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    Jacob / Azrael

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    Character Word Count After Adding Up Posted / Pm'd App Threads + This Thread : 7518
    Hours Spent Researching / Typing: Something between 12-18  hours.
    Reason Why I Put This Here: Because some people need to understand that this character didn't just reel itself from someone's ass, there was genuine - hard work put into it and a lot of steam chats with various administrative staff.


    Vatican Identification Booklet

    Full Name:
    Azrael 'Jacob' Raguel

    Current Nordium Rank:

    Race Type: Unidentified Race

    Skillset(These are not talents, but skills that required him to work hard on them throughout his life):

    Janissary Like Paladin Training: A Janissary is the somewhat technical term for persians whom trained people from a young age, usually around eight or nine, to become soldiers. In this case it's quite similar, Jacob as he was considered demonic at his time of being found, was not considered like a regular child and since they considered him already corrupt, they trained him to fight as a Paladin at the start of his teenage life. He was made proficient in the use of hands, swords, maces, axes and even javelins, which did not become seen as very modern terms of practice, were the most important when it came to fighting demonic creatures. For these creatures were known to take quite a lot of bullets and kill people during their reload, you don't reload a sword and when something gets close and personal, you embrace it by embedding your sword into their stomach.

    The specific hand to hand he had learned was known as Tong Long, which was modified within the order to be less violent then it already was, as Tong Long by itself was much too grueling and painful for any regular member of the order to do. Although many were not forced into it, Jacob tried and after about six years with the martial art he eventually stopped because of the almost impossible mental and physical drain with the training, to pursue his work in the order.

    // As an OOC note, I think myself to probably the person who understands fighting more then anyone else in the server. I understand killing, I embrace it somewhat and I rant about it. Never argue a point with me about fighting unless whatever you do yourself has the following traits for the martial art or at least most of them:

    1. There are no belts, there means you aren't tenth Dan, yellow belt, level 10 anything. You're either a student, a senior or the sifu/master. By having a belt or a rank, you are actually part of a western class who acknowledges achievement, true martial arts don't give you a gay little belt for participating for three years to wear so you can show your friends how much ass you can kick. If you go to china, you wont find any belts and if you ask for one, you'll get laughed at as well as refused teaching.

    2. There is no sparring, there might be practicing. Any deadly martial art can't allow you to go all out, EVEN with gloves and a helmet on someone in front of you. Because even if they are wearing a helmet, you have to worry about killing them anyhow by accident. Certain martial arts get you to a physical and mental point where you might as well glue knives to your hands, because that's how deadly they are - you practice with air movements or something like concrete/steel slabs/poles.

    3. Your class is invite only, hard to get in or the master is very easy at removing students who aren't there fully or wanting to commit completely. The more warnings you get about the class or the more you feel like your sifu wants to get rid of people because of their lack of will power, the better it is. A good martial art is one that not everyone can do, because in a way you need to think of it like joining the special forces. It's hardcore training and if you aren't the best, you will crumble.

    4. It's got a strong relation to energy, or some kind of relation to physiotherapy. The best way to win a fight is to only have to hit someone very quickly, in one spot and only once. You could have distance and jab at someone a few times in the head until they fall over, or just give a quick slap of your hand at their face and watch them pick up their teeth from the floor. Energy is everything and superficial attacks, like in boxing will get you nowhere but mediocre results, understand how to transfer energy into someone through a strike as well as condition yourself, you'll be able to rupture their organs with one punch.

    5. Training involves you limping home, that's it. If you walk home with a limp, barely able to move your muscles after certain kinds of training go through, then you know it's good. Being broken and pushed beyond the limitation beyond your limitation is something that defines real grueling training.

    6. (This isn't even a requirement, I just don't want you to do this.)If you do any kind of western silat, taekwondo, western version of kung fu, muay thai, mma, boxing, judo or anything similar - don't talk about fighting to me, ever. Actually no one ever do it, no matter what you do. I don't want to hear it, honestly, please - god no, not ever.

    Developed Gun Handling: While he has no other practical training with weapons other then doing some courses with an instructor or two for fun at a few gun clubs across Rome, he has developed his own skill and use of handguns as well as rifles through practical use against creatures. Over a period of forty or so years(He ages 2.6 times slower then humans, give or take a decade.) he's been using arrow rifles and revolvers - but even for all this practical experience with the weapons he lacks the theoretical training to truly allow him to be a genuinely good shot as he relies moreso on drawing/speed then his aim.

