[Accepted] Greene's second super amazing, awesome, brilliant, strangely intriguing authorization application



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    [Accepted] Greene's second super amazing, awesome, brilliant, strangely intriguing authorization application

    Post by Greene180 on Sat Sep 20, 2014 11:00 am

    Steam Name: Greene180

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:21120033

    How long have you been roleplaying?: Just over 2 years.

    Any experience havng this auth before? Yes, on tabletop RPs such as D&D.

    What are you applying for?: The ability to shapeshift, and trade life/bodies (Explained in detail down below.)

    Why should you have this?: Because I'm a competant roleplayer that can be trusted with such a thing. Plus it creates more interesting RP in the fantasy aspect of the server and certainly doesn't break any lore.


        In Japanese folklore there seems to be many repeating tales and factors. Some of the most interesting of these involve demons and deities alike that can shape-shift and take the form of other beings. Of course as with all folklores, myths, and legends, there's as much truth behind it as there is absurdities and abstract nonsense. However, this is more about the truths than not.

        Around the early 1700s during Japan's isolation period, known as Sakoku, where trade was limited with all other countries. In the Arei Era of Japanese history, a young girl Inari Kitsune, was born to her parents Inari Yuki and Inari Deyami, local farmers in a remote mountainous villiage outside in the Awaji province, a small island off of Japan's mainland. She had two brothers and was brought up in a typcial fashion. The summers were warm and plentiful, and winters yielded little except ocassional hungry nights. Though things changed for her, as they often do for most, at the age of nine, her families crops were burned in what was assumed to be an accident. As expected, this made food more scarce than ever for the family and those that relied on them for support of their crops. As time went on around the area, things got even more desperate, with hunger being worse than it ever had. The family would go weeks only a handful of rice each if they were lucky. This made for some of the worst pains known to man for the family. It was clear that heavy sacrifices had to made, if any of the family wanted to survive. Both of Kitsune's parents decided on who would be making that sacrifice, Kitsune herself. If getting rid of Kitsune made one less mouth to feed, then perhaps the family could survive on the scarce little morsels of food that they did have. The plan was finally put into action, Kitsune's father, Yuki, lead her daughter up the mountain with the promise of food and safety. Kitsune's hunger was so strong, she was barely able to make the trip, struggling to even keep her eyes open anymore. When they finally reached a high enough area, Kitsune's father sat her down against a rock, her eyes managing to stay open long enough to stare at him, still unknowing of what was going on. Her father stared back, unable to end her daughters life in such a way. He turned himself around and walked away, not having thw willpower to end his daughter's life using his own hands. Kitsune tried to move and follow him, but merely squirmed against the rock, struggling to move. She cried out for him, all in vain, begging for him to come back. So was alone, nobody in the world to protect her.

        This is where one would expect the end of the tale, Kitsune's life being forfeit, alone atop the mountain, starving, crying. Strangely, this is only just the start. Kitsune's cried, and cried, hoping someone would hear her pleas for help, even if the entire effort was in vain. It's funny how humans act when they think their life is at an end. Even this 11 year old girl had a will to survive like that of anyone who knows everything is drawing to an end. When her cries were clear to not quite be working, she did something she not even though possible of herself. She stood up, grabbing the rock for support, her hunger pains being unlike anything she experienced. Kitsune manage to place her right foot forward, beginning movement with near agony in every step, every part of her body weak and wanting to collapse. People do some odd things out of necessity. Disorientated and dazed from the hunger, thirst, and mountain air, she moved on in a random direction, unsure of even what to do, but her body just said 'Move' and by god was she going to listen. She stumbled for what seemed like hours, days, years... In reality it was probably closer to twenty minutes of pure torture for the girl. She soldiered on for as long as her body would allow her. As she stumbled on, she swore her eyes kept on seeing shapes, and shadows, but she was in no place to argue about seeing imaginary shapes. There's only so far the human spirit can go before we get a harsh reality check. Kitsune collapsed to the floor once more, planting her face onto the floor, merely struggling to breathe. She quickly attempted to crawl, but this would be all for nought as her eyes finally just shut, unable to open. She soon slipped out of consciousness.

