[ACCEPTED] Nica's Auths- Das Haus

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    [ACCEPTED] Nica's Auths- Das Haus

    Post by Das Haus on Sat Sep 20, 2014 5:56 am

    Steam Name: Das Haus

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:21918654

    Any experience having this auth before?: Plenty of experience with gun auths. Considering role-play often involves them, and I've been playing for four to five years.

    What are you applying for?: A Taurus Raging Bull chambered in .454 Casull for my off-duty DECA agent. Also, I guess being a hardened veteran of an elite military force, if you've gotta apply for that.

    Why should you have this?: I believe I should have this auth because I am more than capable of having a character that wields a gun, not to mention the weapon itself is a vital component to Nica's character and her backstory.


    Veronica Robinson was born in 1984 to Cal and Valerie Robinson, in a New York Hospital. She grew up in the middle class suburbs of the bustling city, with a younger sister named Elizabeth. Her father was a scarred War Veteran who found himself too broken to be a proper father most times, and her mother left them at a young age, so it was often up to Veronica to look after her little sister. They grew up together, Elizabeth never leaving Veronica's side. School life was rough, and Veronica would often get suspended for beating up anyone who went near her sister. From all these fights, she obtained considerable hand-to-hand experience. During these days where she would be suspended, she would wait outside of school for Elizabeth every day, walking her to and from school.

    This lifestyle led by Nica didn't mean Elizabeth was innocent, however. Her little sister was a mischievous kleptomaniac with a knack for machinery, and her antics frequently got her into trouble, which Nica got the girl out of. Eventually her crazy little sister managed to explode a cop-car, and their father had enough of it. Elizabeth was taken to a youth correctional facility, and her 17 year old sister Nica was sent to Canada and signed up for the military by her father, given that in the United States women could not join infantry until April 2014. And this is like, 2001.

    Without her sister to look after, or anything else to focus on, Nica found herself excelling in military training. Her body was already in shape from a mischievous life in the streets of New York, and strict regimes were just what she needed in order to be 'normal'. After thirteen weeks of Basic Military Qualification, three weeks of the Soldier Qualification Course, and seventeen weeks of Basic Military Occupational Training, she had passed demonstrating excellent physical capabilities and determination. Her talent landed her in the Special Forces, much of which was hush-hush, but I'll tell you what I can. She spent five years with the Special Forces operating in the Middle East, doing many things one could consider morally questionable. She had a relatively high kill-count, and was eventually honorably discharged after taking a brutal injury to her hamstring in combat, that left her unable to live up to the high expectations of her division. Reconstructive surgery and heavy grafting however repaired the hamstring, letting her walk again.

    The graft would never be as strong as her original hamstring however, and she was lucky that she could even stand, let alone run. Because of this drop in performance she was unable to re-enlist, and so with a life geared almost entirely towards military service and a disability preventing it, the girl's young mind began to fall apart as the harsh realities of war, and taking someone's life began to sink in. She'd spend weeks at a time locked away in a low-end apartment in New York, her only belongings being a bottle of Jack Daniels and a Taurus .454 Revolver, which she named 'Nancy' affectionately.

    This brutal cycle repeated itself, the poor girl knowing nothing but combat as the day to day peaceful cycle began to wear down on her mind. Just as she had reached her breaking point, after many days of putting Nancy against the roof of her mouth, she received mail from 'Blackwater', a well-known PMC at the time. They had actually requested that she apply for a job as a full-time operator, after requesting her file. Seeing this as an opportunity to break free from her brutal routine, she sure enough joined the group and found her sanity slowly returning as military routine began to sink back into her brain.

    She kept the revolver everywhere she went, as both a quiet reminder, and a loud protector. After a while she left Blackwater, drifting around smaller PMCs as a highly skilled operator. Eventually she found herself arriving in Los Angeles. The high levels of fable activity making for plenty of hiring military factions, her .454 still at her side.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time?: Yes, I do.

    (Sorry if the backstory ain't up to snuff, I get hesitant when writing sometimes.)


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    Re: [ACCEPTED] Nica's Auths- Das Haus

    Post by Mayushii on Sat Sep 20, 2014 6:40 am

    i think das can handle a babby gun

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    Re: [ACCEPTED] Nica's Auths- Das Haus

    Post by ⱴalentine on Sat Sep 20, 2014 4:16 pm

    das is a great RPer and i know he'll be able to handle these auths maturely  


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    Re: [ACCEPTED] Nica's Auths- Das Haus

    Post by Raikmaister on Sat Sep 20, 2014 8:37 pm


    Ask an Admin or SA for the weapon in server. Be prepared to send this as proof.

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    Re: [ACCEPTED] Nica's Auths- Das Haus

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