Augustine Elder Application (Remade) - Inola [Finished]


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    Augustine Elder Application (Remade) - Inola [Finished]

    Post by Deathwoman on Thu Oct 02, 2014 5:40 am

    Steam Name: Deathwoman

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:51964462

    Why do you think you should get this whitelist?: I've been roleplaying for quite a while, and I believe I’m rather capable of roleplaying a vampire on this server.

    How long have you been roleplaying for?: Going on 8 years total, and 2 years in video games.

    Write the backstory of your character [No minimum or maximum length, use common sense and discretion]:

    Inola was born in the winter of 1337 A.D. to Leotie of the a ni wo di, or Paint Clan of the Cherokee Tribe, and Mohe of the a ni wa ya, or the Wolf Clan. She was raised as part of the Paint Clan, as custom dictates and she had a peaceful childhood, learning the ways of medicine from her clan. Inola took great joy in treating the members of her tribe, and they even would tell her of how well she'd treat them. She was actually in-line to become the next medicine woman of the tribe, before one trip into the woods for herbs changed everything for her.


    As the sun sets over the hill, Inola said her goodbyes to her mentor, and heads off into the forest in search of more medicines. She was unsuccessful the day before, but today she was hoping to find the Saloli gatoga she needed to ease her patient's passing. She sighed, thinking about him. Her brother, Gawonii, was recently injured when he fell from a cliff, and everything Inola's mentor did, couldn't help his wounds. All they could do now, was ease his death, and mourn him after. She would apply the medicine to the wound herself, and stand vigil with her mother, and the priest until he died.

    Inola finally made it into the usual place she searched for herbs, and she did so, looking around as carefully as possible for the yellow plant. As she was looking, she heard footsteps behind her. She spun around, trying to find out the person's identity, but no one was there. She spoke a small prayer, hoping it was maybe a spirit, and turned back around to face a pale skinned man with long, black hair. He spoke to her in a strange tongue, to which she replied in her own Cherokee language.

    "Why are you here?" Inola asks, taking a step back.

    He frowns, and speaks again in his own language. Rather frightened, Inola turns her back, and starts to run the other direction, back to the safety of her tribe. The man, however, apepars in front of her suddenly, and she goes to scream, but he covers her mouth. In the same motion, she sees him grow what looks like the fangs of a snake, and he bites her neck. Her cries are muffled, and eventually stop as she loses more and more blood. Inola is finally barely conscious when the man drops her. Through her dark, spotted vision, she sees him kneel by her, and a few moments later, a warm liquid spills onto her lips. She's reluctant to drink it, and he forces her to drink when she turns away. She loses consciousness after that, and slips into darkenss, fear in her heart.

    Inola wakes up a short time later, and the man is no where to be seen. She'd look around, and see the world in an entirely new way. Colors are more vibrant, sounds are sharper, and she feels stronger than ever. She smells out the herbs she was looking for, and quickly gathers them before walking back to the sounds of her tribe.


    Inola had been turned by an Elder Augustine, and abandoned, left to wreak havoc upon her people. It was something she avoided... until she grew hungry that night, for something more than deer and berries.


    Inola sits by her brother's side, a deep frown on her face. Her brother is near death, and her mother couldn't stand being in the tent any longer. She sits all but alone, the Priest behind her saying silent prayers as Gawonii leaves this world. She's been listening to his slow heartbeat for who knows how long, and she's been intrigued by what happened to her in the forest. Inola had been afraid to tell her mother, and even her mentor about the incident, because of what they might tell her.

    Inola is lost in her own thoughts when the heartbeat she had heard from her brother stops. She looks at his face, a look of horror and sadness on her own, and sees he has finally passed. The priest comes around to her side, and places a hand on her shoulder. At the same moment, she becomes acutely aware of his heartbeat. She looks over at him, and her eyes follow his face down to his neck. A deep, gnawing hunger rises in her stomach, and she feels two sharp points prick her bottom lip. The priest backs away from Inola, yelling about a curse, but she's not paying attention. Inola stands up and, starts to speak.

