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    Alexander Lacroix

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    Alexander Lacroix

    Real terror is not the sight of death, it is the fear of death. What is the fear of death? Terror of the unknown.


    Name: Alexander Lacroix
    Age: At least 93
    Gender: Male
    Place of Birth: Manchester, England
    Age at Death: 28
    Race: Vampire (Augustine)
    Ethnicity: Anglo-Saxon

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 174lbs
    Hair: Black, kept relatively short as a holdover habit from his military days.
    Eye Color: Hazel-Brown


    • For King and Country:  He was a solider once, though he prefers not to speak of it. His experiences in the war hardened him in ways, though it did nothing but further his resolve. He tends to stray away from violence except in self-defense, and despite having knowledge in how to use firearms, he seems to abhor them and goes through great lengths to avoid being around them. He did his duty, for King and Country...But, that was a long time ago.

    • Stoic Observer:  Alexander has survived as long as he has in part thanks to his preference on spending most of his time on the sidelines as opposed to actively engaged. There is a lot one can learn if they simply sit, listen, and take in their surroundings.

    • Technologically Inept: Computers and technology continued to evolve over the time that Alexander has been alive, and he's spent most of his life having nothing to do with it. He can operate a cellphone to a basic degree, but good luck getting him to do anything less than take forever at anything else relating to technology.

    • Always a Choice: The guiding precept in his life is that there is always a choice, and there isn't such a thing as being without options. He does not believe that there is such a thing as an unavoidable fight or an unsolvable problem, just the results of choices others have made.

    • Lone Wolf: His past experience with individuals has left him relatively uninterested in developing close attachments to anyone. There are few people who share his worldview. That said, it is possible to build trust with him, though it is far easier to lose it.

    Relationships // Impressions
    Love Interest // Close Friend // Friend // Acquaintance // Neutral // Disliked // Hated // Die In Fire

    • Humans (General): Alexander holds a neutral feeling toward humanity, leaning more toward animosity. He was one, once, and has seen first hand the unspeakable cruelties which man is capable of and finds it ironic that they have found themselves fit to stand in judgment of his kind as 'monsters'. Despite that, he doesn't outright hate them and generally judges them based upon their own merit.

    • Werewolves(General): His interaction with Werewolves have actually been surprisingly limited, though the times he did come in contact with them in the past they seemed less interested in conversing and more interested in picking a fight.He avoids them, if he can, and he doesn't go out of his way to bother them.

    • Vampires (General): Though there was a time when he could say he hated them and what they had made him he has since moved on from such sentimentality. As his kindred, he finds that he can no longer hate them though he uses the expression 'his kindred' very, very loosely as he feels no strong bond toward them one way or the either. To the contrary, the race riots left him with a feeling that much of his kind were akin to misguided youth.

    • The Police (General): He cannot recall who they introduced themselves as, but they were the first people to speak to him since he arrived in Los Angeles. He saw two individuals walking down the street in rather militarized looking gear and decided it best to get out of their way, which apparently looked suspicious,  and while he appreciated the assurance that they weren't some fascist organization, he didn't exactly appreciate the pistol that was briefly pointed his way. While he forgot the acronym they gave him, he did remember that they said they were basically the police...Funny how no matter how much things change, some things just remain the same.

    • Samuel King: An interesting guy, from Ireland even. Didn't expect to see that in Los Angeles. Don't know much about him beyond the fact that he dislikes the heavily armored girl and her friends.

    • Joel Reibel: The first individual to speak to me that did so 'without' a gun being involved. There is nothing really to say about him, other than he seems to dislike Vampires and Werewolves, though I can hardly blame him.

    • 'Delilah'She has horrible taste in music and keeps calling me 'gramps'.

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