Vera Nystrom-Skelly'z Cursed Blood Application



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    Vera Nystrom-Skelly'z Cursed Blood Application

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    Notable Recommendations (This can be anyone from an admin to someone who's known for good RP.):

    Character Name: Vera 'Frost' Nystrom

    Character Age:25

    Gender: Female

    Character's Appetite (Whether or not they actively seek human flesh.): She doesn't necessarily go down to that level where she would actually eat the flesh of a human but... She'd try to eat raw fish or raw steak in hopes to contain her hunger but sometimes never works.

    Blood Attribute (You can make up your own, just be sure to specifically detail how it's going to work.): Below Zero Freezing or of that degree -Well... Sort of like the other ability but in the more extreme sense.... I want this because I have roleplayed a character like this in Nightmare role play while it lasted. I enjoyed role playing her as a Y-Series Ice based mutant on there with friends while it lasted. Even after the server shut down I continued to roleplay her along with Techno and her Y-Series Fire type Mutant in steam chat. I am hoping to bring  Vera Nystrom here to roleplay, but I'm afraid that may not happen due to the fact Techno beat me to the icy version cursed blood, but I guess I'll make it so that Vera's freezing traits or either more or more complicated and try to mix it up a bit with adding defects too that can potentially harm or get her fucked in some situations in a way to balance it off more then the original trait. If its not that great and disliked in a sense and goes off the boundaries of cursed blood well, that's okay really... I just thought I'd give it a go and let my imagination run wild a little bit with this too.

    The abilities of it is similar to that she had on NightmareRp.  Sure its just a more extreme version of the freezing trait, but I can give it a try can't I?

    abilities and effects.
    -Her body emits little below 0 Degrees in temperature. Shes able to make a room ice cold with in minutes.
    -Cold 0-Degree Breath: When she breaths, the breath is so cold that it emits a cloud of white mist into the warmer temperatures that surrounds her when she wears her suit contains the cold temperatures that she emits.
    -Ability to freeze people with her blood depending on the amount of blood se withdraws from her veins.
    -Ability to freeze water that surrounds her or someone's body fluids with a considerable amount of time or with her blood which only takes minutes depending the amount of blood she pours onto the person or atleast gets on to the person
    -Her burns heal faster, but if she is burned some how, its going to take its toll much more severely on her then that of a normal person.
    -When one touches her blood they will get pinched with frosbite in that general area they touched with or have been touched by
    If the streets or halls of a building are flooded with water, she can naturally freeze that general area if she were to stay  there for a hour or three, if  she mixes her blood in she can freeze the water a lot faster.
    -She can suppress her temperatures to something higher in degree, but still fairly cold temporarily.

    Defects: She is so used to the cold that heat is more extreme for her :
    -Cannot touch fire or something extremely hot with out suffering much more then someone who  is a regular human being. 1st Degree feel like 2nd Degree, 2nd Degree feels like 3rd Degree, 3rd Degree feel like 4th Degree and so on.
    -She cannot be too close to one with the burning/Heating/Boiling based blood because Fire, heat, so one can over come  the ice cold if great enough in heat. She'd get rather dizzy at first then fall unconscious cause she can only take some much heat.
    -She grows rather sick when shes in a area constantly generating heat over 90Degrees and dizzy.
    -She can accidentally freeze herself if covered in water on her bare skin and encase herself in ice, but keeping her preserved since this doesn't harm her as it does to others, but she can starve if she doesn't break free or escape.
    -Her freezing obviously takes time still, even if its less time then that of one with the same blood trait but lesser.

    Backstory (Optional): I create the back story while I role play. Cause it gets me thinking on what she should be like and so forth.

    RP Situation (Should involve blood type, length is up to you.):
    -Sorry if it isn't as great as it can be but, it was early and such...
    **Vera walks down the halls of the abandoned asylum, letting her eyes trail around to gaze upon the light flooding of the hallways and the rubble that is scattered upon the floor, continuing to walk forward through the water as she kicks off her  worn and loose boots, continuing to walk through bare footed out of her boredom.

    **Thunder crackles through the dark blackened skies as it is followed up by lightning. posing no threat to the building and the people who roam with in it's halls. The kids who are stranded in these ruins can be heard walking towards Vera's area.

    **Vera shakes her head as she hears the patter of feet splashing in the water towards her area, letting her eyes trail towards the direction behind her, she then once again begins to walk back the way she came towards the splashes of water heard from before. She purposely scraps her foot across a rock with sharp edges, having her foot cut and scraped to let some of her blood be released  to help the process of freezing, the water around her slowly begins to freeze as some of her blood slowly begins to mix in with the water as comes to a halt, waiting for their arrival with a devious smile, she  pulls out a small knife and slightly cuts the vein of her right arm carefully so that it is not entirely fatal and easily treatable, letting her blood drip into the water below.