    Inventory(Not all of these items are authorized as of yet, although some of them are.):

    One Longsword:
    Using Azrael's(Jacob's familiar) power to manipulate environments and in a sense, commit alchemy, Jacob directed Azrael to take apart the bolt rifle that he had been given by the Vatican. The bolt rifle was extremely well built out of titanium and silver, which all became part of the sword, the silver being the pommel and grip of the sword while the titanium represented the rest of it. He took the enchanted half of the Nordium revolver, which was where the aura came from and placed it into the heart of the strong(Forte) of the sword.

    One Dagger: Using Azrael's(Jacob's familiar) power to manipulate environments and in a sense, commit alchemy, Jacob directed Azrael to take apart the two short silver knives he had and the remaining silver from the bolt rifle to create a silver dagger. He took the enchanted half of the Nordium revolver, which was where the aura came from and placed it into the heart of the fuller of the dagger.

    One Nordium Crafted Revolver: It has a sleek silver plating on the outside, the bulk being a titanium alloy designed to resist heat as well as stay durable. The revolver would be visibly lightweight, it seems to be most likely holding some kind of large caliber round, most likely .44. The revolver has a snub nose, the nose itself having two crosses on either side. It seems to have an enchantment.

    One Military Grade Grappling Gun: A gun that fires a small hook designed to latch onto fine edges such as roofs and windows, which is attached to a very strong tensile metal line that can be climbed, although many speculate the massive damage the line can inflict on its user in it's cat and nine tails slash, if the line were to snap. If propelled at a  target a very close range, it has enough power to break human ribs or knock out a human if aimed for the skul, although on a fable, it would most likely only knock them over, with very little injury.

    One Leather Duster: Created under special order by the Head Crafter, is a duster used for the sole purpose of fable combat. It acts as a disguised armor, which does not give away the metallic plates hidden inside to weaken physical attacks towards the areas of the torso, groin and upper thighs. Although in any case, the duster is very ineffective at stopping any kind of bullets, the round of any rifle or pistol always penetrating through at a medium or close range. It's only effective target would be that of melee weapons, specifically claws and hard jabs which would come from the most dangerous of creatures. But because of the design to stop various types of blunt and slicing attacks, the plates weigh the wearer down in the torso, stopping them from achieving their maximum speed. Although compared to wearing a IIA multi threat vest, it's lighter as it's singularly purposed and does not require multiple panels or excessively thick plating.

    Nordium Hierarchy:


    Lord Scribe: Responsible with the management of all three departments within the order. A figure with absolute autonomy and power over all those below, there are no specific guidelines to this position as it is passed down through years of training from one to another.

    Scribe: Responsible for investigating sources of information, the translation of scrolls and the ordering of information within the archives.

    Fryer: Placed under the watch of a Paladin as an outside assistant before being allowed to work in the archives as a Scribe.


    Head Crafter: Responsible for managing the logistical side of the order and the constant management of larger projects.

    Crafter: Responsible for the creation of any and all schematics, while still using the assistance of the Head Crafter in situations of large design.

    Forge Worker: Works as physical labour in the forges, until given permission to work elsewhere.


    Commander: Responsible for management of the Paladin's and the sending of SWORD across the globe. They determine threat levels of various states or countries and then decide on who goes where, to deal with a threat.

    Paladin: Under the order of the Commander, a Paladin either stays in an outpost to teach Apprentice's or they are sent out on holy missions, most of the time they do this alone and without assistance, which quite often means the majority of Paladins are fable or magical.

    Knight: Under the order of the commander, a Knight is sent with other Knights to stay in an outpost to teach apprentinces or they are sent out on holy missions in groups or with a Paladin. Knights often spend years training as an apprentice, studying various fables and practicing their combative skills, before they can advance to this rank.

    Apprentice Knight: Up to three apprentices can be appointed to one Paladin or in the normal case, one apprentice is appointed to one knight. When their essential superior grants them permission to move on and join the ranks, they may become a knight and have an agenda other then serving whoever they work for.

    Paladin Code:

    A fable whom takes pleasure in the pain of others and conducts themselves in a manner similar to that of a murderer or extreme sadist, will have their lives placed within the judging individual. Keeping in mind, demonic entities are only allowed to be hunted by Paladins and while Knights may encounter them accidentally, they are in this rare case allowed to defend themselves to an appropriate extent.

