Stash Authorizations (Rule)


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    Stash Authorizations (Rule)

    Post by Floki on Mon Sep 22, 2014 6:30 pm

    As of late there has been a lot of lee way given to people who have weapons on their characters but claim it is stashed, so the suggestion here is to make it more concrete and have a firewall of sorts to avoid people using weapons but then later claiming 'oh it is stashed'

    So, if you want to stash your gun, particular item, ammo, w/e. You'll need to find a location first. Then you need to Roleplay stashing your item, but you must be specific in which item, how much, and so on. Once you do that you take a screenshot of the RP and then send a steam message to an admin asking for authorizations. Upon request every admin must proof read your RP. If it is deemed good and properly rp'd then you will be given auths.

    So we'll do it like this, to acquire authorizations you need to get auths from two administrators in the way i described above, and on top of that you are entrusted to take screenshots of the admins saying yes. If not, then you're liable to just have the item in question icly on you.



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    Re: Stash Authorizations (Rule)

    Post by Asiimov on Mon Sep 22, 2014 6:44 pm

    pixie you should hand over the keys to the community tbh

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