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    Techno's Cursed Blood App

    Post by Techno on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:40 am

    Steam Name: Techno!

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:12656372

    Notable Recommendations (This can be anyone from an admin to someone who's known for good RP.):
    EraSpades, Red(Safira), Kaze(Albatrosse/Kavinsky)

    Character Name: Violetta Greer

    Character Age: 22

    Gender: Female
    Character's Appetite (Whether or not they actively seek human flesh.):

    She would need human flesh at least once a month in order to not go completely crazy. Failure to get it would make her rather irritable and somewhat hostile. Similar to the effects of someone withdrawing from meth.

    Blood Attribute (You can make up your own, just be sure to specifically detail how it's going to work.):


    She would naturally emit a small field of cold to people around her but you would need to be quite close to get anything very noticeable. Anything she touches when not wearing any sort of protective wear will feel somewhat cold. Many inanimate objects will freeze wherever she has touched although she will need to touch the object for quite some time to have any effect close to getting anywhere close to actual freezing. When she bleeds, anything within contact of the blood will freeze the part that the blood got on almost instantly which can lead to frostbite if untreated or hypothermia if enough blood was let out.

    RP Situation (Should involve blood type, length is up to you.):

    **Violetta wanders the streets, closing in to the point of starvation of human flesh. She looks around to find a lone person. Her withdrawal symptoms would kick in. She would near the person, creeping up very quietly in an attempt not to alarm him. She would jump at him suddenly, pressing her un-gloved hands into his face causing the person's face to get hit with a deadly amount of coldness. 

    **The person would run forward towards the wall in an attempt to get her off, she quickly lets go letting the panicked person slam into the wall and fall over. She flips the person over to find their face covered in bits of ice as well as some frostbite starting to kick in to some parts of his face. 

    **She kneels down, feeding off the person. Biting into their skin and tearing off flesh, eating as much as she can to satiate her cravings. The effects of withdrawal begin to tone down as she begins to realize what she has just done. She panics, grabbing a small blade from her satchel to cut open her hand. She lets her blood fall all over him letting enough fall to push him into hypothermia and eventually kill him. 

    **She tugs the frozen body along to a dark place, dropping it in hopes no one will find the body or see the bite that she had just put into his back. She quickly stuffs her hands into her pockets wandering off as if nothing happened even though internally she has just realized what she has done. She doesn't want others to think of the "freezing lady" as a killer. She just wants to fit in...

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    Re: Techno's Cursed Blood App

    Post by Chancer on Thu Sep 25, 2014 1:45 am

    A cursed blood's powers are not that easily manifested by physical contact with the skin of the host itself. As in, inanimate objects wouldn't freeze entirely when she'd touch them. The character itself would feel cold yes, but not enough to freeze anything in a quick enough way to be dangerous by itself. So your character touching someone's face and giving them an immediate "deadly" amount of coldness is not entirely accurate. The chill can be deadly and can freeze things yes, but it would take much longer than implied in your example.

    Other than that, you should consider that your character does not necessarily have to eat human flesh to survive, it just tastes incredibly good and is a dangerous temptation for your character. So, if your character were truly trying to fit in, she'd probably be fighting against her urge to hunt and eat people a bit more than shown in this example.


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