Subject No.72

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    Subject No.72

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    Case Report No.01:
    Preceding the events of [Date withheld] where as two adult individuals had been declared 'missing' by the local Sheriff's Department, Subject No.72 has been brought into government custody on account of possible magical and/or anomalistic properties. Her extraction will be covertly explained to Law Enforcement as No.72 being placed under a Witness Protection Program where as contact with extended family members will be denied.

    Upon arrival to the [Name Withheld]'s estate, agents have described the parents of No.72 and their respective property to have suffered catastrophic physical trauma/damage which did not match any common criminal records of the area.

    I will be overseeing the containment and study of No.72 alongside her designated handlers and staff personnel under my authority.

    [Note from Agent 95; Area has been quarantined, and a group of specialized ground units have been dispatched as news of what we speculate to be a Class B non-native entity have risen in the following hours.]

    Case Report No.06:
    Despite our best efforts at simulating a comforting environment, it appears as though No.72 is not adjusting to the facility as well as we hoped she would. Whilst she does appear quite lethargic and diffident, her handlers report it being quite difficult to convince the subject to cooperate with them. My own interviews with her lead me to believe that her mental state is most likely the result of her being homesick. I have managed to acquire a list of requested items that may aid to habituate her to her new life style. I strongly recommend considering her requests for the time being.

    Further interviews are definitely required for a subject so young, I will personally be keeping in close contact with her to get a better understanding of the girl's psychological state and address any problems that may arise later on.

    Case Report No.12:
    Custody of the girl is still being fought over, however with none of the relatives having been nominated as legal caretakers by her biological parents and none of the child's extended family having any knowledge on her 'condition', the chances of the court siding with us are reassuringly high.

    While I have complete confidence in our lawyers, it has also come to my attention that No.72 has received a particularly disturbing letter from someone who claims to be her aunt - though there was a lack of any signature. The letter speaks ill of our work and has caused some considerable damage in the relationship between No.72, her handlers and myself. I strongly recommend an investigation on how this letter reached her possession as there is a great risk of further complications should any repeated attempts of communication, or mental contamination, of this kind prove successful.

    Case Report No.14:
    Subject was unresponsive during the entire interview., I've decided to cut the encounter short so as to avoid causing any additional stress.

    My educated guess is that she is still troubled by the letter she had received earlier last week.

    Will re-schedule another interview sometime in the next few days.

    Case Report No.15:
    Testing has officially begun.

    Our interview with No.72 has been delayed as a result.

    She does not appear to be in any better mood, so it may be for the best.

    Case Report No.17:
    Despite the earlier setbacks, I've managed to coax No.72 into a light-hearted conversation. Her mood still appears quite dampened, and I'm starting to believe she may be showing signs of depression. I'm reluctant to approve of any pharmaceutical supplements as I believe all she really needs is more social interactions, other than just with her handlers.

    Would it be possible to allow her to interact with other subjects? Preferably someone of similar age.

    Case Report No.32:
    A detailed list of No.72's alleged past encounters will be provided in the addendum of this report. Please refer to Addendum [].

    The conversations between No.72 and I on the topic of the incidents which have led to her containment continue. It would appear as though No.72 is convinced that she is being watched over by a 'guardian angels' as she calls it. No sign of such an entity have yet been reported, and none of the camera feeds show any evidence that any visitors other than her handler have entered her dormitory. However, she's still claimed to have been visited on more than one occasion since her arrival.

    I suggest the tapes be re-reviewed with further scrutiny, as it appears as though we may be dealing with paranormal or otherwise non-physical entities. If that is the case, it would be wise to review the containment procedures for No.72 for her own safety and the safety of the personnel responsible for her well-being.

    Case Report No.33:
    Alterations in No.72's tests have been made in light of her recent interview; it has been determined that her anomalous properties may be related to Conjuration. However, some have disputed that the recorded conversations between her and I suggest Necromancy.

    While a consensus may not yet be reached, we will be keeping our testing procedures broad enough to account for either school.

    Furthermore, upon No.72's request, we have added a Goldfish to her room and will be monitoring any abnormal signs within the fish. With Goldfish being so sensitive to environmental changes, it should be possible to determine whether or not the Goldfish is being affected by anything abnormal.

    See Addendum related to this report.

    Case Report No.37:
    During one of today's tests on the progression of No.72's abilities, when asked if we may meet one of the entities she had been speaking of, a fish fell outside of the camera feed's line of sight to everyone's surprise. The fish in question appeared to be a Carassius Auratus Auratus, in other words, it was suspected to be the same goldfish that had been placed in her room, and despite being out of the water for a considerable amount of time, had survived the ordeal... I'd like to note that the goldfish should have died as it was a solid seven minutes before we could get it back into its tank - and it should also be noted that no other goldfish could be found anywhere within No.72's room, leading us to believe that this is the same fish.

    [Note from Dr. Lin; The fish's survival was not a result of outside influence.]

    Camera feeds show the fish simply vanishing between 3:42 PM and 3:57 PM, however it cannot be determined when exactly its disappearance happened as it appears each viewing of the tape yields a different answer - some showing it disappearing earlier than others.

    I have no answers to what occurred today, and after having met with No.72, nor does she. Conjuration of her pet fish, and the suspicious hardiness it seemed to have despite having been starved of oxygen has left us baffled.

    Further testing will be delayed until tomorrow. The tapes in question of the fish's disappearance will be handed over to my superior's for a case study on possible examples of live Conjuration.

    Case Report No.41:
    No.72 has admitted to wanting a cat.