    "I...." Inola doesn't finish, gazing at the man's neck again, and listening to his heartbeat like it was a prayer song.

    Before she even realizes what she's doing, Inola has lunged on top of the priest, and started drinking him down. His cries and hits of protest against her eventually weaken before stopping completely. His heartbeat stops as well, and as Inola pulls away from him, she realizes just what horrible act she had done. She shakes him, yelling in the Cherokee tongue, trying to make him stir, but deep down, she already knows he's gone. She hears the rustle of the tent flap, and her head snaps up. She has blood all over her neck and mouth, and tears streaming down it as well. The woman standing in the entrance is her mother, a horrified look on her face.

    "Uwetsiageyv..." she says, starting to cry as well.

    Inola stands up and starts to speak, trying to explain herself, but her mother steps back just as quickly, and runs from her daughter. Inola watches her leave, feeling even worse. She knows they’ll discover whatever she is now, and that she will be punished for this. Inola chokes out a sob, glancing at her brother, before running from the tent, and leaving her tribe for good.


    Inola flees to the wilds, and she lives there, in isolation, for nearly 200 years. During that time, she feeds on humans of other tribes, but never Cherokee. She learns control over these years, and even more about herself. She’s alone aside from the animals, until another female vampire happens upon her cave as the sun starts to rise. From different tribes, neither understands the other aside from their common difference from the humans; being vampires. Each teaches the other their native tongue by pointing and naming objects. Eventually, over the course of two years, the two women become close friends, and even build a small house together.

    It seems the women will live in peace for a very long time, and they’re both quite content with that fact. Unfortunately, all good things come to an end, and one evening in the fall of 1685, Inola and her friend, Sokanon, wake up to hear angry members of the Blackfoot Tribe outside, Sokanon’s old tribe. The two go outside, and finds that they had come to cleanse the land of their curse, and purify nature. The two women, not wishing to kill anyone, both use their advanced speed to escape, and now, suddenly homeless the women, race to find a new, more hidden place to live.

    The two come up with a plan, and they decide to head east, searching for some place to settle. They eventually get so far east that they hit the sea, and then they travel along it until they reach a small town in Virginia. The two live on the outskirts of the town, and after some debate, they turn a young man from the town in order to learn the English language. The two women had a bigger plan, one that involved  them integrating into the town there, with entirely new identities. With a lot of motioning, they manage to get him to start teaching them the language, and in about 2 years, the women are fluent in the Englishmen's customs, and language. The trio ‘persuade’ a tailor to make them all brand new clothing, fitting for townsfolk. After all was said and done, They head to the courthouse, with a hope for a new life in mind.


    Inola and Sokanon are finishing dressing in the Englishwomen's clothing, and start talking.

    "So, how do we go about this?" Sokanon asks in the English tongue.

    "We go to the... court house, and make the... the chief's assistant think we have a meeting with him. We will go in, get new names, and get a new place to live." Inola replies.

    "I believe he is called a mayor, not a chief, sister."

    "Either way, he is in charge."

    "Are you two almost done?" John says from outside the cave.

    "Yes." Sokanon replies.

    The two women put on their gloves, and pull hoods over their heads and the veils over their faces to protect themselves from the sunlight. They nod to each other and, after a nervous, unnecessary breath, Inola and Sokanon step outside into the harsh sunlight. Even with the veils and gloves, the women are irritated by the sunlight. "Let us go, John. We must make haste." Inola says, starting towards the horses they had stolen from another town over.

    It's a bit of a ride, but the three make it to town on horseback, and eventually to the courthouse. Inola starts getting nervous, feeling the heat of the unyielding sun on her hood as they make their way up the steps into the courthouse. They approach a desk, and a man stands up at the women's approach.

    "Can I help you three today?" he asks.

    "Yes, we have an appointment with the mayor about getting residence in town." John explains.

