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    Veteran Augustine App - Kallen Kurenai | Detective Zero

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    Steam Name: Detective Zero

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:15068684

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I believe it would be fun to roleplay what I have planned for this character, as who wouldn't think it might be fun to see how a vampire doctor might go? On that note, I would like this to be an unofficial thread for an Authorization Application as well, for these things: A Doctor's PHD, extensive medical knowledge, different ranges of military experience (Mostly if not all non-combat), Dr. title, Gun license and permit for an M92 Berretta, and the mentioned M92 Berretta. 

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: Around 8 years by now

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:

    Born in the late seventeenth century in Japan, Kallen was born into a poor farming family in which she had lost her parents as a teenager due to the strifes of civil war that wracked the whole country, and of which she was taken 'prisoner' of a rival warlord's regime. She had a terrible turn of fate when that happened, as she was forced to live with the shame and physical trauma as a lowly woman in a brothel. She believed that she wouldn't be able to escape such a horrid turn in her life, thinking it would have been best if she had died with her parents. But one day, when she reached the age of 18, she met a blonde-haired man that had taken a liking to her on a visit to the brothel. He never touched her, rather, he spoke with her in a strange accent in somewhat broken Japanese and told her stories. This temporary relief was nice for her, even giving a glimmer of hope. The man spoke about the outside world, saying he was a foreign traveler and that he could get her out of there. She almost believed him too, but the man who ran the place overheard and banned the man from the establishment and punished her for believing she could be free. The following night when she was fast asleep, she could hear something going on outside. Something that sounded gruesome. It was a fight, but the cries of those dying were.. Terrifyingly cold. Loud steps were heard barreling for her room, the man she met bursting through it, his chest and mouth covered in blood. He offered her his hand and he pulled her to her feet, picking her up to escape. As she saw outside, a lot of the security were dead, some of them in large pools of their own blood as their necks were torn open. She winced as she looked away. As they got to a safe distance away, the man put her down and looked at her, telling her they were safe now, but they would have to keep moving. She turned with a frown, saying she didn't know what to do with her life now that she was alone. He gave her a choice. She could come with him if she were to learn of a dark secret, to pave her own life ahead with her own two hands, or stay in Japan, with no hope of retaking her old life. She chose the former, but little did she know, her first life would have ended that very night. When she came too, she felt very much different. The man was gone and she was left alone out in the moonlight, believing she was abandoned as the men from the area found her, taking her back to the brothel. Something was very different for her and it soon became apparent later on. Daylight was painful to her, so she stayed clear from the windows, even if she always were to stay inside anyways. She found herself lusting for blood, a client complaining to the manager that she had bit him. She did, and she was scared of what was going on. Soon enough, after a few more nights of it, she eventually lost control and killed a man, drinking his blood to the very last drop. The screams were heard throughout the facility as people came rushing to the scene. They were horrified by the display, saying she had become a demon, like the man that had taken her away before. She backed away, terrified as she was covered in blood, the others drawing blades to strike her down. Before it happened, the man that had turned her had returned, stopping them immediately with a blade. He looked at her, but his expression was different. Darker. His eyes glowed red as his fangs were clear, he told her she was no longer an ordinary human, but a vampire. A nightwalker, a blood drinker. Her new life was waiting for her to reach out for it, and all she had to do by his words, was liberate herself, as she just had.

    Shortly after, he took her under his wing, teaching her of what she had become, leaving the country as they would travel through Asia, crossing countries like China, India and the Middle East regions. He was bringing her back to his home country, Germany. Centuries past as it was now the nineteenth century, and she matured in her abilities as he taught her, amazed that she rarely aged at all. She was treated as a servant publicly, but alone, he treated her as family. She was given a home education, learning about the world amongst the learnings of her powers. 