    Members of the order who act in a corrupted or demonic way, in a sense, acting as in law 1, may be terminated immediately under the supervising Knight or Paladin .

    3. The killing of non fables is permitted in the case that it were to be for the greater good of a larger body of people. This is to the discretion of the overseeing Knight or Paladin, but in any case, if there's clear evidence of pleasure being taken from the killing by the acting member, law 2 is to be enacted.

    4. Because of the raw and horrific nature of a Knights / Paladins job, they are abstained from forced religious practice and punishment, although are still advised to avoid blasphemy as to not anger more in touch members.


    Character Backstory:


    During his first moments of life he was a demonic soul, although there was always a difference about  him as he appreciated honor, integrity and dignity. He was always held by a strong presence to defeat his counter part, Jacob, but had little understanding of why. Although throughout his years  he still followed, trying to use Jacob's corrupt moments to take control and to hold him, not knowing specifically what to do when he had full control, as it was apparently his only purpose, to defeat the human soul.

    As AZRAEL watched through Jacob's eyes as he lived, he became more bitter and angry about a lack of freedom, but always showed envy at Jacob's attachment to the very traits AZRAEL had appreciated. It was most likely because of AZRAEL's father, Naberius, the was like this, as Naberius was an angel responsible for these traits before had become a demon lord.

    In Jacob's twenties, AZRAEL had watched him grow through a relationship over a few years, AZRAEL plotted to kill Jacob's wife and one night, he did just that, Jacob forever hating and despising what he was as well as what AZRAEL was. AZRAEL was never forgiven or trusted afterwards and Jacob spent the next 10 years, breaking his communication with AZRAEL, no longer using the holy words to connect the two spirits in mutual conversation, AZRAEL was at it seemed to be alone forever.


    Born under the Vatican, Jacob was a demon hunter at birth and a part demon himself. He suffered the fate of having a demonic soul who had a claim to his demon lord grandfather, while Jacob had claim to his human grandmother. His type of state was a rare one and his kind practically did not exist, but still Jacob existed in any case.

    Through training with the order, Jacob honed his skills in fighting and divinity, learning to control his corruptive state and to hold ultimate power over the soul within him, which never held for long. After marrying Jacob went through the horrible turn of events to lose  his wife to AZRAEL, whom plotted to take revenge against Jacob for never granting him freedom or control.

    Jacob responded in kind as he no longer spoke with AZRAEL, letting AZRAEL rot away and watch the world through Jacob's eyes.


    In his few months living in L.A. Jacob became different, growing more corrupt and more frightened, eventually giving into AZRAEL and going through a four hour long journey one night which would change them both, as well as AZRAEL. Jacob admitted to AZRAEL that he was always influenced by AZRAEL, but revealed that he himself influenced AZRAEL as well. After passing many tests and proving to AZRAEL that he belonged more to him then he did to Naberius, AZRAEL became convinced and won over by Jacob's lack of hate for him and understanding. Through a final test Jacob submitted his mind to AZRAEL and in that moment, AZRAEL was set free, at the same time he spared Jacob, the two souls willingly re attaching to each other via a Pact and a Bond. AZRAEL and Jacob are to be seen as one in a way, their minds connected, but their bodies separated.

    Character Traits:

    Medieval Hero: Because of his training with the Vatican and because of how ancient the Vatican is, Jacob and AZRAEL's partial understanding of what it is to be heroic is from the days of chivalry themselves.

    Born To Kill: Even with the change to Jacob and AZRAEL's very souls, AZRAEL still retains his old self, influencing Jacob to have a fraction of the blood lust he once had before. This generally makes him a more angered and paranoid when in dangerous situations.

    Lack Of Empathy: Jacob in general, not AZRAEL, has an inability to feel for others at times. Which means that relying on him to save your life is probably the last thing you want to do, as quite often he'll put his own life above others and not even risk it, as for Jacob - he's rescued plenty of people in distress. This is also part of his survival instinct as to not fight, unless there's actual purpose behind it.

    Strong Intuition: Jacob relies on his intuition quite often to determine a situation and make a decision as opposed to logic, which AZRAEL tends to just allow. His mind sub consciously gathers information like the placement of weapons, hands, body language, tone of voice and emphasis on spoken words. Most of the time this works to Jacob's favor as to determine if someone is about to thrash out and attack him, in other cases it makes him draw his gun when everyone in the room is actually in a neutral state, which can cause some issues.

