Jeff's Dog application


    Jeff's Dog application

    Post by Celestial Aurora .:RUBYS: on Mon Sep 22, 2014 9:42 pm

    Steam Name:Celestial Aurora .:RUBYS:.

    Steam ID:STEAM_0:1:59439660

    How long have you been roleplaying?:Two years total, coming on a week for this server.

    Any experience havng this auth before?Not having it, but I have Role-Played with the type of char before.

    What are you applying for?:Dog -German sheperd- Female
          A small amount smarter the an Average Human
          scared of most dogs bigger then her
          Strong nose, and hearing senses
          Calm dog  
          Only attacks when she is threatened
          No Owner 
          No Home
          Walks instead of running
          Slim mobile build

    Why should you have this?:I feel I am better with a dog class then Human, also I believe that having another dog will change Role-play ecounters for people and make them more prepared for other Role-Play encounters.

    Backstory: As a pup Zoey was supposed to be trained to be an attack dog but she was just to gentle. Two years past when she was put in a attack dog training course. During the first days of training Zoey only barked at the target never attacking, later on she didn't even do that.Her encounters with the target were simple, she would sniff the man in the suit remembering his smell sitting and waiting. The training had to come up with something to do with the dog, they couldn't try and chase it to attack because she was to smart.They couldn't leave her in the program because they thought she couldn't gaurd anything, So they sent her off the program giving her to a man in the country.A year past the dog living with the man, the man was old and had seen a lot things yet he could never get what Zoey did the year she was there. She would always patrol the house sniffing corners and looking out windows. Zoey was three now and the man had gone to the hospital twice in the year she had been there. Another year past as Zoey grew stronger the man grew weaker, it was that day when Zoey saw a car pull up when she barked louder then ever before. Out of the car came two men guns starped at their sides.When they reached the door the man stayed in his chair while Zoey sat by the door her ears flat and her teeth showing. The larger man of the two kicked open the door, blocking them from seeing Zoey, One of the men pointed the his gun at the old man,
    the old man stayed calm. Zoey watched as the larger man searched the back room, Zoey walked through the kitchen to stay hidden. She watched as the man flipped chairs looking for something, Zoey charged and the man fired three shots at her all of which missed. She tackled the man ripping his insides to pieces,a stream of blood flowed into the room with the old man and the robber. The robber yelled "Whats going on in there?" there was no response to his demand. He walked into the blood filled room, his largest mistake. Zoey ran through the kitchen,The robber looked at his dead friend turning back to the old man's spot, he had replaced by the dog it looking harmless. The robber yelled for the old man, yet again no response to the question. He walked up to the dog panting in the chair,he started talking to the dog like it was a human "Wheres the old man, huh?" Zoey growled at him and he pointed a gun at her. She stopped as she looked at the old man lieing in the kitchen the robber looked saying "There you are,"the old man queitly said "Your screwed," It was true the robber had his back to Zoey. Zoey growled once again as the robber droped his gun, Zoey biteing his back pining him to the ground. Zoey ripped the man open huge amounts of blood comeing from him.The robber stoped moving as so did Zoey, the job was done and so was the robbery. The old man stold up calling the Vet to check on the dog, the Vet came the dog meeting her outside along with the old man.The Vet watched as the hardened blood hung in her fur, the first thing the vet did was call the police and clean the dog's mouth. The old man died petting that dog telling her she was a good girl, the dog was scared in its mind that day,never would she forget it. The dog was given to another man in the city and the man knew the whole story as he was the son of the old man, his son's name was Elk beard. Elk loved the dog spending his time with it, sadly the dog had ran away one day.Fending for itself in the city Zoey never turned back looking for something new to explore.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time?Yes.

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