[ACCEPTED]Sgt. Seth Jacobs Magnificent Magic App of Total 3 A.M Awesomeness.



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    [ACCEPTED]Sgt. Seth Jacobs Magnificent Magic App of Total 3 A.M Awesomeness.

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    Steam Name: Blitzkrieg

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:67398263

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I wish to progress roleplay in a new and unexpected field for this character, wishing to find out where I can take it. I also believe I can be level-headed enough to use the necessary abilities involved.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: Nearing Four-Five years

    What 'level' of magic ability are you applying for?: Apprentice (Due to lack of Practice, and want to develop as RP progresses.)

    What type/school of magic are you applying for? (No stupid ideas, it's very open ended): Elemental (Focus on Destruction, Lightning, Fire, Etc)

    Do you understand that this, like any whitelist, can be taken away if you abuse it?: Yes.

    Do you understand that these apps, due to probable demand, potential power and the fact it's a rare thing, are strict?: Yes.

    Write out your backstory(People are born with the ability, it cannot be gained), no minimum or maximum length, just bear in mind that these apps are tougher:

    To tell the story of Sergeant Seth Jacobs, one must start ages ago in the frozen northern lands of Scandinavia and Germany, where the mans family traditionally hails from. Of course his family spread out through western europe, into places like France and the British Isles, but the story has always started in the north. These frozen lands are where the tales of the early elementals come from, masters over the ice and fire that formed their lands, and of the raging skies above them that scoured their early peoples, forcing them into the dens of their gods. These are the elders and druids, knowers of the arcane and violent arts, using them to fend off the evil gods, and free their land of natures curses, allowing their people to live on the surface once more. This is the bloodline that young Jacobs hails from, the nordic people of fire and lightning, who carried their traditions down through generations.
    The traditions of using these powers to destroy one’s enemy was held throughout the ancient times, but with the rise of the religious world it was forced into secrecy, as with so many other things. Like Vampires and Werewolves, mages too were hunted and burned by the church, slaughtered as enemies of God. This drove those who knew how to use their abilities into the dark, and the families carrying the latent ability into hiding, usually to the farthest ends of the world where the church could not reach them. Such happened to the family of Jacobs, driven from England and Germany with the rising of the church law, the religious takeovers of both country and crown. The families converged in the new world, where they forged lives for themselves among the Colonies of America. Through revolutions and Civil Wars the two families survived in America, eventually forgetting their true reason for coming here and moving on with their lives. It wasn’t till the modern era that the two families collided in the form of a child, born out of wedlock, to the wandering children of both sides.
    Seth Jacobs was the first born of the two families, a mixture of two old bloods that would have spelt problem for anyone versed in the true history of the two groups, but only one person was, and she cared more for the child than she did about the importance of hiding the ability from the world. He was raised like any young child would be, ignorant of his latent ability till he came to the age of fifteen, where his first confrontation with another angsty boy ended in tragedy. Amongst the shell of an unfinished house two young boys fought over a trivial matter, heated words led to flying fists led to blood as the young Jacobs took a strike to the nose, showering him in pain. His reaction was instinctive, immediate, as if guided by an invisible hand. Jacobs raised his hands upwards, sparks flying from one hand, fire from the other, and both he threw towards the boy he hated so much at the time, resulting in an apocalyptic blast that immediately ignited and shattered the house, killing the young boy, and flinging Jacobs through an open wall.
    The official story was that two young boys were caught inside the project when a faulty gas-line erupted, the only logical explanation it seemed. The truth was much more grim, causing a ripple in his family that eventually split the two sides apart, forcing Seth to decide between two sides of the family, a confusing problem for such a young man. Eventually he chose his father, growing in relative safety, eventually forgetting the occurrence entirely. When he reached his age of graduation he made a decision that shaped his future forever, joining the Marine Corps. directly out of high-school. He became 0621, Field Radio Operator, attached to units out on patrol in the aftermath of the battle for Ramadi, and other events. He served his two years with only minor disturbances from his abilities, trying to learn them in a safe passive environment when he could, causing only strange occurrences here and there between missions. He managed this for two years before he was taken back off active duty, and opted in for specialized MARSOC qualifications. He and only five others managed to pass all the way through to phase 3 of the training, forming a team spending the better part of four years together.
    This is where Sergeant Jacobs began using more of his abilities. As the world began to change, more and more reports of strange happenings across the board in America, all before the sudden release of information about Fables, he began practicing. Solely in seclusion, always when away from the team or prying eyes, he’d begin trying to learn his abilities, a few sparks here, igniting a fire there, all baby steps as he developed a raw understanding of what he could do. Before he managed to figure this out, however, he was called to action, his team tasked with several others to head into the newly shut down L.A. area with strict orders to destroy an infestation of what was introduced to them simply as “Nos.” Nasty creatures as inhuman as could be. He and the 48 sent in geared up, flying into the zone via helicopter to the rooftops. As things always do, the instant the doors opened things went south, the number three chopper being set upon by a brief swarm of Nos, enough to clamber up and inside to cause chaos and bring the bird down into a street. The remaining 36 men disembarked, going their separate ways.
    Jacobs and a team of three, out of the twelve people in the area, took up residence in the locale of L.A. that housed the PD and a large number of issues. Jacobs hadn’t bothered tampering with his abilities around this time, focusing more on the issue at hand. It didn’t take long before the issue at hand grew too big to handle, and in one single night, Jacobs and his team were gunned down during a massive shoot-out between Fables, Hunters, and their forces. The bloodbath caused a change that brought a massive militarized response to the area, and as Jacobs recovered in a daze the city itself changed, becoming almost an apocalyptic hell worthy of a Mad-Max spin off. In the aftermath of the change, Jacobs was left with little option but to carry on his role, meeting up with another individual to help him along his goal. The pressure of being the sole member of his team left began driving Jacobs to question his ability, and look upon his power in an increasingly favorable light, hoping one day to find some way to train himself in effective use.

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    Re: [ACCEPTED]Sgt. Seth Jacobs Magnificent Magic App of Total 3 A.M Awesomeness.

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    Having recently been asked by Elfriede, this app isn't intended to derail the magic train, so please don't assume that.


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    Re: [ACCEPTED]Sgt. Seth Jacobs Magnificent Magic App of Total 3 A.M Awesomeness.

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    For now, think of it as a trial. If you have any questions, don' thesitate to ask an admin.

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    Re: [ACCEPTED]Sgt. Seth Jacobs Magnificent Magic App of Total 3 A.M Awesomeness.

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