Abram Purez


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    Abram Purez

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    Voice:  (Luis Lopez)

    Main Details
    Name: Abram Purez
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male

    Race: Human
    Nationality: Dominican Republic
    Sexuality: Heterosexual  

    Physical Description:
    Height: 5'9
    Weight: 135 lbs
    Eye Color: Blue
    Hair color: Light black, clean shaven


    Abram Purez was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Supported by his two parents, Abram schooled for a bit before getting a job to help out his parents. After a while, he joined a gang with his best friend, Luis in a gang to make extra money. Abram didn't take the gang serious, as he was only in for the money. Abram soon moved over the ranks, becoming good friends with the leader, Nero. 

    After a failed heist, leaving Abram as the lone survivor and taker of the cash, Nero was enraged. Nero was enraged that Abram left with the money, so he began to go after Abram. After getting in a gun battle with Nero, losing Luis, and getting shot in the leg, he escaped. He now hides in the city, waiting for the time to go back and face Nero.

    Traits and skills

    Hola, amigo: Being from the Dominican Republic, Spanish is Abram's first language, and the one he is most fluent in.

    Gunman: After being in his gang for a while, Abram was quite good with a pistol and other weaponry. He's a bit out of practice, though. 

    Guitar master: Living at home, Abram learned how to play the acoustic guitar from his father. 

    Fitness: Abram is quite fit, but due to the limp in his leg, it's not a whole lot.

    Medic: Abram was good at patching up his wounded fellow gang members, and even patched up his own bullet wound. 

    Limp: Because he was shot in the leg and patched it up himself, Abram walks with a quite bad limp.


    Loved/ Close Friend/ Friend/ Acquaintance/ Disliked/ Hated

    'Acolyte': A good friend of mine. I like her a lot. She seems to like me back. I hope things work well between us.

    'Vagabond': Friend of Acolyte apparently. Seems nice. 

    Luis: I miss you a lot, hermano. 

    Mama and Papa: I'm sorry I have to make you go through this. I hope I can make things right.

    Nero: Son of a bitch. I'm the only survivor, and you care about the money? You killed my best friend. If you go after my parents, i'll give you a fate that will make hell look like a paradise.

    (Will add more when I meet more people.)

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    Re: Abram Purez

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