[Auth] 'Annie'


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    [Auth] 'Annie'

    Post by ZombieMesh on Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:39 pm

    Steam Name: ToxicZombie

    Steam ID:

    How long have you been roleplaying?:
    Nearly a decade? I dunno, a long time.

    Any experience havng this auth before?
    Sort of. I've rped characters with abilities similar to this elsewhere.

    What are you applying for?:
    Annie. She is a magic user who had no known powers except having access to the energy from the demon plane, which every magic user has. When she was lost in the demon plane, she ended up eating a demon and manifesting her own powers and the powers shared by the demon because of it.
    These powers can be simply called Self-Manipulation.

    Basically, Annie has control over her own anatomy.  She can cause a bone to grow a certain direction, extender her flesh out to make a new apendage, and rearrange the structure of her insides. This is all powered by her own energy and the need to eat. Annie is constantly hungry, no matter how much she eats, but the more she eats the more powerful she gets, although in turn she burns up the energy used to make herself more powerful. This means she has super-regeneration that is proportional to how much energy/food she has, along with self-absorption/self-cannibalism. If she makes a body part large, she has the ability to reabsorb it back into herself to regain some of the lost energy. This can also be a curse as, if she feels like she is starving, she might start reabsorbing and eating herself. Total starvation would have her eat herself until it is impossible to eat anymore.

    Why should you have this?:
    I feel like Annie would be an interesting antagonist. She's not evil in that she enjoys harming people, but in that she cannot stop herself from eating. She can also be a huge threat since she's very difficult to predict or eliminate. I won't be perusing PKs with her until it has to do with plot and even then I don't think I'll be killing a lot, just possibly injuring and maiming. Her story connects with another characters story, so it will be neat to see how that plays out.


    [Backstory is divided into two parts. One is a Report on the incident leading up to Annie visiting the demon plane and the other is the thoughts of Annie during her time in the demon plane]



    Conducted by : Dr [NAME WITHHELD], [NAME WITHHELD]
    Supervised by: Dr Jonathan Whitfield

    Report written by Dr Jonathan Whitfield


    Subject No. 87
    Subject No. 112
    Subject No. 47
    [NAME WITHHELD] (who will, from this point on, be referred to as Subject A)


    After the inconclusive results following EXPERIMENT 137 (which is now referred to as EXPERIMENT 137 A), it was deemed necessary to continue the same line of testing with different variables. Dr. [NAME WITHHELD], who helped conduct the first experiment with Dr. [NAME WITHHELD] until his untimely death, is joined by [NAME WITHHELD]. I, Jonathan Whitfield, am supervising and writing the report on this experiment.

    The purpose of this experiment is to further explore the effects and nature of humans going in and out of the demon plane via conjured portal. As the previous experiment was only tested using regular humans, this one has expanded its reach to include those that have proven to have some sort of magical ability or access to magic. The subjects involved will be asked to enter the portal and come out immediately after. If there is any subjects left, they will be asked to enter again and spend five minutes in the demon plane before returning.

    Subjects will be given:

    • A rope to be tied around their waist and belt

    • One belt with pouches

    • One stopwatch

    • One clock

    • One bottle of water

    • Two standard MREs

    The subjects involved are:

    • Subject No. 87, who has shown the ability to foresee objects and their locations. (School of Divination)

    • Subject No. 112, who has not shown any unique abilities except those customary to any standard human with magical abilities or access to magic.

    • Subject No. 47, who has shown the ability to create and manipulate fire. (School of Evocation)

    • Subject A, a normal human with no magical qualities

    Further information on each subject except Subject A can be viewed in their Case Reports and Profile.


    On [DATE WITHHELD] at [TIME WITHHELD], all the subjects are gathered and put in to the same room. Dr. [NAME WITHHELD] and [NAME WITHHELD] enter the room after them. I, Dr. Jonathan Whitfield, am situated behind a reinforced, bullet-proof glass in an adjacent room with a view to the room the experiment is taking place. Subjects are given their belt with pouches that contain the two MREs and a water bottle full of water. Subjects are asked to wear the watch around their wrist and have the string attached to the stopwatch tied to their wrist.

    Subject No. 47 expresses distaste in brand of watch and "the fanny pack."

    After all subjects are prepared a portal is summoned via [REDACTED]. Subjects are asked to stand in a parallel line to the portal. Each end of their ropes are attached to a separate motorized crank. Subjects are given a moment to prepare while equipment is checked by [NAME WITHHELD]. After checklist is completed, the time is written down as [REDACTED]:05 and all subjects are asked to enter the portal. Subjects do so and disappear into the portal.