    *The small group of drenched teens begin to walk down the hall way to find that it starts to get very chilly then ice cold, conversing among themselves, trying to figure out why its so cold down this particular hallway. They sooner or later find themselves  standing before Vera in shock from how Vera is not affected by this cold to much herself and how she was poorly dressed, a T-Shirt and heavily ripped cargo pants, no shoes or gloves.

    **Vera giggles a bit, moving her feet along the water as it was nearly ice, continuing to wait for the ice to complete as she continues to let her blood drip from a  cut on her vein, trying to prevent her feet from getting stuck in the ice that will become from her blood being mixed into the  rather deep and large puddle of water, like  the teens willl soon enough get stuck in, she'd move closer to the three teenagers, inspecting them carefully only speaking out once to say Hello in a enthusiastically excited tone, standing right  in front of them now.

    **The three teens who drip we before her, begin to ask her questions about why its cold and how she is just standing there idly with out any care for the cold . Standing in place as they wrap their arms around themselves tightly trying to keep warm, shivering as well and pulling up the collars of their zipped up light jackets over their faces half way , obviously not prepared  for these low degree of temperatures, sooner or later chattering their teeth.

    **Vera stood there laughing as she moves her feet around continuously to prevent the freezing of her own feet, answering their questions with long stretched lies and stereotypes, afterwards she  inhales deeply then exhales out a cloud of white mist, blowing it out towards the ground, not doing much but giving out a cold breath of air. She then claps her hands together with excitement as she finds that the teens  are now trapped by the newly formed thick layer of ice, formed from the mixture of Vera's blood and her cold temperatures in general that was slowly freezing the water over time.

    *The small group of teens decided to say good bye and tried to leave but as they looked down their feet, they are trapped by the ice that was once water when they came, looking back over towards Vera, pleading for some help. The three teens already going through maybe some stages of hypothermia by now after nearly a hour of talking in this now below zero degree temperature. They are in also some shock from how the ice formed, not realizing they were conversing with the source of this beyond ice cold hallway. They plead more and more getting desperate as they struggle to get out of the trap that Vera had set for them,  (not with full intention cause she didn't think they'd stay for long cause of the cold)but there was no use, the ice became too thick in the matter of time they spent standing still in that water shivering, and their clothes frozen as well making it uncomfortable for them to move their bodies.
    **Vera steps forward onto the ice that has been formed by her own body temperature emitting out as well as some of her blood mixed in with the general pool of water that stood around the teens. She reaches her right hand over, letting her grey blood drip upon their already frostbiten bodies
    **The Teens did so, waiting for something to happen, something to set them free willingly out of desperation, they aren't thinking clearly to how stupid they were to do so. They begin to freeze slowly, as it was you can say, the finishing touches off their miserable lives, dropping dead into the icy water, petrified by the frostbitten cold
    **Vera stood there as she presses her body against the first teen, freezing him entirely before doing the same with the second teen, giving out a giggle of amusement once again, this time rather loudly as she steps back, turning her gaze towards the third teen, stepping closer to him.
    **The third teen opens up his eyes widely to see Vera to stand before him, turning his gaze over to the other two teens, breaking down in fright to see that their bodies are on the floor with their heads ice cold with grey blood  slowly freezing their heads, before turning his gaze back upon Vera in horror, yelling out at her.
    **Vera shakes her head once more before bringing her cut vein over his face as he uses her otehr hand to grasp the back of his and head pull it forcefully back, begining to spill some of her blood upon his face, having his head slowly freeze, and killing him, when done she'd  walking around the building in the general area until the bodies are frozen enough, coming back over to grab a arm of one of them, breaking it off as they were already dead from her blood freezing their heads just enough, she'd then turn herself around, walking off on the thick ice layers that grow thinner as she walks off, starting to break though the small layering of ice on the  floors of the hall, walking towards one of the rooms where she hid her actual clothing ,She'd grab some bandages from her bag to wrap up her cut vein tightly before sliding the bandages back into the bag,  she then grabs her clothing and gear, sliding them on and wrapping the severed frozen arm up and sliding it into a bag, she'd throw it over her shoulder and continue outward after finding the closest exit on the first floor... As she exits the building, and walks about fifty yards, she looks back up as the rain comes down lightly from the grimacing gray skies, sighing deeply knowing what she just did fully, feeling the regret deep inside her. She knows she can't reverse this so she turns herself back around and walks into the forest short cut to a street filled with houses and homes where in which one of them is where she  lives the days of her life until she feels that she needs to move again, living out her literally cold hearted life, capturing teens who are outcasts of their families once every few months, feeding upon the flesh she took from those she freezed to death.

                                                          The End

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    Re: Vera Nystrom-Skelly'z Cursed Blood Application

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    Accepted, will keep an eye on you, and if you have any questions please ask.

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