The Nordium Order [Hunting Faction]


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    The Nordium Order [Hunting Faction]

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    The Nordium Order is an order under the Vatican Church that has existed for a few centuries. Currently it employs over two hundred and sixty faithful members, whom work across the globe, but primarily they operate in Rome within the headquarters. Of these two hundred and sixty members, to an exact member, a third work as crafters, planners, lecturers, trainers and investigators whom all have the task of assisting 'The Hunters'. Whom account for one fourth of the order, those who are to be considered the strongest and fastest of the order are given this title. But it's never held onto long as the majority of Hunters die within their first one to three encounters and then after that, it's just a waiting game for a Hunter to fight someone more skilled then them or to just slip up during combat and then die because of one mistake.

    Currently there is a small outpost within the outskirts of L.A. (Not on the map) which holds a few members of the order. It's an objective of the order to expand out from Europe and into more western countries, starting with Los Angelos, so as to provide a better footing against the evils of the world. The objective of each member of the order is to not specifically get rid of the dark of the world, but always way light against it. 


    How this will specifically work is a certain Hunter, who is from the L.A. Faction, will go out to recruit other like minded people and use their gifts. They don't have to be religious as he himself is barely a holy man and quite rarely prays, so the expectation really for anyone joining is that they just don't insult the belief system. The group if there is one, I doubt there will be, but I might get surprised, will consist of a very selective few. At most there will be a total of five to six members, but I'd rather only have four or three. There'd be the occasional training, drinking and yes, hunting of dark creatures, which will probably end in someone's demise, most likely us.

    I also want to make this something that isn't specifically a commitment, people shouldn't feel as though they have to get on all the time on the specific characters attributed to the order. At most, you will be encouraged to be on during a certain day or time for a hunt, in which case you being there aids to the success of a hunt. Most of the time you will do your own thing and occasionally you will meet with other members of the order, very briefly and then you will leave. This means your character should still have their own social circle, job and possibly other guild/faction affiliations, just so long as they don't go directly against this one.

    If you have any questions, don't ask them, anything that isn't here is not meant to be and you can find out IC. Also recruitment is OOC and IC, this is just sort of my outlet for writing, this whole thread can not exist and the group can still be going. If you want to join up, PM me or whatever, probably best you don't though. I prefer to find other people, not them find me.

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