    "Your names?"

    "John William, Sarah Robins, and Mary Pool."

    "Right... I don't-" the clerk starts.

    Inola pulls the veil off of her face, looking him straight in the eyes. "We're on there, aren't we?"

    He nods absently, and motions for them to go down the back hall. Inola replaces her veil, and she leads the other two back towards the mayor's office. John knocks on the door, and enters with the two of them.

    The mayor looks up from his paperwork, protesting when Inola pulls off her headress, and speaks to him. “You’re going to give us  three new identities, and a house, correct?” She says slowly, letting the words sink into his mind.

    The mayor absently nods, and starts writing down paperwork for it. Inola replaces her veil, and the three sit down, waiting for their paperwork. When all said and done, they’re new citizens of the town, and their new homestead isn’t too far away from the town hall. John gives his thanks to the mayor, and the three head off to start  their new life.


    The three lived in peace for nearly two more centuries, changing names, and claiming themselves as the previous identities’ children and grand-children. Because of the covers they used, rumors would fly of what they were, until they would stop when the three went to feed. They wouldn’t kill, Inola forbid it, but simply using some persuasion goes a long way. Around 1893 is when other vampires started to move into their town, which drew more attention to them. These vampires were not like Inola’s little ‘pack’ you could say. They left a string of bodies in the night, and the attention Inola and her friends had avoided getting, started being drawn to them. Inola knew she had to deal with these vampires, but how, she didn’t know. The way they fed suggested they were fledglings, or perhaps Sanguine. Veteran and higher knew the correct ways to feed mostly because of age and experience. The one thing Inola didn’t account for, was a Master vampire being among them


    “We have to deal with them, sister. You know this to be true.” Sokanon says, pacing around the parlor.

    Inola sighs. She’s known this since the first body popped up, but… She was a healer, not a warrior. Her brother was the fighter…

    “I know, Soka. But what are we to do; kill them?” Inola asks quietly.

    “No! I.. I don’t know. Whoever they are, they’re killing innocent humans, and threatening our way of life. They need to go.”

    “Then we kill them.” John says firmly.

    “John, we don’t even know what rank they are. You’re an Adept, and Soka is barely a Veteran. We don’t know how strong they are.” Inola says.

    “We can’t just sit here doing nothing.”

    Inola sighs. “We go and see if they’re willing to stop the killing. If not… We kill them…”

    Sokanon sighs, and stops her pacing. John and Inola stand up, and the three head off into the night to find the new vampires.

    About half an hour later, the trio finds where the vampires were staying, and without any idea of what lay before them, they head into a dark, abandoned home.

    Inside, Inola and her progenies are faced with maybe six vampires, all appearing to be Sanguine or lower. They mostly watch Sokanon and Inola approaching with both fascination, and fear at their power. The trio stops in the main room, and Inola speaks. “I would like to speak to who’s in charge.” she says cooly.

    No one makes a move to step forward, or even show them who is in charge. She glances at her progenies, feeling unease set in when a deep voice calls out.

    “To what do I owe the pleasure of meeting two Veterans and an Adept living amongst the humans?” he asks.

    Inola looks up to see a man dressed in a rather expensive outfit, even for the rich of this era. He glances over the three, and laughs, an odd, and unsettling sound.

    “I’ve heard their tales of your families; the strangely veiled individuals who arrived nearly 200 years ago, and even after they’ve passed, their children even veil themselves.”

    “We want you to leave.” John says, stepping forward.

    Inola was sure he could sense just how powerful the man was before them, even more powerful than her and Sokanon combined. She couldn’t see why he was doing that, when the two women behind him were trying to back away.

    “I see your progeny has some nerve, woman. Best teach him to respect his elders.” the man says, frowning.

    “John, get over here.” Inola says quietly.

