Reasonable Gear Selection


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    Reasonable Gear Selection

    Post by moosely_mistaken on Thu Sep 11, 2014 1:25 am


    Plate carriers are great for load bearings and stuffing your bullets in. However if they use bare plates then that's all the real bullet resistant coverage you'll get. The upper neck area, shoulders, armpits and left and right hip/abdominals are exposed for gunshot wounds. Even the lower torso and gut are somewhat exposed unless you have large plates for a medium sized guy, which is impractical.

    Plate carriers don't stop bullets by themselves.


    Obtaining body armor is a little difficult as most shop owners would ask for ID plus a background check, or reserve the right to sell only to LE/MIL (optional amongst dealers however)

    Level II soft armor are somewhat cheap and easily concealed, and will stop most common pistol calibers like a 9mm or a 45 ACP. Anything over a magnum pistol cartridge and it's really a hit and miss. They will not stop shotgun 00 buck sadly.

    Level IIIA full soft kevlar vests + inserts (shoulder and collar protection included) are moderately expensive, and will stop multiple hits of various pistol rounds before deteriorating. However, without proper trauma pads the individual wearing the vest is at risk for internal bleeding when a round crushed into the kevlar fibers and the energy of the bullet is felt against your skin. If it hits one of your ribs with the vest on, you can snap one too. 

    Level III steel plates are heavy (around 20 lbs in weight with 2 plates ((9kg for you metric fags)), and are incredibly inexpensive. They will provide protection from multiple rifle calibers up to 7.62x51 (any higher you're fucked) which is about a decent six to eight solid shots spread out across the plate. However, they are limited in body coverage and only athletic individuals will be able to carry these plates. Children will not be able to carry these plates. Scrawny teenage girls cannot carry these plates. 

    Level IV steel plates are also heavy, relatively moreso than Level III steel plates by a couple pounds. They are slightly more expensive by maybe a hundred or so dollars, yet still relatively cheap for what they're made for. There's still limited coverage due to their shape and weight, and slows down mobility greatly. Most people who use these plates only strap them in before a CQB raid. They're not travel practical at all, even if you're athletic.

    Level III ceramic plates are remarkably light and sometimes possess buoyancy in water. These tend to be used by operators during maritime warfare just incase they fall off the ship or have to do a bagdrag off a dinghy or some navy bullshit, I don't know I'm not a seaman. These plates are particularly good for long duty hours as they only weight about 3.5 kg per 2 plates. However they are some of the most expensive plates you can buy on the market, and will not withstand more than 4 rounds or so.

    Level IV ceramic plates are the good stuff (regular SAPIs), primarily used by military personnel across the world. They are thick in mass and a few kilos heavier than III rated ceramics but will withstand more abuse. They'll soak up to about eight to ten shots of 7.62x39 or around three-four shots of 7.62x54mmR before collapsing and being useless. They are terribly expensive and sought after however. 

    Level IV+ ceramic plates (ESAPI improved plates)are expensive as all fuck, and are illegal for civilians to own. They're mostly US military surplus and are stolen government property sold at gun shows or pawn shops. Owning these in the city is a federal offense. 

    Bulletproof helmets in general are fucking annoying, heavy, and even when stopping a bullet will still be the cause of brain damage. Most likely if you get shot in the head you will get knocked the fuck out. You can get them cheap though.



    Otherwise known as NODs (night vision optic devices) 

    No one should even really have these, and they usually require a helmet to mount or a skull-fucker band. There is hardly anyone I know that would pay money for these shits, but here you go.

    First Gen NODs are the cheapest in the category of night vision devices, which is still close to a thousand dollars or less. You can find them in surplus store every now and then, but they're a dying commodity unless its a modern cheap-make. First gen nods have poor illumination and over illumination when present with flashing lights, flares, or muzzleflashes ect.

    Second Gen NODs are a bit more modern and solved a few issues with the poor illumination and 'light spots' being seen through lenses. They're a few thousand dollars as well.

    Third Gen NODs are readily available to almost all military units. They usually include a single lense optic as opposed to two-lense goggles. AN/PVS-7 goggles are common to find. These can be up to five thousand in price or several thousand dollars.

    Third plus / Fourth Gen NODs have high clarity and remarkable illumination. They are government property and will only be seldom seen with military helicopter aviators or SOC related personnel. These can be tens of thousands of dollars or higher, dependant on the model. It is what makes America the most feared in night warfare.



    MULTICAM!! - hey guess what doesnt blend in with the city? yeah, this shit! lol

    UCP/ACU pattern will probably get you shot in the street if you wear it openly in public, especially downtown.

    Marine patterns will have the same response in public

    actually you know what if you're not a military man or law man and you're wearing a uniform you'll be mistaken for an airsofter and get shot in the street by some gangbanger



    Hey guess what these things make it hard to breathe or speak and are irritating and uncomfortable. If the mask itself is not one single lense piece for a visor, it also throws off your depth perception. Oh and it makes it hard to shoot since there's no way to get a real proper cheek to stock method.



    who the fuck walks around with a dufflebag full of guns?? you must be really dense to do this.

    and that ends chapter one

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    Re: Reasonable Gear Selection

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    who the fuck walks around with a dufflebag full of guns?? you must be really dense to do this.



    i wonder who, as well.....

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    Re: Reasonable Gear Selection

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    Keep going mate.


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    Re: Reasonable Gear Selection

    Post by piraTe on Thu Sep 11, 2014 4:22 am

    Thanks for these threads buddy, hopefully people can learn from this.

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    Re: Reasonable Gear Selection

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    piraTe wrote:Thanks for these threads buddy, hopefully people can learn from this.

    rofl'd pirate, you a re master roflecopeter What a Face What a Face What a Face

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    Re: Reasonable Gear Selection

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