Saint's Cursed Blood Application


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    Saint's Cursed Blood Application

    Post by SaintCharmer on Mon Oct 06, 2014 11:49 pm

    Steam Name:  Saint Charmer
    Steam ID:  STEAM_0:0:26683754
    Notable Recommendations:   Me, myself, and I. But in seriousness, no bias here.
    Character Name:  Huxley Abernathy
    Character Age:  Looking to be in his mid 40's at least
    Gender:  Male
    Characters Appetite:  Hearty
    Blood Attribute:  Choking Haze/Steam
    Backstory:  To be found out IC, this is useless because the app guy is going to read it, think nothing of it because it adds no real proof of good RP, and then its buried forever in the "Accepted" or "Denied" portion of the applications. I'll refrain from this and it shall be known IC.
    RP Situation: 

    **Behind a counter stands a rather scrawny man, a bloody apron around his waist and a rather large cleaver in his hand.

    "Hey t-there folks..  A-And welcome back to another e-episode of Flesh Fricassee. I-I'm your host, H-Huxley Abernathy. I have a-a very special guest with me today, s-say hello to Alicia everyone!"
    **Huxley reaches over, pulling back a sheet and revealing a rather young looking woman, probably no older than 20.**

    "S-Say hello to the folks at home Alicia!"

    **Muffled screams**

    "O-Okay darling, settle down.. y-you'll have your turn to speak."

    **The girl continues to let out muffled cries as Huxley looks at her, obviously a bit distracted.**

    "O-Okay, s-so today.." **muffled screams** "T-Today we'll.." **more muffled screams**

    **Huxley slams both of his hands on the counter, a rather loud thud echoing throughout the room.**


    **The girl stops, staring at him wide eyed as he now continues to speak.**

    "As I was SAYING! T-Today I have a special treat for you.. its a simple d-dish, sure, but I guarentee you will enjoy it!"

    **He motions to a small meat grinder, bolted to the counter. **

    "We're g-going to make some good ol' AMERICAN hamburgers!"

    **Alicia starts to scream again as Huxley takes hold of her right hand, dragging it over to the top of the grinder.**

    "Y-You m-move it and you'll be sorry.."

    **He reaches over, removing the cloth from her mouth, a large jagged smile overtaking his face.**

    Alicia - "P-Please.."

    "S-Shut up.."

    Alicia - "I-I'll give you anything!"

    "Shut. Up.."

    **The girl opens her mouth to speak again, Huxley quickly placing a finger to her lips as he leans close to -whisper- into her ear -- He yells as loud as he can at this point.**

    "SHUT! UP!"

    **The girl flinches from the sudden outburst directly in her ear.**

    "T-That's a real ear ringer, ain't it!? N-Now be quiet.. I-I already told you that y-you'd get a chance to speak.. in fact, you g-get to SING!"
    **He holds her hand against the grinding wheels of the meat grinder, placing his hand on the crank as he breaks into song.**

    "Loving you~ i-is easy cause you're beautiful~.. D-Dootin dootin doo doo~"

    "GARRET!" **Huxley points to the empty chairs in front of him, his best friend Garret and his -guest- sitting side by side.

    Garret - "Auuugh~!"


    **Huxley quickly cranks the meat grinder several times, a large smile overtaking his face as the girl now starts to scream.**


    "W-Wow.. she's got quite a voice.."

    Garett - "You are absolutely right Sammy. He does have a beautiful voice. What is that? I'll tell him now.. Huxley! She says your dinner is faking it."

    "O-Oh really.."

    **Huxley glares at Alicia, his smile quickly overtaken by anger.

    Alicia - "D-Don't!"

    **He starts to crank again.**

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    Re: Saint's Cursed Blood Application

    Post by Giles on Tue Oct 07, 2014 12:03 am

    Simply beautiful.

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    Re: Saint's Cursed Blood Application

    Post by Vampyr on Wed Oct 08, 2014 9:34 pm

    Accepted, don't disappoint me. And please don't go ham. - Tutt the admin

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    Re: Saint's Cursed Blood Application

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