    Spiritual Powers: With AZRAEL inside of Jacob as well as outside of him when AZRAEL decides to walk freely and inspect the world around him through the body of a familiar, Jacob can have AZRAEL do various things like alchemy and the manipulation of dark creatures(Anything with high corruption.).

    Shameful Past: With the memory of what AZRAEL did to his wife, both AZRAEL and Jacob are still haunted even in their unification of the bond. This can often if remembered, cause AZRAEL to become weakened, which in turn weakens Jacob's ability to see through AZRAEL, command him or sense what he would sense.

    Soul Bond: Jacob and AZRAEL are bonded by an invisible chain they had both created and agree'd on willingly, it is a bond of trust as well as brotherhood. AZRAEL is influenced by Jacob and feels emotions through him as well as see's the world through his eyes when inside his body. This doesn't specifically makes AZRAEL stronger, but it keeps him close to humanity. As for Jacob, AZRAEL influences his body through scent, sight and his authority as he commands AZRAEL in a way to use his powers. AZRAEL without Jacob to guide him(Knocked out.), becomes frustrated and temporarily loses a spiritual balance, which makes him violent.

    Another part of the soul bond is power. The more purpose there is to an action the more stronger AZRAEL is. While self defense is a good motivator as AZRAEL is trying to keep Jacob alive, it doesn't influence him that much, although facing something like a demonic would have a strong influence over AZRAEL specifically. This also creates recklessness and it becomes more quantity over quality of power, as opposed to the usual precision AZRAEL would have.

    Unlocked Abilities(35/40 Essence):

    Essence: This is not an ability but is a representation of the limited energy Azrael can use. The maximum amount of Essence Azrael can have is increased through the domination of corrupted, or demonic souls. The more dangerous and powerful a soul is(Not the body, but the soul.) the more his maximum essence is increased. Time is the only way to replenish lost essence, as if to heal a wound, other then dominating something. It is to be understood that Azrael as a soul is extremely powerful compared to a regular soul because of the fact that he can control an invisible familiar, whom acts as his body in the physical world.

    Soul Tap(.5 -10 Essence): With or without the permission of the soul or mind Azrael is tapping into(It's much easier with permission) Azrael can look into the users memory or lineage(This doubles the drain). This drains Azrael's essence slowly and while he could try learn every little detail about a person, the amount of essence he would use would probably not be worth it. It is also possible to make modifications to a soul if the soul is completely and utterly willing, as the changes made are actually mainly done by the soul being changed and not Azrael. But Azrael has never had this done on anything but himself, which could mean it might never happen successfully again.

    Manipulation(.5 - 15 Essence): Azrael can manipulate the non living physical world around him, whether it be air, metal, bodies or someone's weapon. This can be as simple as moving a can of soda from one place to another, throwing his sword, heating up his soup or just making a room darker. Currently his ability to manipulate the world is amateurish and still needs working on, Jacob quite often having Azrael do things like pick up beers or open fridges, which while is handy - constantly drains his essence foolishly.

    Domination(5-15 Essence. Complete return of essence upon successful purge.): Azrael can dominate a corrupted or demonic soul, usually when they are near death or have died literally as he makes a connection. While it is possible for Azrael to actually control a soul through this, it's extremely draining and provides almost no benefit, especially at a low skill level. Currently the only thing there is that is doable for Azrael is to take control for just a few seconds as to then purge the soul and consume it's essence, which in turn is the only currently known way for Azrael to increase his power. The effects of the drain depend on the strength of  the soul he is dealing with at the time as well as how corrupt it is, ideally the easiest target would be a fully corrupted minion who is just about to die.

    Piercing(10-50 Essence.): Azrael sends part of his essence towards his intended targets soul to literally weaken them, the essence sent is of a complete negative and injures the soul. While Azrael is greatly weakened from doing this, the essence comes from Azrael's soul and not Jacobs, leaving Jacob free to physically continue on, just without power. The amount of damage is indicated on the specific arc of the attack, the distance and the amount of essence used as well as Azrael's proficiency with his powers. If Azrael were to send a good majority of his essence without killing himself, it'd be enough to put someone near death spiritually - not physically. But souls vary and some might only have their powers stouted by it, while others might go into a 1-2 day coma.

    Possible Pathways:

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