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    (Eye colour varies)

    Name: Stephanie

    Age: 24

    Occupation: Unemployed

    Species : Looks Human

    Weight: 125lb

    Ethnicity: Caucasian

    Nationality: Irish

    Height:  5ft 8


    Willful/rebellious : Stephanie doesn't appreciate being told what to do or how to act, she's the type to go and do 'the thing' because you specifically told her not to.

    "Oh, really?" : Cursed with a sarcastic tongue, Stephanie has the habit of lashing out with words before fists. Even when she's sarcastic, it's not out of malice, just the way she is.

    "With all my heart" : Whether it's love or hate, her emotions are a strong part of her. She remains calm a lot of the time, but when she gets angry, you're going to know about it.

    "Finish what you start" : Stephanie doesn't start doing something unless she intends to finish it, this applies to all walks of life for her. Grudges, projects, everything.

    "I'm not a dumbass." : She may not be a certified genius, but she's not exactly dumb either, and considers options before she acts on almost anything. She tries to be as logical as possible in her decisions.

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