    “No, they’re threatening the way we live,” John replies, turning to face Inola. “They shouldn’t be killing-”

    John was cut off, to Inola’s horror, as the vampire grabbed John’s head, and nearly ripped it clean off. Sokanon screamed, and tried going to him, but Inola grabbed her and threw her towards the entrance, yelling for her to run. She did as she was told, and Inola used her own speed to kill three of the older vampire’s fledglings in exchange for her one. Being that new, and having that many, he couldn’t have any emotional attachment to them, so even three would never make up for how much John had meant to her.

    Inola killed the third one, and watched the vampire’s eyes started to go red, much like her own. She, however, was crying as well, failing at her attempts to hide her mourning until after she was out of danger.

    “You know how much of a hassle it was to make those and train the damn t


    At being called mere objects, the remaining three looked enraged. The started towards the man and, in their stupidity, attacked him. She knew they’d die in mere minutes, and Inola took the chance to run like a coward, away from her progeny, and away from the man who would’ve most likely killed here.

    Inola went back to her home to find that Sokanon was gone; leaving her belongings behind. She found no trace of the woman; heartbroken, and grieving at the loss of both of her progenies, she leaves the town she used to call her home, with only her clothes, John’s knife from the Civil War, and Sokanon’s necklace from when she was in the Blackfoot Tribe.


    Inola promises herself that she’ll never make another progeny again and basically becomes a nomad again after the tragedy with her progenies, and never stays in one place for very long. As for a profession, Inola decides to become a teacher for a time, but even that bored her. She finally settled on simply becoming a scholar, learning all she can of history, science, and anything in books she could get her hands on. as the years progress, Inol gets stronger, and eventually becomes an Elder strength vampire during the early 2010’s, just shy of 680 years old. In the present day, Inola heard news of another Elder vampire matching the description of Sokanon. Anxious to find out whether the news is true or not, she heads to Los Angeles in search of her lost progeny.

    Give an example of Feeding RP [10 Lines min]:

    **Inola was hungry, and feeling pretty stupid. Why she had decided to wait until the last minute to feed was beyond her own imagination.

    **She walks the city, trying to figure out where she would feed; she could do the stereotypical alleyway, but that was rather clique for her, and frankly, who’d follow her into an alley? ‘Someone you’ve made follow you, stupid.’ she thinks to herself.

    **Inola knows that she’s getting close to losing it over her hunger, and she wants prevent another incident like when she first Turned. she spots a bar, and decides to give it a go; beggars couldn’t be choosers after all.

    **As she steps in, she’s immediately met with the unmistakable smell of smoke, alcohol, and bar food. She sighs, and sits at the bar. She knows it’s only a matter of time before-

    “Well, hello there, little bird.” A deep voice says from behind her.

    ** ‘And so it begins.’ she thinks, turning around on the stool.

    “Hi…” she says shyly.

    “What’s a young thing like you doing sitting at the bar?” he asks, a drunken smile plastered on his face.

    “I… I just wanted to use a phone; call my sister to come pick me up. I got l-lost on a walk…”

    “Well, I’m sure I could walk you home. Do you know the street you live on?”


    “I know exactly where that’s at. Come with me.” he says, extending a hand.

    **She took the man’s hand, and followed him to Mercer Street. The thing that surprised her most was his lack of any interest in her aside from getting her home. They finally arrived on the street, and she stopped.

    “This your house?” he asks.

    “No,” she says, looking in his eyes. “It’s down that alley.”

    **The man follows her down there, and she stops him again when they’re hidden from view. “Were you going to try anything with me?” she asks him.

    “No. You’re just a kid who got lost. I was doing my part to make sure someone didn’t  try anything. Got a daughter your age…” he says absently.

    “I doubt you have one my age, but… thank you.”

    **She approaches the man, and closes the gap between them. She pulls him down to her level, and extends her fangs, ready to feed from him.

    **She sinks her teeth into his neck slowly, as to not hurt him, and only drinks enough for her to satiate her hunger for long enough to get another ‘donor’ or something.