    Come the start of the twentieth century, her master she was sired too had been killed by the start of the first world war, finding it strange how she had a newly found feeling of liberation, despite having the loss of a friend who had given her a new 'life' despite the dangers of being seen as a monster. As the war raged on, she found a way to learn more about being a doctor, feeding in secret to those who she could trust or manipulate to stay quiet. She watched and learned how soldiers were treated, assisting as a nurse where she could. When the first world war ended, she left the country to travel, visiting other nations such as France and Italy, researching what she could before she had overstayed her welcome. She had met her own kind in her travels, but more often than not they would find to be hostile to her at times, some trying to re-sire her for their own purposes. More time has passed and she had by then sailed to America, where she then spent the remaining 80~ years. As she had helped the Axis in the first world war, she tried to lend her assistance to the Allies during the 2nd World War, using different aliases and forged documents to get by what she could.

    Finding herself a true education come the 1980s in a university, she officially worked to become a full-fledged doctor as well as enroll in the US military for the next decade in the 1990s, going under her true name now. Between then and now in 2014, her experience as a vampire had grown to the status of Veteran, a woman around three hundred years old. After her time serving in the military had come to an end, she applied for a gun license and permit for the state of California, to where she had moved on her return, owning an M92 Beretta for her own personal security as an official Doctor with a PhD that she renews up-to-date when she needed to (if she needed to.. I don't remember these things atm).

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:

    *Sighing out as Kallen leaned back in her office chair, she idly looked at the clock as it struck Eleven at night. Standing up, she soon left her office as she walked out, her white doctor's coat left on a hangar.

    Coming up to the door to the building, she grabbed her key and worked to close the place down, locking the door as she left, looking dressed and ready for a visit to a bar in a neat, nice suit-like outfit.

    Around twenty minutes pass before she reaches the closest bar by foot, entering it as she approached the counter, "Evening Hal.. I'll take a whiskey tonight, on the rocks." As then Kallen pulls out money to pay for it.

    The bartender smiled and nodded as he went to retrieve the drink, "Aye, how was work today Kallen? It's always nice to see you in my bar, always livens the place up when it's full of smashed drunkards."

    "Thank you for the flattery, but you're a bit too old for my tastes." She'd smirk, shaking her head as she took her drink as it was offered, taking in a few gulps.

    By then, a new face had wandered in, his eyes darting to the doctor with a grin as he approached the bar, He looked young, at best early twenties. And by the way he held himself, easy prey to a pretty face. "Hey there, I haven't seen you before, where'd you come from lady?"

    Kallen smiled as she put her drink down, turning to the man, "Oh.. Hello there. You seem to be a new face to this bar, I come here every three nights.. What brings you here? A good drink? I can promise you Hal here serves some fine quality alcohol at a good price."

    "I'm sure you're right about that.. How about I join you? I'm sure there'd be no harm in that."

    She laughed lightly, nodding, "Sure.. Why not? Hal, how about you get this man a drink yeah?"

    "Sure, sure.. What'll I get ya' son?"

    "I'll have what she's having."

    "Whiskey on the rocks. Gotcha."

    - - - - - -

    **Forty minutes later, the young man and Kallen would be leaving the bar, the man quite drunk as she'd have only a flush to her cheeks, acting as if she were as she helped carry him out. The man was chuckling stupidly as they walked down the street, Kallen looking to him as she spoke out, "So.. You live nearby?"

    "Yeah.. *hic* I moved-... In- aburt a week a'go... Jus' a bloghk or two down from her'....."

    "That's good.. Not too far a walk for someone so drunk.. Hey, can we stop here a moment? I need to check my purse.."

    She'd then lead the two of them down an alley, stopping behind a large, closed dumpster and trash barrels beside it, hiding them from view of the street.

    The man was about to speak as he stumbled around in place, giggling stupidly as he saw her look at him with a rather coy smile, taking it in different context as he chuckled.

    Sadly for him, instead she approached him and put a gentle hand around his mouth before she leaned over his neck, slowly sinking her teeth in as she started to drain him of his blood.

    He tried to yelp out but was prevented from her previous action, too drunk to resist much as he'd slump to the floor as she knelt down with him.

