pretty chill after hanging out with Pan. Always has that militaristic aura about her, but she knew how to break the ice and make a laugh here and there. Might make a good drinking buddy on occasion.

    Erika 'Stingray' Lohmeyer - Knew her a while back since college before coming to LA. Real good friend, though some distance might have happened over time. Not much seems to have changed with her personality though, usually liking to do things solo or just be alone when she wants to be. Still, fun to have drinks with and a good talk. Hoping to catch up soon enough.

    -More to come over time, maybe-

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    Re: Seras Rosenthal

    Post by ⱴalentine on Wed Sep 10, 2014 1:33 am

    oh yes Cool
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    Re: Seras Rosenthal

    Post by Swagile on Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:09 pm

    can we have a normal female character for once.

    i dunno, a child character that doesn't erp and plays pranks on people via dremor abilities and teams people against each other

    just for a giggle

    not this anime copy shit, xd
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    Re: Seras Rosenthal

    Post by Detective Zero on Wed Sep 10, 2014 4:27 pm

    Can I have an admin clean this shit up please. And I don't see anyone ragging on any of the other profiles that have similar. I meant just the picture was.

    Edit: Seems it was someone's crappy signature spamming the music. -.-

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    Re: Seras Rosenthal

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    Sued for anime huehue

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    Re: Seras Rosenthal

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    > ten year old with a pot on their head is sexy


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