    When asked to think of the cat she desired to have, video feed of No.72's room shows a feline crawling out from beneath her bed. It should be noted that no entry point that leads into or out of the room exists beneath her bed, and that no evidence of the cat entering the room can be seen aside from its appearance on the tape.

    [The rest of this report has been redacted.]

    Case Report No.53:
    Tests today have yielded no results.

    No.72 admits to being quite distracted today.

    During the length of our regularly scheduled interview, No.72's attention appeared to be focused consistently on a single corner of the room. When questioned about it, she offered no explanation. I will be keeping an eye out for similar behavior during our next encounter.

    Case Report No.55:
    No.72 will be unavailable for interviews or tests due to illness.

    Note; She has requested for some soup for her cold - which is not part of her approved diet. For the sake of maintaining a good relationship with her, we should consider it.

    Re: Note; It should be noted that upon falling ill, theories of No.72's abilities revolving around health and manipulation of life have been debunked as a result.

    Case Report No.61:
    [The following report has been placed under review by Dr. Schwartz and Dr. Lin]

    [Note from Dr. Lin; Let it be known that any and all attempts at planting misleading information into any reports will be considered sabotage and will be dealt with using appropriate measures.]

    We're starting to doubt ourselves here.

    We couldn't make up our mind on whether No.72's abilities lie in Conjuration, Necromancy or something that lies in between, nor how to accurately test for either without contaminating any results with biased suspicions... After today's incident, some are claiming that Abjuration may be another category she may have the ability to channel.

    I've heard of subjects having multiple talents, some even completely contradicting each other., However, cases of three are unusual - even for this.

    I'll provide a more detailed explanation of today's events in this report's addendum.

    Case Report No.63:
    It has been confirmed that entities Conjured by No.72 can include living creatures, inanimate objects, and even paranormal entities.

    It has also been confirmed that anything conjured by No.72 can be 'dismissed', meaning that the theories of Abjuration being the third school involved have been proven to be true. We are unsure as to whether items not directly conjured by No.72 can be 'dismissed', however with a few articles from her room having gone missing, we cannot risk simply ignoring this notion.

    For the safety of all those involved, I will now require for everyone assigned to report in at least once every few hours. At the very least, report in at the start and end of your shifts.

    That is all.

    [Note from Head Director C. Barkley; We cannot afford to wait any longer, we expect concrete evidence of Subject 72's capabilities and value by the end of the week.]

    Case Report No.67:
    Following the incidents of [Date Withheld], two of No.72's handlers have been deemed M.I.A

    Addendum [Case No.32]:
    Subject was not able to offer a consistent description of the entity in question, despite always going by the same name. Subject has even gone so far as to describe said entity as a collection of individual entities, however she still addresses them as a single one.

    There does not appear to be any consistent behaviors in any of said entities, some having been described as 'loving' and 'nice', whilst others have been deemed 'frightening' and even the cause of a few injuries she had received in the past.

    It has also been stated that these entities appear and disappear under their own will, sometimes having even remained for days before vanishing. She claims that 'the bad ones' usually linger around her for longer periods of time, although she doesn't appear to have any clue as to why this is the case.

    Let it be known that we may be dealing with paranormal entities, and in such a case, we must take appropriate measures to ensure personnel safety.

    Addendum [Case No.39]:
    The Goldfish died this morning.

    Upon retrieval of the deceased fish, personnel have reported the fish to have still been alive upon their arrival. Video feed shows the fish floating at the top of its bowl for hours before simply returning to its normal behavior without provocation. Nothing can yet be discerned from this event. Theories about Necromancy are still going strong, as a result.

    The fish has well and truly died - we cannot provide an explanation for the odd behavior witnessed from it today, but its expiration proves that, if No.72 does possess some abilities relating to Necromancy, they appear to function exclusively on paranormal and non-physical entities.

    [Note from Head Director C. Barkley; Requests for reagents will not be approved until further studies confirm where her abilities lie. We cannot afford to spend any more time, nor any more of our budget, on idle speculations. We need results.]

    Addendum [Case No.61]:
    Subject was asked to think of one of the entities which had caused her harm in the past, and despite her initial refusal to cooperate, she did eventually agree.

    Approximately 9 minutes into the test, a humanoid entity entered the room following a brief yet unexpected power failure; both the lights and the video stream failed for no more than two minutes. However, upon their return, a bipedal creature of vague human proportion was witnessed standing in the center of the room. No clear image of it could be recovered from the video feed, however personnel testimonies have offered us a crude depiction of the creature in question;

    The creature appeared to be roughly nine feet and five inches tall (9'5"). It's head lacked any distinct features other than a large, circular hole present in the center of its face. The creature's arms appeared to be quite long, witnesses stating that they reached down to where the creature's knees would have been.

    [The rest of this report has been redacted.]

    [Note from Agent 95; Description matches the ones for the creature spotted within Subject 72's viscinity on the day of her containment - we advise extreme caution.]

    [Note from Dr. Lin; This is an exceptional example of the existence of Conjuration and Abjuration schools within the subject, I suggest we pursue the matter and move onto training instead of further study.]

    [Note from Head Director C. Barkley; in reply to Dr. Lin; Training has been approved by the board for Subject 72.]

    Addendum [Case No.67]:
    [Addendum Redacted]

    [Note from Head Director C. Barkley; Our condolences go out to the friends and family of both handlers. We will be enforcing appropriate measures of safety from here on out so as to avoid any further complications in the future.]


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    reads like an scp

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    The creature reminds me of slender man, I don't know why. Long ARMS GOD NO DONT KILL ME IN MY SLEEP SLENDER. MEMORIES R BAD.

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