The Twins Application:Psychokinesis:Krissy and Kelsey



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    The Twins Application:Psychokinesis:Krissy and Kelsey

    Post by Skellyz on Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:27 pm

    Steam Name: ☭Яed and Tidal_Wave
    I may have someone else be Kelsey, since Tidal isn't a active roleplayer.
    Sknifier, Deadly Nachos, Techno, Fancy Pants or someone  whose good with roleplay.

    Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:24450238

    How long have you been roleplaying?: I've been role playing on Garry's Mod servers for I believe for two to three years. Tidal about a week....

    Any experience havng this auth before? Yes I have in numerous servers. Started with Unnamed Gaming, that ended sort of stupidly on the mistake I made of putting in future ideas next to the actual thing, but I did mark it as FUTURE IDEAS!!! Though I think anyways..Later on I came onto a Metro2033Rp and was allowed to roleplay her power. DragonX Gaming, Rather stupid server but still counts, disrupted a few killing scenes that were going on for stupid reasons really... Imperial Gaming or something close to that, had it for a while then people started to complain like babies that it was out of canon.. (Apparently, everyone else ran on a strict Hl2 canon instead of a open minded one, rather boring and same old. Supernatural Roleplay a server solely based off of the Tv show, was really fun to a certain extent, cause people went haywire and over the bored with the relentless killing of supernaturals... and by supernaturals I'm in the general area of those who are just trying to be themselves and the likes. Tidal_Wave hasn't roleplayed for tooo long, but she's decent, just needs some guidance here and there, but I'll be able to help guide her through it.

    What are you applying for?: I am applying for Psychokinesis, the manipulation of matter around them. Their abilities are halved between the psychokinesis variety. 

    Basically Psychokinesis is the manipulation of all matter that surrounds them, everything is matter. 
    Though using these powers can greatly tire them out to the point of where they can be out cold four hours and hours un-end recovering their strength to once again walk, they are young  and not able to to control these powers at will. More likely to happen if the two are seperated from eachother.  They have not unlocked all of these powers just yet but they will slowly begin to unlock them as they unlock themselves and begin to be enlightened of their abilities. They can either learn them on their own through simple tasks of concentration on one thing, and it will sooner or later evolve to other things.

    The amount of things they can manipulate are limited early. The abilities they have mastered through out their life span  are transmutation, geokinesis, telekinesis, agrokinesis and aerokinesis to a limit, they can't make  destructive tornados or anything bigger then a large gust of wind to wirl around her, but anything tornado-ish na uh.
    With Transmutation, no she cannot change people into anything along with biokinesis for that is bullshit beyond belief. 
    List of abilities that they can and cannot learn. The ones listed as no are the oens that can make her seem like a god
    Cryokinesis Yes to a extent. That extent is, not being able to really  freeze people in solid blocks of ice.
    Pyrokinesis Yes to a extent
    Photokinesis Already Known (Krissy Only)
    Umbrakinesis Already Known(Kelsey Only)
    Biokinesis Yes and No, They can use it  but they forbid themselves from ever practicing it.
    Chronokinesis  No, its over stepping it
    Magnokinesis No
    Sonokinesis To a very limited extent since they are mute
    Transmutation Already known
    Geokinesis Already known
    Thermokinesis Not really to much.
    Hydrokinesis Yes 
    Aerokinesis Already known
    Agrokinesis Already known
    Electrokinesis Yes to a extent
    Technokinesis not really. for the fact that they do not use technology much and haven't have the interest in it.

    Atmoskinesis No, it's over stepping it.
    Radiokinesis To a extent

    Tycokinesis-  I can't say for this one, sort of seems a bit iffy
    Telekinesis - Mastered to a certain extent (Aka they cannot stop bullets in mid air or pick up things that are a million ton)

    Why should you have this?: Why should me and my friend have this? Well long story short, I think it may bring in some more into the story of this server, bring in a pair of mysterious girls who never seem to really get separated from each other and who often act like best friends with the same ideals and beliefs. And I thought it'd be something regular players can go off and have fun with, bring random people into self created events , not actual events, but y'know..Just take random people and drag them into a roleplay if they really would like to, give them a slight mystery to solve and figure them out.
    Backstory:  There is no real back story to them, well nothing solid but is  created as my friend and I settle the characters in the atmosphere of the world and then we begin to build their back story and when we do we begin to roleplay it out and perfect it and so forth. I thought I'd give this a try, to see if I can get them in to the role play more, give something more about them then just ordinary people.
    Personality Traits:
    -Obedient to their elders

