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    Joe McAndrew

    Post by Dad on Tue Sep 23, 2014 3:50 pm

    Name: Joe McAndrew
    Age: 20-25
    Gender: Male
    Place of Birth: United Kingdom, London
    Race: Human

    Height: 6'10
    Weight: 180lbs
    Hair: Black, Mohawk with a beard
    Eye Color: Blue


    • Fuck YOU : Never listens to anyone unless his life is at risk. Rebel at birth pissed on his dad's face, and he will die a rebel.

    • Fearless : Almost nothing makes him scared.

    • Your mom said that to me last night... : Insultive.

    • Haven't we met before?: Easy to approach and make friends with.

    Relationships // Impressions
    Friend // Die In Fire

    All Cops - I hope you all die. No reason I just get caught too many times. And when I escape they are after me again.

    Pandora M. HARD DIC Woodward (AKA Crazy old lady) - Id' Love to see you burn. Every time I beat the shit out of someone you are always there to help em' for no reason.

    70% Of server's population - Don't judge me.

    10% Of names I don't remember (Sorry)

    And the rest of the people I haven't met. YET

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