[Accepted] Saint's Six Shooter Application


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    [Accepted] Saint's Six Shooter Application

    Post by SaintCharmer on Wed Sep 17, 2014 2:52 am

    Steam Name: Saint Charmer
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:26683754
    How Long have you been roleplaying?: 4 and a half years
    Any Experience with this auth before?: Yes, pretty generic experience like everyone else.
    What are you applying for?: A family heirloom Remington 1858 Cap and Ball Revolver (it's one of the SWEPs we have, luckily)
    Why should you have this?: There really isn't a reason I "should" have this, I just wanted it as a tie to my character as his "One valued posestion", aswell as using it as a last resort in a defensive situation. It's primitive, and uses black powder and a ram rod instead of a cartridge bullet. I wanted a gun that would work in a pinch, but not ideal.

                    Cillian was born on July 24, 1918 to a middle class family in New York city. Most of his life he was a sheltered child,  encouraged to keep to himself. Due to most of his influence coming from those who were a great deal older than him, he matured quickly. By his sixteenth birthday, his parents felt he was responsible enough to be given a special piece of their family history. During the American Civil War, Cillian's Grandfather served in the Union Army as a Calvary unit, and on his belt at all times was his trusted sidearm, a Remington 1858 Cap and Ball Revolver.  Sadly in 1865, 3 months before the conflict had ended; Sergeant Liam O'Sullivan was thrown from his horse after a Confederate soldier had taken a shot at him, the bullet piercing his lungs.

                     His uniform, patches, and Remington 1858 were presented to his family and a small funeral held in his honor. Cillian's father loved that gun, and for years had kept it in pristine condition. He would tell stories of his father to Cillian, how he had been serving in the war since the first days of the Confederacy breaking from the Union, and how much he despised slavery in America. Facinated, Cillian took great interest in the History, aswell as having the pleasure of shooting his Grandfather's revolver with his father. When his birthday had finally arrived, Cillian was presented a small, heavy box from his parents.

                    Opening it, a wide smile overtook his face as it revealed his Grandfathers Union Belt Buckle, Patch, and his revolver with two extra cylinders and a picture of his Grandfather next to it. Since recieving it he has kept it close and cherishes it and the rest of the contents as the last real part of his family he has left.

    Do you agree that you will use it responsibly? - Yes

    Cillian O' Sullivan | Vampire - (Dremor)

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