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    Steam Name: Krayvern.

    Steam ID: 
    STEAM_0:0:51784583 ( I could not find out why this is highlighted.)

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I always thought of myself ad a good RPer. I now how "/me"s work and how/when they should be used. I know the types of RP (Fear RP ect.) 

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: About three years. Give or take a couple months.

    I like to write a lot, as you can tell. ;-; pls don me agnry at me ;-;
    And I know I did mistakes, I was typing with a kitten on me....

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum
                                         You find a torn notbook in the side of the street. It looks like it was carefully placed there for whatever reason. After a short while of no one picking it up, you decide to take a look in it to see if it belonged to anyone. After a lttle while of scanning it, you don't find any indication of who it belonged to. You decide to read it.

           Age18. Finnaly, I get to explore the world, although it would of been better knowing that vampires and lycans did not exist but that won't stop me. Being cramped up in a small town half of your life get's boring and would make anyone want to leave, but were to go to is the real question.

          Since I've grown up by the coast, I'll just stick to the coast for now. Eugene is nice and all but after all of the vampire and lycan business, things sorta...changed. They get really strict about allowing new people in. Everyday just seemed to be the same day:Seeing the same people, doing the same thing thing in the same order, never seeing anything or anyone new. It became the equivalent to a pergatory. Hell, I even needed to sneak out late at night, they are so paranoid.

          As I start heading south the world did not seem as bad as Seatle made it to be. A few people even offered to lend me a hand in my travels and gave me a ride to the nearest town. It wasn't long after, though, that I found out that they were not normal.

         They started to whisper back and forth about what they should do with the, "Blood". I tried to listen to what they were saying and it became obviouse that they were talking about me! 

          "Uh... could I get off now? This is far en-"

          "Be quiet!" The driver sternly says to me as he locks the doors, "I'm afraid you won't be getting off... alive, that is."

    As he looked off the road, but before he could look back, there was already a Lycan going on a ramapge, and it looked like we were next! He rams the front of the car, shattering the glass and brang the car to a full hault. The force of this hit made me slam my head into the back of the passenger's seat, nearly knocking me unconciuse. Most of my vision was blered from this but judging by the screams of the two Vampires, it wasn't good. I heard the doors trying to be opened but they were still locked.

    There was another brutal hit to the car as he was attempted to kill the vampire in front of me, or possible me. There was an immedient, shooting pain in my side. The sound of gun shots and muffled voices could be heard: the DECA. The pain of whatever happend to me must of finnaly did it and knocked my unconsious as next thing I know, I wake up in a small bed. One of the men has a journal in his hand while the other one is in a chair.

     "As I said, he just suffered some minor head injuries. Nothing that will cause long lasting effects exept for a minor case of amnesia. He is very lucky you noticed him and brang him here," The one with the journal said, must be a doctor.

    "Whe- where am I?" I attemped to say as I wake up.

    "Whew, he is awake and alive." The one in the chair says.

    "As I said, minor injuries."

         I put my hand were I felt the pain before I balcked out, there was nothing there. Was it... just my imagination?

    The man who saved me was named Zach, he just so happened to be around the area when the incedent happened. The DECA passed right past my body, according to him. When he saw me, the DECA were already heading out so he decided to take me to the nearest town, Bakersfield.

    It was a small town, just like mine but less sctict about visitors. We became good friends after that. But, over the course of the week, I noticed changes. They started out innocent enough, I got a bit stronger and a bit faster. But as time went on, the changes started to become... inhuman. I had very enhanced sences, I became very stronge in a short time, I was much faster, ect. I decided to ask Zach about it but when I went to him, I noticed that I felt very stange.

    By the time I reliesed what happened to me when the Lycan attacked me, it was too late. Next thing I know, I start to transform right there, in front of the person who saved my life. I had no controll over myself. Soon, everything went into a blaer. The only thing I remember was turning into a Lycan, but I knew what I did when I woke up in a pile of blood. I had to run.

    I knew the DECA would be chaseing after me since I just killed, who knows how many people. So I just ran. I ran and would not stop for anything. I was much better off in Eugene, even if it was plain. Maybe if I declined their offer, I would not be this... thing! So many thoughts were running threw head but I just ran. I wanted to run away from it all. But no matter how far I ran, I knew that I could never escape this... curse.

    I eventualy ran to L.A. This is where I stopped, and it's where I am today. I can't run any farther, I just have to accept what I am. 

    RP lines are stupid.

    ;-; I think I went overbord. My writers block ended and this is what happend. ;-;

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    Re: Krayvern's Lycan App. I AM SORRY FOR WHOEVER HAS TO READ THIS!

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    Yea... I realised in the end how much I actualy did and had to end it fast before I made an entire Noval for you to read ;-; my figures hurt now...
    I'm just gonna pass out on my bed...


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    Re: Krayvern's Lycan App. I AM SORRY FOR WHOEVER HAS TO READ THIS!

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    After some thinking, I'd have to deny this. But don't be discouraged by me denying it. Just re-apply next week. While this week is going by, take your time to improve your app.

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    Re: Krayvern's Lycan App. I AM SORRY FOR WHOEVER HAS TO READ THIS!

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