    **Finally, Inola finishes, and wipes of her lips as she pulls out her wallet.

    “Go home and tell your daughter that you helped a girl her age get home, and that  her mother paid you for being such a kind man.” Inola says, handing him two hundred dollars.

    **The man nods, and walks off, not paying attention to Inola.

    **Inola smiles after him, wondering how it had been since she met a man doing that that didn’t try something with her… ‘It’s a refreshing change, to say the least...’ she thinks, walking off down the alley to head to her actual home.

    Give an example of Combat RP [15 lines min]:

    **Walking the streets of L.A. isn’t something she enjoys. A lot happens when she does, and mostly from other vampires. Meeting an elder vampire was nearly as rare as meeting a master; either would be met with either deep interest, or expressed hostility. When it happens for Inola, she never knows which one it’s going to be, much to her irritation.

    **She’s walking down a shopping district street late one night when a vampire she recognizes as another Elder, stops and does a double take to glance at her again. He senses her powerful aura, and sees her dark brown eyes that were starting to turn hazel. His fascination in her quickly turns, and Inola can’t help but sigh at his new hostility. She continues down the street, ignoring the man’s attempts to get her attention.

    **Finally Inola turns down an alley, and he follows her until he loses his patience, and grips onto her shoulder, spinning her around. She gazes at him, no sign of anger in her eyes, which throws him off for a second.

    **He recovers, and speaks to her. “Just what do I owe the pleasure of seeing another elder in town?” he asks, barely containing his rage.

    “...Hurry up and get to the part where you say I’m ‘not welcome ‘round these parts.’ It has to do with the Native American thing, doesn’t it?” She retorts.

    “Fine,” he says, his eyes starting to turn red. “Have it your way, you red-skinned bi-”

    **Inola cuts him off as she goes after him, using her full speed to reach out and try to grab his throat. She wanted to end this quickly, and figured decapitating him would be one way of doing that.

    **The man ducks out of the way of her advance, and goes to kick her hard in the chest.

    **Inola blocks the kick with her arms, wincing a little at the force of it. She uses that opportunity to grip his leg, and pull him down onto the ground to get on top of him. She starts hitting on him, over and over again. She doesn’t stop because she knows if she does, he’ll likely do the same thing to her and not stop until she’s beaten unconscious.

    “Who were you calling a red. Skinned. Bitch?” she asks, landing a hit harder at each word of his insult.

    **She’s beaten him bloody at this point, but that doesn’t make her stop.

    “What if I called you a disgusting, white man pig? Not so funny now, is it?!” she yells, starting to cry.

    **She stops hitting him finally, and gets off his body, tears running down her face. “Idiot…” she says, getting to her feet. She wipes the tears off her face and starts walking towards the alley entrance. She’s always hated hurting others, even when they wanted to hurt her first. She made the first move, but if he had it his way, it would’ve been she would’ve been lying dead in the alley, or nearly dead like him. She may hate her kind, but…

    **Inola stopped and looked at her cellphone clock. It was about an hour, hour and a half until sunrise, and she didn’t know whether or not he’d be healed enough by then to get up and save himself. With a groan and a ‘What are you doing, Inola?’, she heads back, and wraps an arm of his around her neck, helping him to his feet. He glances over to her.

    “Why are you helping me?” he asks in a rough voice.

    “Because Aginisi wouldn’t want me to treat someone like this…” Inola replies simply.


    “My grandmother.”

    **He goes quiet as she leads him to a cab, who questions the two until she ‘persuades’ him to ignore her companion and take them to her place.

    **She gets home quite early, and takes the injured vampire up to her apartment.

    Give an example of Passive RP [15 lines min]:

    **Inola walks down the streets of Los Angeles, heading to the library. She keeps her head down, and makes sure her eyes are out of sight of any humans. She has her arms and neck hidden by a jacket, and her head and face protected by a hat shading her.

    **She notices a few humans starting to look at her, and she speeds her pace, hoping to get to the library as fast as she can.