    She didn't drink much, but she took enough for her fill, likely passing the man out as he laid there, like a drunken fool who wandered too far from home.

    Releasing her grasp on him, she retracted her fangs and wiped her mouth gently, reaching for her purse as she pulled out a few things. She had a rather large bottle of Jack Daniel's from the bar stowed as she'd pour most of it out after taking a gulp of her own, sighing out as she'd put the near-empty bottle into the man's hand, followed with a wide bandage to slap onto his neck. To add to it, she even emptied his wallet of more of his cash, a fifty in place as she'd slip it into her purse.

    Satisfied, she laughed to herself as her eyes shimmered, "Thanks for the meal.. Go on ahead and pretend it was a dream when you wake up.. Spending too much on booze isn't a good idea~.."

    And with that, she soon left the alleyway, walking among the few strangers that roamed the sidewalks, making her way home.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:

    **Loud footsteps were heard as Kallen ran fast through an empty parking lot, it was the dead of night at 3 AM. She wasn't alone and she seemed to have been running from someone.

    Turning a corner, she approached an alley that was between a garage and a gas station, forcing a door open into the garage as whoever followed her soon arrived as well.

    "Leave me alone you bastard, I will be no one's slave." She'd bark at the man chasing her. It was an elder by the looks of it, and he wasn't too happy.

    "You won't have much say in it once I've broken you in, whelp. You still have much to learn." He laughed as he ran alongside her, moving to cut her off as they get between two parked vehicles.

    Stopping in her tracks, she growled angrily at the man as she tried to get around him from the other side, showing to no avail as he moved to block her escape, "Get out of my way asshole."

    "Only once you've surrendered to me." He'd then lunge forward after her, catching her by her coat and purse as she'd stumble down, losing said articles of clothing with a surprised gasp.

    "Get off me you prick!" She'd kick out at him, sending a successful boot to his face as he'd yell in pain, falling back, "You bitch!"

    Kallen scrambled to her feet as she ran for a worktable, reaching for whatever she could use as a weapon, like a long, metal wrench.

    The man got up by then, staring at her with a snarl, running up to her ready to strike, met with a wrench in collision as she was shoved back, growling out.

    The man was an elder rank vampire, that was certain, but she still had experience of her own to possibly get through this, being in the military quite recently more officially.. She watched his movements as she held the wrench like one would a knife, slowly strafing to the side as she waited for his move.

    He growled heavily as he took a table and tossed it over, Kallen moving to dodge it as they both charged eachother. She sidestepped another strike with his arm as she grabbed his wrist and twisted his arm, jabbing the wrench roughly against his elbow, slamming against it to snap his arm. The man yelled out pained and whipped himself around at her, forcing her back.

    Huffing out, her eyes glowed a vibrant crimson to show her anger, she'd throw the wrench at him as he'd weave away from it. He rushed at her again and grabbed her by the arm, tossing her against one of the vehicles, leaving a large indent against it as she yelped out.

    Staring at him, he'd try to send a boot against her as she'd grab it with both hands, groaning out in pain as one of her arms were now broken as well, she shoved him back off his balance as she'd pull herself off the vehicle, growling out in sore pain, "Asshole-..." She'd then tear off a car door after opening it, taking some time before carrying it over as the man got to his feet, the door slamming against his face as he'd be sent to the floor.

    "By the looks of it.. You haven't fed in a while.. Wrong idea to fight another vampire before then.. I'm sure as hell not letting you anywhere near me.."

    She'd take a moment to catch her breath (not like she needed to) before she reached for her purse on the floor, pulling out her pistol when her holster on her leg was empty. She cocked it back with her teeth and flipped the safety off with her thumb, pointing the M92 at the man's skull, "I'm sure other vampires will be glad to have you off their back... As they say in Italy, 'Requeiscat en pace,' asshole..." And then she'd fire a round deadcenter into his skull. She'd fire two more for added measure as she then lowered her pistol. Hair sprawled over her face in a mess as she took a heavy breath of aggravated relief. Slipping her pistol back into her purse, she picked up her coat and slipped it on, and then her purse as she'd slowly walk out of the garage, leaving the scene as sirens soon started to fill the area.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:

    Sitting in her office, Kallen was overlooking some files for a few clients, reviewing and editing a few details.