    Despite being told to come back immediately, no subject returns. After five minutes, at [REDACTED]:10, all cranks are turned on to pull ropes back.

    • The ropes of Subject No. 87 and Subject No. 112 come back with nothing, the ends of the ropes being frayed and torn.

    • The body of Subject No. 47 is pulled back. It appears the subject had been maimed and and burned. Lower half is missing and looks to have been torn off. The watch on the subject's wrist [REDACTED] despite attempts to fix it. Stopwatch is missing. Removed for autopsy and disposal.

    • Subject A is pulled back. The subject is in the fetal position and is mumbling to themselves incoherently. Attempts to talk to the subject reveal nothing. Clothes are torn, several lacerations across the body, bite marks. The watch on the subject's wrist displays the time [REDACTED] and the glass of the watch is shattered. Contents of belt are emptied onto floor. Both MREs are unopened, but, once opened, contain spoiled contents with mold growing on them. Bottle of water has tear down side and is empty save for some condensation. Shows evidence of rapid evaporation. Stopwatch is missing.

    After 10 more minutes, nothing more comes out of the portal. Subject A is asked to go back into the portal for five minutes. The subject then screamed and attempted to attack Dr. [NAME WITHHELD]. Security comes in, sedated Subject A, drags the subject off. Subject is placed in medical ward for injury treatment and psychological rehabilitation. Further interview with Subject A is recommended.

    Portal is closed at [REDACTED]:27.

    Thoughts of the Lost:

    I can'tfeelANYTHINGEVERYTHINGHURTsthere is no LOGIC IS EVERYThing i can stretch to infinityornonowhere timeisrelativeto NOTHING IS SACRED nostartorfinishorend whydidIAGREEDISAGREEWITH EVERYTHINGliesAREONLYtruthisrelative thereissomethingNOTHINGtouchingme whereamiTHISISNOTALOCATION biit-ingCLawingiAMgetting smallerWHATISSMALL somethingISEATINGme eatBITEeatBITE I DONT LIKE ITSTOPbiting ME smallsOsmall so BITEBACKEATIT struggleforSIZE IAMBIGGERIAM stronger.

    Things STILL Dont make SENse here. SomethINGWAS biting me, so I bit back. Cannot exPLain my own thoughts. CaNNOT explain where i AM. I feEL hungry and I know the THINGS around me feel hungry too. NeEd to eat. eat them they EAT ME BUTi eatthem back. lost WANT OUT hate it here.

    Slow to make sense. Never make sense. Hungry. I feel different. I feel SOMETHING FAmiliar. Veronica? she came TOO is she lost?

    FiRe in my mouth. Hot. HOT. Never liked HIM. never liked him ever eternity here is not enough time everything is shortLONG

    Feel her. Veronica. Let me out. I feel her lost. But HUNGRY oh so HUNGRY. I'm sorry I CANNOT i MUST

    I am sorry Veronica I was too hungry.

    Feel different. Veronica IS THAT you? Feel pulling. See objects. you helped me VERonica. I FEEL you inSIDE me outside everywhere. follow you. follow YOUR PULL feel you PULLING ME TOWards something.

    Hole. Hole in r eality. Place where sense isTHEREISNOsense but here. Hungry

    i will ESCAPE

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time?

    Please tell me if any more information is needed about her.
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    Re: [Auth] 'Annie'

    Post by Fuzzy Wolfy on Tue Oct 07, 2014 1:51 am


    I like it.

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    Re: [Auth] 'Annie'

    Post by Das Haus on Tue Oct 07, 2014 1:58 am

    Freaky as fuck, and quite strong of a character. But you're good at roleplay, and this sent a bit of a shiver down my spine.




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    Re: [Auth] 'Annie'

    Post by TyrGodOfWar98 on Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:19 am

    Don't even know who you are Zombie but +Support since the others are giving good supports and you seem like a common player.

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    Re: [Auth] 'Annie'

    Post by Absinthe on Tue Oct 07, 2014 10:34 am

    All I imagine is that this character does ERP and then it turns HORRIBLY, HORRIBLY WRONG. When THIS HAPPENS:
    I will have nightmares about this shit.

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    Re: [Auth] 'Annie'

    Post by Vampyr on Wed Oct 08, 2014 5:05 am

    Yeah, this has my backing. Just be wary about the whole demon thing until shanaro and I can write something up for it.

    Seeing as I've been put incharge of reviewing apps... I'd say this is accepted on a trial basis. I want people to give me feedback in steam/for you to give examples of what this character was/is.

    PS: Hold off on mentioning any demonic ic or using anything crazy, alright?

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    Re: [Auth] 'Annie'

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