    -Well Behaved
    -Quiet (Cause they are mute)
    -Respectful towards the Dead

    -Dislike Violence(They try to defuse fights when they see them, if they cannot, they stay back and cover their eyes.
    -Mysterious in Origin
    -Strong bond with each other.
    -Peaceful most of the time.
    - Fast Learners.
    Physical Traits:
    -Mysterious Tattoo on right or left eye, matching that of the color of their eyes
    -Twins but both have a couple of unique features that can be used to tell them apart , Krissy has Dark Blue Eyes, and Kelsey has Dark Red Eyes. Krissy has Golden Blond hair and Kelsey has Midnight Black hair. Krissy's Tattoo is dark blue, and Kelsey's tattoo is dark red.
    -Small in size
    -Lightly freckled faces
    -Soft Facial Features
    -Their hair is slightly short
    -Would look opposite of each other in means of how they look. Krissy has the tattoo around her right eye, covered by her hair, Kelsey has her tattoo around her left eye, covered up by her hair as well. They where their cross patches on the opposite leg of each other. Krissy has hers on her right and Kelsey has hers on her left.
    -They seem to carry really small and light ceremonial katana with holy symbols engraved on them. The swords seem to have many carved through designs, meaning that the designs are holes in the katanas blades for the most part, causing the blade to be weaker then a normal katana, and much lighter and the such as well.
    Where do they reside? Well they reside in the church. They create monuments in their spare time, creating small statues of religious figures or statues of Jesus and the likes. They also create necklaces out of sterling silver with the will of their mind, not like conjure them up, but almost do it manually, just with carving the shape and design with their mind.
    How would they bring people into a situation of roleplay? Well, they'll either at first, try to poke the forehead of a person on the streets, aka their little way of saying "Hello, want to be friends? With out having to write it out and the likes. If they poke her back or either of them, they'll hug that specific person happily and try to lure him into a situation, and what the situation is, depends on whats going on around them. So many ways, so many things and so forth.
    How often do they use their abilities? Well, they don't go around showing it off, they don't use it in front of people directly, or do it when being watched. Only really around people they trust with all their heart. The times in public they'll use their power is when they come across a fist of a  melee weapon fight, in which depends on how many are there, like if there are six people there and trying to break it up, they wont interfere, but if its like just the two, they'll break it up themselves.

    Physical Weaknesses
    : They have all the weaknesses a regular human being has.
    They are not immune to sickness or disease, they do not heal faster then any other. They are just human with either unexplainable natural abilities or magical abilities.

    If the two are separated from each other, what happens? Well, what happens is that they'll immediate go out and try and find the other, tracking them sort of speak through their mental connections through mental means, sort of like, telepathy but at a lower scale, sort of like a blood bond, but more mental then through the blood. Not saying they can track each other as if they have GPS Devices , but like if they are near each other, they can sense it. If they cannot find each other, they'll usually head towards the church in hopes the other will come around and show up there.
    In the way of abilities, they're power is cut in half, causing their telekinetic powers to weaken by fifty percent and the likes.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? Yes I'm well aware of it.

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    Re: The Twins Application:Psychokinesis:Krissy and Kelsey

    Post by the shknifer on Tue Oct 07, 2014 12:40 am

    Awesome. This is original.


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    Re: The Twins Application:Psychokinesis:Krissy and Kelsey

    Post by Fuzzy Wolfy on Tue Oct 07, 2014 1:45 am

    Even as an advocate for child characters, I'm starting to get a lil' sick of 'em.

    But this hasn't been done before as far as I know, so I can't deny its originality.



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    Re: The Twins Application:Psychokinesis:Krissy and Kelsey

    Post by Skellyz on Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:13 am

    They aren't children. They are Sixteen in age, so they are young adults as well as the fact that it is possible and impossible at the same time being, due to the fact that is unexplainable. If they do manage to grab someone who has this ability, they usually lock them up in a facility and see how they work, how their brain functions and so forth.
    Ask yourself this in the mean time, go to the Guiness book of world records and look through some of them with the insane body strength, the ability to pull a plane with your ear lobes or something. Theres only tissue in the ear lobes for the most part, there's a lot of weird stuff out there as well as there are incharacterly.

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    Re: The Twins Application:Psychokinesis:Krissy and Kelsey

    Post by Absinthe on Tue Oct 07, 2014 8:39 am

    My character is partially demonic and we have demons on server, including a succubus, plus those cursed blood folks. This isn't asking for much compared to the other characters around *Cough* Giant Behemoth Characters *Cough*.


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    Re: The Twins Application:Psychokinesis:Krissy and Kelsey

    Post by Skellyz on Sat Oct 11, 2014 10:19 pm

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    Re: The Twins Application:Psychokinesis:Krissy and Kelsey

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