    Her door was opened as a man walked in, smiling gently as he gave a wave at the counter, "Good evening doctor. I heard you were running a blood drive earlier today."

    She turned from her chair and looked over the counter as she stood up, smiling back, "Oh, hello there Mason. Good to see you. And yeah, I was running one with the local hospital. Of course, I do have a few bags of my own, both for research and other things.."

    Mason chuckled lightly and shook his head, fangs flashing in his grin, "So then.. You don't suppose you coud help a friend out, could you?"

    "I suppose I could, but you know the drill of course.. A blood bag will mean a top-quality bottle.. Just because we can't get drunk doesn't mean we still can't enjoy it..."

    Mason shook his head and sighed, reaching behind him into the pocket of his backpack as he slid out a tall bottle of Chivas Regal Scotch, placing it on the counter, "Yeah yeah.. Expensive as hell, but those bags are more expensive elsewhere.. Small price to pay.."

    Kallen's eyes lit up and smiled as she looked at the bottle, licking her lip a moment before giggling to herself, taking a bag out as she slid it on the table, "For that.. I'll hand you my rarer find today.. AB Positive, enjoy it.."

    "Hah, I will.. You're welcome for the scotch, I'll see you two weeks from now, yeah?"

    "Sure, take it easy now Mason. Try not to cause the feds too much trouble now, alright?"

    He waved off as he left the office, leaving Kallen to her devices, smiling as she took the bottle in hand, "Oooh... 'Mama's' gonna drink nicely tonight.. But first.."

    She'd slide the bottle aside into her bag, pouting gently as it's put away  before going back to her chair, sitting down as she looked over a file, "AB Positive.. I should keep an eye on where this one is.. Quite nice really.."

    Kallen edited a few things on the file and printed it out, setting the sheet aside as she scanned over a few more files, "Let's see... Appointment two days from now, six PM.. Local hospital for assistance with a surgery.. Alright."

    Nodding to herself, she closes the database down as she then shut off the computer, tidying up her paper files into a folder, setting it aside as she then slips away, pulling her bag with her, "So far so good in this town.."

    Taking her white coat off and placing it on her chair, she then slung her bag over her, pulling out a key as she then shut down the office, locking the door and heading out.

    She passes a few other rooms and gives a wave to a few people as they waved first, "Perhaps I'll visit Hal's tonight.. I could use an actual drink myself.." And with that, she grinned, heading off to her next destination with a stride.

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    Re: Veteran Augustine App - Kallen Kurenai | Detective Zero

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    From experience I can comfortably say that Zero is a great RPer and I know he'd do well with this particular character
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    Re: Veteran Augustine App - Kallen Kurenai | Detective Zero

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    I'm down for this.


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    Re: Veteran Augustine App - Kallen Kurenai | Detective Zero

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    All you have to do is get some good grass and roll it everyday for 600 years.



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    Re: Veteran Augustine App - Kallen Kurenai | Detective Zero

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    Being born in the late seventeenth century would be around 1680's to 1690's imo, which, in my opinion, isn't really good because we already have some older vampires on the server. I'd like to see more fledglings-adepts

    Then again. I know Zero is a good roleplayer and we have 0 veterans... So definitely supporting this.
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    Re: Veteran Augustine App - Kallen Kurenai | Detective Zero

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    I asked what age a Veteran would have been to Pixie and he said 300~ so I figured that would work since that plus however old my char would be could transition to current time sensibly, atleast as best I could. Thanks though.

    ANd yeah, I mostly tried for Vet since we don't have any yet I'd believe.


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    Re: Veteran Augustine App - Kallen Kurenai | Detective Zero

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    I've rped with you quite a bit, +Support.

    ur the biggest goyim

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    Re: Veteran Augustine App - Kallen Kurenai | Detective Zero

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