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    Olaf Stenmark

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    Olaf Stenmark
    "The boss"

    "My busniess is my pleasure, that is the cold hard fact. You'd do well to remember that."

    Relationships and factions
    Neutral, Disliked/foe,AcquaintedFriend, Trusted, Suspicious/unknown, Interested

    DECA: "Dont really have a grudge against them, they have not been annoying me but im cautious of them as anyone else."

    Werewolfs/Lycans: "I tend to find these fables a little bit more interesting then the others due to various reasons. I trust these people even if they are more dangerous then others."

    Vampires: "Hm...vampires. I am generaly for fables if I were to take a stand but I dont know nearly as much about the vampires in this area to make a decision if I trust them. Of course I have met some of them, but they nearly all leave before I get a chance to speak with them."

    Joe McAndrew: "Joe is the kinda guy who seems to love getting in fights, I would not mind that and kinda like the guy if he did not try to pick fights with my customers."

    Seras Rosenthal: "Pretty seductive girl, she was someone who did not fuck around when it came to weaponry...and she even had the cash for it. I dont know much about her but I never forget my customers, especially the interesting ones."

    Deacon Hearthfire: "He has done some jobs for me in the past and come back for more. I dont know much about the guy but my gut is telling me he would not turn down a bit of action if I offered him the chance for it."


    They call me the boss for a reason: "People stick with me for various reasons, I gave them what they need, I offer them favors and protection. People who work for me know me as "The boss" not because I give them these things, but because they know who has them."

    Short fuse: "Im not used to have someone pester me or pick a fight with me even. But for those who do? I make sure they dont do it again. Permanantly.

    Perfectionist: "I do my work very seriously, if a job is worth doing then it is worth doing without any mistakes or lose ends. That is how I made a name for myself."

    Power is everything, no matter the cost: "I came here for one reason and one reason only. Power. Im gonna show my crew that I am more powerful then anyone of them and secure my position as the one true conqueror. Whatever be it political or by force. By any means. I will have it my way."

    A smile is better then a fist sometimes: "Being rude or unpolite is something that I cannot stand. A friendly smile and a polite gesture can open more paths then one. Although I am still all for talking shit behind their backs, Heh.."

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