    **In a few minutes, she makes it there, and steps inside the cool building, glad to be out of the direct sunlight. She takes off her coat and hat and hangs them on the rack before continuing in. The librarian notices her, and smiles.

    “How lovely to see you again, Inola. Come to check out your books for the week?” the librarian asks.

    “I have indeed, Mary. Do you have any new ones?” Inola says in her unique accent.

    “Well, there are some new science and language books that we’ve put back on the shelves; go ahead and take a look at them.”

    **Inola nods, and heads back to look over the new books.

    **After looking over them all, Inola decides to check out two of the new science books, and a book on Babylonian history she found while scanning every shelf.

    **As she comes up to the counter, she grabs a science fiction book she finds rather interesting, and decides that she needs to stop before she brings home the entire library.

    **Inola sets the book on the counter, and Mary starts checking them out for her.

    “You know, I still can’t believe such a sweet girl like you is nearly 10 times my age!” she says with a smile.

    “I can hardly believe it myself… I’ll be 700 in what seems like such a short time.” Inola says.

    “Dear, 23 years is a long time for a 70 year-old woman like me!”

    “Right; I have to remember that it’s so long for humans.”

    “Anyway, here are your books. You know the drill; they’re due in two weeks.”

    “Right. Thanks again, Mary.”

    **Inola takes the books and says her goodbyes to Mary. She goes over to the coat rack, and puts on her coat and hat, not forgetting to also put on her sunglasses in her coat pocket like she did in the streets.

    **Inola heads out, going back home with her new books.

    **She gets home in about the same time as it took her to get to the library, and is stopped by her landlord on the way upstairs.

    “Inola. Your rent’s due today. Do you have it on you?” he asks.

    “Not on me, but follow me up to my apartment, and I can get it to you.” Inola replies.

    “Er, no thanks. I’ll just wait here for it.”

    ** Her landlord looks rather nervous, and she sighs. ‘He still doesn’t get it that I don’t harm humans...’ she thinks.

    **Inola simply nods, and heads on up to her apartment, quickly putting her books inside, and grabbing her rent money.

    **She heads back downstairs to hand the money to him, and get a receipt before going back once more, and staying there.

    “Well… I guess I’d better get started on these books.” Inola says to herself, grabbing the book on quantum physics.

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    Re: Augustine Elder Application (Remade) - Inola [Finished]

    Post by TyrGodOfWar98 on Thu Oct 02, 2014 11:09 am

    Good Backstory Hectate. + Support

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    Re: Augustine Elder Application (Remade) - Inola [Finished]

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    The app isn't bad, but its unfinished and whether or not its a work in progess you should have saved it in word or something. Anyways, we have enough master vampires already-- I wouldn't mind another old one, but also, that age is way too old for an app this short--- and if it is a work in progress you'll have to fix that, a master vampire app should be very incredibly written and have a ton of effort-- I just don't see it with this one.

    I think if this vampire was to be more like a veteran, i'd be cool, but this is just my opinion; too old and i've never seen you on the server, sorry :/

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    Re: Augustine Elder Application (Remade) - Inola [Finished]

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    I'm replying to notify those that have already looked at it that I've remade it and finished it finally. Hopefully twenty word document pages is enough xD

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    Re: Augustine Elder Application (Remade) - Inola [Finished]

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    Uh... Whoever reads this, I sincerely apologize for the length, and uh...You deserve seven cakes of your favorite flavor for reading this entire 'Odyssey' length App. ;.;

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    Re: Augustine Elder Application (Remade) - Inola [Finished]

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    bump. :s

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    Re: Augustine Elder Application (Remade) - Inola [Finished]

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    I just wanted to come back and input, my -support was looking at the unfinished app.

    I renounce every doubt I had, Inola is an excellent Rp'er and I am a fool to not support such a wonderful addition to the server. Great character.

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    Re: Augustine Elder Application (Remade) - Inola [Finished]

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