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    Nica Robinson

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    Nica Robinson

    "Realistically, the only way humanity could live at this point is if all fables were exterminated. It's dark, but it's the truth."

    **General Information**

    Age: **31**

    Sex: **Female**

    Sexuality: **N/A**

    Race: **Human, Caucasian**

    Nationality: **American, Canadian citizenship**

    Education: **Highschool, Various military training programs**

    Occupations: **DECA Officer, Ex-FEAR Operator, Ex-Blackwater and numerous other PMCs, Special Forces Veteran.**

    Alignment: **True Neutral**

    Personality: **Distant**

    Marital Status: **N/A**


    Height: **5'11**

    Weight: **170 LBS**

    Build: **Muscular, Athletic**

    Eye Color: **Pale Blue, Flat**

    Hair Color: **Dark Brown**

    Clothing: ** [On-Duty] Standard DECA Fatigues. [Off-Duty] White Tanktop, Olive Cargo Pants. Sometimes accompanied by a Trenchcoat.

    **Advantages and Disadvantages (Perks, more or less.)**

    Full-Time Warrior: Although her life has calmed down a bit now, Nica spent almost every year of her adult life in a military of some sort. As a result she's got more than her fair share of combat experience. She is calm and collected even in the midst of battle.


    Thousand Yard Stare: Because this girl has seen so much death, it leaves her with more than enough to think about, and almost nothing she's willing to talk about. She's often quiet, distant, and finds it difficult to integrate into society. Her time off-duty is seldom and often spent either staring at a wall in her apartment or helping out the guys at the station.


    Apparent Indifference: The battlefield is no place for emotions, and Nica knows this well. 


    Loving Sister: Even if she's fucked in the head beyond repair, Nica still tries to help her little sister along.


    Unlike Most: This girl doesn't seem to waste time with things like crushes. As far as anyone could be concerned, she's completely asexual.


    Love Interest/Infatuation|Family|Comrade|Friend|Ally|Neutral|Negative Disposition|Enemy|Nemesis

    Self: "There's a special place in hell just for you and me."


    Rose Chilcott: "You've got no idea how grateful I am to have someone like you."

    Mike Ranolds: "I think I just /might/ have had at some point, a bit of a crush on you."


    Liz Robinson: "Don't do that again. Ever. I mean it."


    'Bad Dog': "If you're still out there... I'm sorry."


    Adrian Martinez: "Yeah, I don't even know what happened to this guy anymore." 


    Blackwater Security: "Blackwater was a fucked up place that I hate thinking about."


    Erika Lohmeyer: "Last time we hooked up was great."

    Allehm Mackay: "Better man than me."


    DECA (General Standpoint): "Better than FEAR. A lot more calm, too. Maybe they're too calm, because I finally cracked."

    Lucius Harrigan: "You are fucking terrifying."


    Anippe Sautekh: "I don't know you all that well, but you're a good person."


    Seth Jacobs: "I don't really have any oil, and I'm not a developing country, so I guess that means you and me are good."


    Dawson Malbek: "You die or something?"


    Fables (General Standpoint): "They may still be human inside, but they can only bring harm."


    'Devil': "I keep you in mind, to remind myself what not to become."


    FEAR (General Standpoint): "Just because I worked for them doesn't mean I liked them."


    Jase Ramensin: "Stay away from my sister."


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