[ACCEPTED]Greene's Super Fantastic Extra Awesome, and Mind Blowing Authorization Application



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    [ACCEPTED]Greene's Super Fantastic Extra Awesome, and Mind Blowing Authorization Application

    Post by Greene180 on Wed Aug 06, 2014 1:09 am

    Steam Name: Greene180

    Steam ID:

    How long have you been roleplaying?:
    Just under 2 years.

    Any experience havng this auth before?
    Nothing as specific as this, though it's a pretty standard idea and probably a lot less difficult to execute than plenty of my other ones.

    What are you applying for?:
    A vampire hunting priest. Because every single vampire canon needs one. More specifically what equipment this will involve is:
    Colt Python .357 Magnum caliber revolver (Silver Metal Plating as well as a Cross engraved into it)
    Blessed Silver .357 Magnum rounds for said revolver
    Garlic Pepper Spray (For weaker vampires normally)
    A standard Silver Cross Necklace
    A Bottle of holy water
    Silver plated knife with the cross engraved to act as a 'Stake'

    Why should you have this?:
    Because it's an interesting concept of a character I've always enjoyed as part of "Vampires". I've always been more interested in the holy forces against the dark than the actual dark creatures themselves. And as stated previously most vampire canons have a priest that acts as a hunter and slayer of the undead, usually more specifically vampires and I honestly feel as though I can potray this role fairly and with accuracy as to how it should be potrayed. I'd also like to state that he is by no means a super human in either strength or speed. I'll say this right now, in a straight up fight against a vampire without his tools, he'd die everytime. The only thing that makes him formidible against the undead is his knowledge, his devotion to god, and his equipment that gives him a fair fighting chance, without these things he may as well be a normal person (Though a very devout person at that.)

    Theodore Sterling, born in England to his scottish parents Andrew Sterling and Margaret Sterling. From a young age he was ariased as a devout catholic, brought up as much to fear the lord as much as respect him, like more catholic families would try to do. Since he was young, he had a strong faith and belief in the catholic way. He attended sunday school all throughout his younger life and as he got older went to church every sunday as he was expected to. His mother and father were not exactly the most... sane of parents about the matter either. Always scolding him for the lightest details making sure he knew "God will send you to hell for that!" for every little misdemeanor he performed. Even more than that, he was pushed further into the faith by his parents when he was expected to be a man of the cloth for life, taking up in the local church to become a priest on his parents insistence.

    After being accepted into the church as a priest in training, Father Malley (Who did not touch him!) insisted on taking the young lad under his own wing, teaching him of both the wrath and kindness of god, as opposed to the cruelty that he'd been shown previously. Over the years he was given a sense of love and duty to god rather than just a sense of fear that had been instilled into him. He slowly came to love the idea of god and that only the righteous may pass into heaven and that by his will we cleanse the Earth.

    Years passed and Theodore was eventually accepted into the church as a fully devout priest, spreading the word of god in it's halls in what can only be described as passion. Everything was going well for a time, but the peace and prosperity was soon disturbed by an attack on the church's oldest priest, Father Malley. To cut a long story short, Father Malley was attacked by a vampire (Had to introduce vampires somewhere, right?) Although Father Malley was able to slay it, he was gravely wounded in the conflict. Theodore approached the dying old man who in his final moments passed on what was in his study to Theodore. A day later, Theodore entered the study and began to read the ancient texts left to him by Father Malley, one of the important notes was on that of Vampire hunting, written by what seems as a long generation of people, adding bit by bit of what they knew about hunting vampires, said to date back from original extracts of Van Hellsing himself, though that is hard to confirm. Theodore knew this information couldn't be shared with those around him and that Father Malley had kept this secret for a long time, as had every previous owner of the book. As well as the book he found what seemed like a kit for killing such foul creatures including a silver plated knife, silver cross, a bottle of holy water, and most surprising of all, a silver plated Colt Python with multiple engravings of crosses across the barrel. In what Theodore saw was an act from god, he took it as a clear sign of what he must do, taking the kit and book for himself. He then spent his time studying the book carefully, learning all he could of the undead plight. Eventually after devoting years of his life to study the book and it's words, learning all he could from it's text, he set off on the world, hunting for the vile creatures that went against god, taking his holy vengence against them in his own 'Crusade'.

    He spent years of doing what he saw as gods work, hunting those that make foul of his name and insult him with their very presence, hoping to eliminate every creature of darkness that spat upon gods name. After years of travelling the globe, he finally makes his way to a new town, ready to hunt the monsterous curses that befall it.

    // Now even I find the backstory somewhat cliche, but I'm a fan of show don't tell. Usually with characters I prefer to let progression happen naturally, so I'm not amazing at the whole backstory writing thing.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? Yes, I understand.

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    Re: [ACCEPTED]Greene's Super Fantastic Extra Awesome, and Mind Blowing Authorization Application

    Post by JiiBB on Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:51 am


    Good RPer. Solid story. If you abuse this I will take them away at any time.

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    Re: [ACCEPTED]Greene's Super Fantastic Extra Awesome, and Mind Blowing Authorization Application

    Post by Pixie on Wed Aug 06, 2014 3:51 pm

    I just have to point out, garlic does nothing, and neither does holy water. If you had some vervein/water solution, it would be really dilute, but it would cause minor burns and pain to lesser vampires, next to nothing on older ones.

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    Re: [ACCEPTED]Greene's Super Fantastic Extra Awesome, and Mind Blowing Authorization Application

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