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    Kareem Daniels

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    Kareem Daniels



    Height: 6'7
    Weight: 205
    Age: 29
    Ethnicity: Jamaican
    Nationality: American
    Gender: Male
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Dark Green

     Watts, Los Angeles, California

    Father: Jeremy Daniels - Deceased
    Mother: Shauna Daniels - Deceased
    Brother: Jamal Daniels - Deceased
    Brother: Davon Daniels - Deceased
    Daughter: Tara Daniels - Deceased
    Mother of Offspring: Ashanti Williams - Alive(Estranged)

    12M at the rank of Corporal, United States Army(Discharged)
    Inmate at Twin Towers Correctional Facility, Drug Possession and Distribution
    Inmate at Twin Towers Correctional Facility, Theft, Assault of an Officer
    Service Technician at Jim Matson Automotive

    Family murdered by rioting Nosferatu clan during 2014 Fable Race Riots, four alibis, one witness.
    Estranged from the mother of his four year old daughter, Tara.
    Currently unemployed and no longer living at former residence in Watts.

    Personal Relations(Will Expand Upon as Relationships Develop)
    Friend, Neutral, Disliked

    Dawson Malbek: My nigga's always lookin' for a fight. He's good people though, he's loyal and he's got strong values. Lookin' forward to hangin' out with him more.

    Erika Lohmeyer(Not on a named basis): Stubborn ass, entitled, white bitch who instantly thought I was trying to sell her drugs for saying hello. You'd think with the recent race riots finally cooling down, people would wisen up.

    Seras Rosenthal: Just as bad as her homegirl, leadin' some poor homeboy along instead of tellin' him straight how it really was.

    Demond Scott:
    My Haitian Homeboy, always ready to chill and always able to hook a brother up with work. Reliable, even if this nigga has a chip on his shoulder half the time.

    Pandora Woodward: Girl is divine, nah, I'm playin', it ain't even like that. She's straight and she ain't afraid to talk to a nigga like most women in these hoods, nor is she afraid to step into the ring. She's pretty friendly, which is hard to come by these days.

    Riley "Reezy" Smith(?): I swear this nigga is a vampire or somethin' he talks like my pops, but looks younger than me. He's straight though, he's my boy.

    Lilac Williams: Little pothead runnin' around screamin' n' shit. Kids will be kids, though. Maybe a friend for Jackie, hate seein' kids with no other kids to hang with.

    "Izzy": My guy might be gay, but man is he funny. Good connection to have, always comin' up with crazy get rich quick schemes.

    "Sautekh": Funny little guy, seems pretty solid though. Reliable, shame I didn't get to talk to him more.

    "Jackie": Funny little kid, likes hangin' around outside with me and she's a tough little cookie, always pickin' fights with people. Reminds me of my baby's mommy when we was kids. May not be my kid, but I'm doin' my best to be a good influence on her since I wasn't able to do the same with my own kid.

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