[Old wooden sign] Τελευταία άμυνα (AUTH APP)


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    [Old wooden sign] Τελευταία άμυνα (AUTH APP)

    Post by <3Q_Q<3 on Mon Sep 22, 2014 11:52 pm

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    How long have you been roleplaying?: Just about six years, I believe.

    Any experience havng this auth before? I have not.

    What are you applying for?: I would like to apply for Light BMD flags, in order to have access to small firearms, as well as edged weapons. 

    Why should you have this?: I would like to open up a business, under the name "Τελευταία άμυνα". This business, would deal with self protection.

    I believe I would be fully able to handle a business like this, in a professional manner. Due to there being a lack of active businesses (From what I have seen), I would like to kickstart one, something that will draw people towards it. Not only will the "Τελευταία άμυνα" draw business, but it will also be used for passive RP, once I find a group to RP with....that is. The idea is obviously not unique, but I believe it would turn out, fairly good. It will create RP between D.E.C.A, as well as everyone else. (Due to legal standings, etc etc).


    {Part I: Early life}
    Elizabeth Blackburn had been born October the Fifth, 1995. Her two parents, Kayla Blackburn, and Alex Blackburn had been quite loving, and gave her the best they could. Elizabeth had an easy time growing up, due to the fact her parents had held jobs at a major banking firm. However, due to their busy schedule, Elizabeth had been looked after, and cared for by Julie, a housekeeper. Julie had taught her many things, including religion. Her parents had been agnostic to an extent, never fully able to believe the ideology of religion, and tended to stay away from it. Julie had taught Elizabeth about Catholicism. She had begun to pray every day with Julie; before meals, when they said goodbye to each other. They held a strong bond, and nearly nothing could separate that bond. 

    {Part II: School}
    Elizabeth had gone to school at Wester's High. Her middle school, had not been that eventful. Elizabeth, had a lithe body build, never caring much to keep it perfect. Her social group consisted of other "privileged" kids, mostly due to the social gatherings her parents had dragged her along to, when they weren't busy. She kept up on her studies for the most part, taking religion throughout school. She never had any issues with local law enforcement, due to her strict moral standards. Whilst going to school however, she met someone. This person, had been unlike anyone she had ever met. He was kind, and had been generally intelligent. His name was Xavier, and had originated from Omsk, Russia. They had gotten to know each other pretty well over the few years they went to school. Xavier had some other issues, however. He had gotten involved in the "Underground" of Miama. His family had moved to America, due to business being very bad in Russia. His father, had been working for an "underground" company, that dealt with the illegal narcotics, as well as weapons. This had been become an issue for Elizabeth, due to Xavier constant asking her to store weapons inside of the home. Eventually, she pushed aside her ethics slightly, and let his family secretly store weapons, using a cellar under the house. Elizabeth had grown a fond liking of Xavier, and was soon at the point of doing /anything/ for him. Eventually, Xavier had taught her the basics of firearms. She never was good at using firearms, but knew how to. She tended to stay away from them, whenever she could. She graduated Highschool, nearly getting honours. After highschool, she found it difficult to find a job, and had decided to continue helping Xavier.

    {Part III: Lessons} 
    Julie, had still been a large part of Elizabeth's life. Elizabeth had told Julie about the firearms, and all about Xavier. Julie didn't exactly approve, but she had always been there for Elizabeth. Julie, had decided it was time to pass down a family item, to Elizabeth. She had given Elizabeth a Rosary, a silver cross hanging on the end of it.  Elizabeth accepted the gift, and swore to always keep it, and to always wear it. There came a time, when Julie was no longer needed, in their lives. Her parents had decided to retire, due to the fact they had saved up a large sum of cash. Elizabeth and Julie spent their last day together outside, away from everything else. They both cried, and spoke of past, everything they had done together. Once Julie had left, Elizabeth had felt slightly more, shallow. She lost a huge part of her life, but eventually came out of her sadness, and moved on. During this time, Xavier had asked Elizabeth to marry him. This moment in her life, had been the happiest, and saddest at the same time. She accepted, and had been to engaged to him. Xavier's father had obtained his American Citizenship, was decided that the "Underground" life was far too dangerous for them. He opened a shop, named "Τελευταία άμυνα", despite his own origins. Elizabeth had moved out when she was Nineteen, with Xavier's family. They had decided to move to California, due to shipping rates. It helped the business, and she loved Xavier's family. Packing her bags wasn't rough for her. She loved her parents, but had never really learned much about them. In California, the shop had been set up swiftly, everything set in stone. Elizabeth and Xavier had lived together, in a one bedroom apartment. She had found work at 
    "Τελευταία άμυνα", learning the ropes from Xavier's father. 

    {Part IV: Downhill!?}
    Elizabeth went to work as normal. The day had been cold, the air felt a lot heavier than normal. She noticed, that nothing inside of the store had been touched. The sign was not outside, and all the lights were off. She unlocked the door with the key she had been given, and began to search the building. She had discovered that no one had been in that morning, which was odd, due to the fact Xavier's father had always been inside at least an hour before opening. She called Xavier, and asked if he had known anything. Xavier had not heard from his father the night before, or that morning. Xavier rushed to the store, so they could get to the bottom of the issue. They filed a missing person's report, after checking Xavier's father's home. They found nothing inside, everything tidy, and clean. Months went by, and her father in-law had still been missing. She was left with the shop, Xavier deciding that he wanted to cook, instead of carrying on his father's dream. Elizabeth was left to sell self-defence weapons to customers, having no one to back her up. Due to the large store, and large unsold stock, she was forced to close that building, and move to another. Xavier, had lost his job over the time, and decided that he no longer wanted to work. After a nearly violent fight, they decided it would be best to split up...and take some time away from each other. She moved, leaving Xavier, and the apartment behind. She left with her things, and had what little that was remaining in the shop, moving to a much smaller building, something much more affordable. There, she continued her father in-laws legacy. 

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken 

    I agree if given these flags, to use them responsibly, and realistically. I understand that these flags can be taken, at any time.

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    Re: [Old wooden sign] Τελευταία άμυνα (AUTH APP)

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    Authorizing use of v flags (no guns, just melee weapons, food, and other light goods.)

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