Family Dinner



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    Family Dinner

    Post by Giles on Sun Oct 05, 2014 5:00 pm

    The Bathroom:

    “It is said that the mirror is supposed to reflect one’s life, reflect what he has done wrong, done right, and what he has witnessed. All of that is supposed to be found by staring into your own eyes, what if your eyes aren’t yours, or at least not all of the time?”

    A hand breaches itself upwards pushing closer and closer towards the antique wooden frame holding a cloudy mirror within it. A pointed and long nail of said hand runs along the mirror, tracing over each of its cracks, shatters, and missing chunks of its glass. The set of dark luminous eyes belonging to the hand stare towards its broken image, caressing over its own beautiful form with its fingers as it watches the different images that reflect off the shattered glass.

    “You have nothing to worry about, you are a great man, you are a powerful man, and you are smart and good looking; it’ just one blind date. Why am I worried, I can do this, I’ll admit I’ve been out of the dating game for a while, but she seems really nice, she’ll love you, just go out there and do it.”

    A breath of air is taken in, and as if by some form of miracle his confidence is bestowed against his form, his back moves from a slouch into a confident straight back, his shoulders buck backwards and make to create an illusion that his form is bigger then what it really is.

    The Kitchen:

    Two plates lie a top of a decrepit wooden surface, each plate contains a portion of fried Brussel sprouts to be consumed for the upcoming date. A hand concealed within an oven mitt places itself over top of the first plate, within its grasp is two sets of bone that were cleaned off to present a surface which to hold. Along the other end of the set of bones is a perfectly seared piece of meat; an adjacent hand rises to the scene with a sharp knife. Within a quick moment the hands begin working in tandem as one cuts slices off the meat stick; the other twisting around to present another piece to be cut from. After five delicate minutes of perfectly preparing its dinner, are the plates finally ready to be consumed.

    “My, my, this looks heavenly, I really hope she enjoys this, if only she knew all the time and effort that went into preparing this meal. Oh? Was that the doorbell? Damn she is right on time, I love a woman that is right on time.”

    “Hello there, Eleanor, I am just in the kitchen finishing making our dinner, please come right in and have a seat at the table. I’ll be just a moment.” A voice beckons quite loudly from the kitchen.

    “Crap, crap, crap, I am getting nervous. What if she doesn’t like me? Please like me, it’s been a long time.”

    The Dining Room:

    Patters of two feet are heard as a figure slowly makes its way into the dining room from the kitchen, each of its hands are preoccupied with a plate each. He’d make his way to the side where the woman sits, and gently place the plate in front of her.

    “You look marvelous, Eleanor, you truly do. I am so glad you could make it out today. Hm, do I? I look handsome you say, that is mighty sweet of you. Oh this? It’s an old recipe I’ve been making for years, your daughter gave me a hand with it. I hope you don’t mind that I enlisted her services in making sure this meal went well, I’m a bit nervous as you can tell. Oh you don’t mind at all, well that is good to hear.”

    Two feet take a series of steps as they make their way towards the adjacent side of the table; a hand looms down and gently places his own plate at his side of the table. Two eyes then land against the figure of the woman.

    “My apologies, but I’ve seemed to have forgotten the remainders of the main course in the kitchen, I won’t be but a minute.”

    A long minute passes before the figure finally makes himself known to the dining room once more. The older man moves to the side of the table as he holds the simmering piece of meat stick in his left hand, and sets it down onto the table. A creaking sound radiates from the direction of the man as he slides his chair along the floor and places himself down within it.

    “Oh that? I’m a bit at a loss where to get meat from around here, your daughter supplied that fine selection of meat. She really is one heck of a fine lad, guess she is just as nervous that this dates goes well.”

    Gray and luminous eyes fall against the meat stick as they examine it much closer, and a mouth smiles over how perfectly cooked it is. On top of the wooden cutting board that lies in the middle of the table lies a severed fore-arm with a hand still attached to it. The meat stick appears perfectly charred, and has sections of the meat from around the fore-arm sliced off; due to the small nature of the fingers they remain almost charred black. The two sets of bone that were used to hold it are stained in blood, and have the meat cleaned off from around them.

    “Oh you have something on your face, Eleanor, excuse my reach.”

    A hand belonging to that one long and pointed nail snaps out from its side of the table and moves across the table as it places itself against the cheek of the woman and slowly wipes it off. Eleanor herself remains rather stiff at this action, not bothering to stop him.

    “What’s the matter, baby? A little stiff? Get it? Oh my, I crack myself up sometimes. Please forgive that outburst, I sometimes get carried away.”