        Now, you may say THIS is where it finally ends, the girl dies atop the mountain, starving, dehydrated, in complete agony... But still it's odd how the perfect circumstances in just the right place can make all the difference between life and death. The girl soon awoke in unfamiliar surroundings, not quite where she remembers. She looked around the room where she had awoken, a small wooden and Kakemono covered room. She adjusted her eyes to the light, trying to get a better view of details. There seemed to be multiple little urns and pots around. Next to her, she spotted something odd, a small dish for drinking, it appeared to be empty, but used recently. Rather than the water one would expect to be in there, it would be coated with blood, whether it was hers, or someone elses was somewhat irrelevant. Kitsune tried to get up to her feet but felt an instant surge of pain as she did so, collapsing back down, squirming and writhing in pain. While she was writhing about, the door opened, the sound of feet stepping through on the mat was heard by her. She slowly opened her eyes to finally see who was behind this. There stood a young woman in the doorway, staring down at Kitsune coldly, barely a sense of care within her eyes.
        "You're awake." the woman stated plainly, more-so as if informing Kitsune of what she already knew. "Good, you nearly died out there, and I was expecting you to be up by now," she continued, walking closer towards Kitsune's position.
        Kitsune felt as though she'd done something to upset her, though that could just be the way that she speaks to everyone. She couldn't help but get the feeling that the woman was judging her, looking at her every action, every small movement, every little detail of her.
        She sat up, giving a heavy groan from the feeling "I-... Wh-where am I...?"
        "Your new home, little one."
        Kitsune merely blinked at the repy she got, obviously not the one she was expecting, not in the slightest "B-But... M-my dad..." she stutters out.
        "Left you to die, little one. Judging by your weight, your family either hated you or had no food. Either way, you have nowhere to go." the woman explained as she kneeled down beside the young girl, picking up the bits and pieces left over, some of them coated in blood.
        This brought some curiousity and confusion for the young girl, bringing a million questions to her mind "What are those for...?" she asked quietly, that question probably being the most general in her mind.
        "Transferring blood."
        "W-what...? What does-"
        "That means I gave you my blood, little one." she said, cutting off Kitsune mid-sentence.
        "WHY?!" she shouted out in question, finally growing some guts from the thought of being defiled in such a way.
        The woman glared at Kitsune, her eyes giving threats of their own. "Because without it, you'd be dead. I can remedy that, if you'd prefer."
        "I-..." she loses her train of thought and all previous bravery against the woman.
        "Exactly." the woman looks towards Kitsune, studying her closely "Get some rest." she finally says before standing herself up, promptly exiting the room before a reply could be given.

        It was another few hours before the woman stopped to see Kitsune again. She entered the room, staring down at Kitsune once more, looking at her with those ever-judging eyes. She looked right into Kitsune's eyes, piercing them with her own.
        "I hope you're well rested. You've got a lot to learn now." she said in her usual stern voice.
        As expected, this brought on more questions than answers "A-About what...?"
        "About who you are now. You've taken on a great gift, and curse." she said with a smile.

        Now, from what you no doubt already know about the world of the supernatural, you're guessing that she'd been turned into a vampire to save her life. Well, you'd be wrong. Although most of the world has had vampires as part of it's history... Some places have some genetic oddities. One of the oddest of ones is one that twists the DNA of the user... A very rare and strange ability occurs. These are known as the Tasōnosenshi a.k.a Shapeshifters. Now as you may of guessed, the woman who saved Kitsune's life was one, living remotely away from society due to the stigma surrounded with such powers. Kitsune lived with the woman for some time, learning her new-found abilities under the care of the woman who finally revealed her name to be Shizaki.

        Shizaki taught Kitsune how to transform into different animals and other such creatures, using the local wildlife to support this training. These shapeshifters are able to take on the form and make themselves a near perfect identical duplicate of those she comes into contact with. Meaning, to shapeshift into anything she first had to make physical contact and absorb part of their DNA into her skin. There are exceptions on how perfect she can make herself compared to the real thing. Things like scars and injuries will not be copied, as these are not part of their genetic structure and are mere superficial differences. As well as that, genetic oddities such as vampirism and lycanthropy cannot be absorbed, although she will be able to take their shape in terms of physical appearance, but will not take on their abilities. Though she may take on the abilities of their natural strength and speed, meaning animal transformation is completely feasible. Though being the way she was now yielded one final power. The ability to truly swap bodies with someone, taking on their natural form as her own. This process is how she managed to stay alive for these 300 odd years, swapping bodies before she grows too old. However, this process takes hours and concentration to successfully achieve and thus is by no means combat or time effective.

    After years of learning and mastering her powers, she lived peacefully, choosing to move from location to location around Japan, unlike her teacher who reserved herself to solitude. She continued like this until the end of World War I, where she left Japan and travelled the different areas of Europe, for both learning and fun. By the end of world war II, her country being defeated in the great war, she made her way to the previously untravelled country, that had defeated and bombed hers in some of the most horrific crimes imaginable in the use of the first atomic bomb. She arrived in the great U.S.A, deciding to do as she always had and travel about, looking for more interesting people and places, using any means before her to do so. The year is now 2015 and she enters L.A. looking to mingle and relax in this urban utopia.

    Edit: I'd also like to note, she has no guns or armour. Her only weapons are her katana, her abilities, and her wits.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? Yes, I understand completely.


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    Re: [Accepted] Greene's second super amazing, awesome, brilliant, strangely intriguing authorization application

    Post by Raikmaister on Sat Sep 20, 2014 9:05 pm


    Think of it as a trial. Please, let an admin/SA know when you're playing on her so we could see her a bit in RP.

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