    The figure pushes himself up from his side of the table and moves over to her side, within a quick moment and without any hesitation, he leans down and presses his lips against hers. He starts to slowly move his lips up and down against her, letting out a soft groan before he suddenly recoils away. The hand with that long nail raises itself and slides into his mouth as he reaches for something, it’ll eventually move away from his mouth holding a maggot that slipped into his mouth.

    “Now, now, now Eleanor. You shouldn't get so feisty with me, I didn't even know we were swapping worms yet. This little bugger was a bit too excited.”

    The maggot is dangled over top of his mouth before it is dropped into his gaping mouth, and a loud swallowing sound follows it. His eyes then drop back against his date, as he begins to howl loudly with laughter.

    Eleanor remains sitting in her chair, along her head lies a fresh blonde wig with the scalp still attached to it, she’d have on a bright purple dress that hangs loosely from her skinny form. Eleanor’s body would be rather slender, and dark, she would look remarkable for a corpse that has been buried for over a decade and a half. All the skin and meat on her body has rotted away at this point, the only things remaining is skin and chunks of meat still holding her bones together. Parts of her body would be missing, an arm, a leg, parts of her torso, something that suggests her body was mutilated before being buried.

    “I am so glad you could make it out here tonight, Eleanor. It really means a lot to me and to your daughter. In fact how would you like to see your daughter, it’s been close to fifteen years since you saw her, and oh how I love reuniting loved ones like this. Makes me feel complete and worthy of love.

    Two hands break forth once more from there solitude along his side and move to grasp onto either side of the woman’s chair, and twists it slowly in the direction of the metal gurney that lies bolted to the floor at the far end of the room. A top of the metal gurney lies a sixteen year old girl, five sets of leather bindings lie over top of her body and keep her firmly in place. She remains fairly clothed, except for left sleeve being cut off, where her arm lies severed half way down her fore-arm. The wound is covered in a congealed mess of blood, and has dozens of pus boils boiled into the end of her wound. Her lips have a tub running between them, and her lips are fused together in a similar mess of congealed and boiled over red substance.

    “Samantha dear, that is very rude, look at your mother. She came all this way to be with you, you can at least show her some respect and say hi. There you go, was that so hard?”

    “Look at your mother, now she is beaming with happiness and joy that her daughter said hi, well answer her again. She wants to know how you are doing with your father. Father… Oh that’s right. Your father wasn’t invited to dinner, he’ll be invited next week though. I’m thinking liver, and leg for dinner. Doesn’t that sound delectable, Sammy? I’ll tell you what, I’ll even let you help me make dinner again.”

    The figure leaves from his position alongside Eleanor and moves across the room to where the young girl lies strapped to the table. She’d likely be in her late teens. He stops himself on the left side of the gurney and sets his left hand against her neck, tracing his long pointed nail over it.

    “I’m sorry I had to do this, but your mother tasted so good all that time ago, and when I saw you, I could see the resemblance. I just had to taste your family’s meat once more. Oh don’t cry, you are going to make your mother and I cry too. Don’t call me a monster, that isn’t nice of you. I’m just a survivor of a birth defect, and this is how I do it. I’m sure you’ll forgive me one day, I’ll tell you what. I’ll let you sleep with your mother tonight, that’ll make you feel better. Just like old times when she use to cradle you to sleep in her arms. That’ll make all of us feel better.”

    A quick sprint across the floor as the figure places himself in front of Eleanor, and places his hand against her shoulders.

    “Please excuse my rudeness, Eleanor. I know you have trouble walking, do you mind if I help you? You are just too kind, it’s the least I can do for you.”

    Two hands raise up as the man lifts the rather light body of Eleanor’s from her seat and begins to walk backwards towards the gurney, in the process a slight clunk can be heard as the right leg of Eleanor’s falls out from its joint. The man howls loudly once more as he continues to walk.

    “I guess you could say she was willing to bet an arm and a leg that dinner would go well. Oh the heavens, I am perfect.”

    With a quick toss the man would place the decaying and rotten corpse of Eleanor on top of the strapped form of Samantha’s. He’d smile at her warmly and moves towards the exit of the room and shut off the light.

    “Goodnight you two, so glad we could do this. I had a blast at dinner Eleanor. I’ll walk you home in the morning.”

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    Re: Family Dinner

    Post by ZombieMesh on Mon Oct 06, 2014 7:11 am

    Expected the cannibalism
    Didn't expect the corpse wife.
    10/banana would read again.

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