Lord Of Fear


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    Lord Of Fear

    Post by Absinthe on Fri Oct 10, 2014 11:58 am

    Steam Name: Malak

    Steam ID:

    How long have you been roleplaying?:
    Four years.

    Any experience havng this auth before?
    I have quite a lot of experience with monster characters, mainly as a Gamemaster on roleplay servers, acting as a sort of event creature for people to fight.

    What are you applying for?:

    I'm applying for a demon lord, a very special one that's been around for a long time. He possess the trait of fear and uses fear to actually kill his targets, he can take any form he likes and controlls two minions whom he can also transform. His powers are somewhat limited to him not being able to kill anything too powerful, as armed individuals, especially powerful fables could run him down for his money.

    He has the ability to influence environments as well to create horrific constructs as to enforce fear, turning places like tunnels into hallways of melting flesh or a church into a house of horror.

    The character though hates the idea of killing oddly enough and only does it when it's required, he essentially feeds of pain, suffering and fear. He tries to permanently scar anyone that comes into them mentally, as they remember what happened to their friends or to those who never escaped his grasps, whom he uses as examples through live theatrical torture. The character also cannot be effected by binding spells, that means someone can't just step in there with an artifact and be like /me says 4 words, now the demon is goen, hue hue PK. No I don't think so, that's stupid, I'm sorry and it's got unlimited uses, are you kidding me? Who AUTHORIZED THAT BY THE WAY? Unlimited use banishing artifact, it's like giving someone a fucking spell that removes people from existence.

    In any case how I want this character to be able to be killed is very specific, they need to kill his minions and use their own will power to conquer him, which probably will require for the same characters or character, to return and try besting him again, with knowledge of how he grows stronger or that most of what they are dealing with is just fear. It's sort of like Silent Hill in a way, it's just horror and fear, it's about will power and your ability to persevere. This isn't specifically a situation where anyone that's tough or has a gun is going to run in and save the day, it's about the character themselves and what they IC'ly learn and figure out while they are there.

    Every constructed maze created by the creature while has the obvious way of you killing every minion in sigh and just conquering fear, also has the option of you discovering how to disable the construct. Like a key, glass or an artifact you can destroy or use, which will actually revert everything back to normal, revealing the demon lord, who in his true form, is no stronger or faster then a lycan, his minions, even weaker then that.

    Why should you have this?:

    The question is actually more importantly, WHY DONT WE HAVE THIS? I want to have this because I've always been complaining about a lack of antagonists, a lack of proper antagonists. I'm not talking about some edgy character killing another edgy character with lightning speed moves and matrix evolution gun control, I'm talking about legitimate fighting and struggle. Where people fight something that is PURE and utter evil, drive some real nightmares into some minds.

    In any case I have an authorized white knight, three quarter human, one quarter demon character and I gave Shanaro a helping hand with ideas for writing up Demon Lore. I've got enough experience to work as an Executive Administrator here easily, but I'm not going to because you know, I'm generealy someone who hates working for other people. So I work for myself Razz. Not that I assume it'd be bad, but I've had a really bad experience with employers and the honest feeling was that were was I couldn't make enough changes(Lack of power) to push the roleplay into something truly exceptional.


    Gahl is one of the more vicious fallen angels to have fallen through time, one of the few who had been converted into demons with Lucifer himself. The right hand of lucifer and the one who had helped forge the aesthetic look of the occupants of hell itself assisted with the most crucial part of the creation of demonic minions, fear. Now with very little to do and almost no use to Lucifer, having no more need under Lucifer to create more minions he spends his years in human civilization, terrorizing those he can and driving people into insane asylums where even there they cannot escape him, quite often forcing people to commit suicide so as to stop his never ending torment.

    It is not specifically known if Gahl was ever a good angel, many knew that he had strong empathy for humans and understood very well, what suffering was. In his brighter form he inspired others to use their willpower to conquer what they were afraid to do and to be fearless, now he is very much the opposite, although in many cases, a little part of who he was still lives on in the fact that through every construct he creates, he always gives them the ability to stop it all and conquer him through hidden puzzles, which only require valor, willpower and initiative to accomplish.


    John steps forward into the church, before suddenly realizing he was in.. some sort of pit, almost like being transported and come to think of it, he didn't remember every actually walking towards the church, no... no, why couldn't he remember where he was going? What - then he heard the faintest whisper at the back of his head as he looked around, suddenly taking in a new environment as the rock walls around him turned into entrails and the ground started to stick to his shoes like a hard glue.

    A few more steps forward and John found something pulling on his leg, not the glue but a HAND. Behind him would be a skeleton, half struck from the ground, grasping onto his leg for dear life as it would scream loudly "SAVE ME!" a look of despair about the skeleton as it would release his leg after a while, collapsing onto the ground, a soft feminine whimper escaping the skeleton moments before its death.

    John becomes panicked, his heart racing and eyes dancing around, as he'd pinch himself and even scream, not wanting to believe what he'd walked into. Closing his eyes he counted to ten and as he'd reach nine, in the back of his head he'd hear a menacing male voice "Ten - ready your not, here I come John...". At his back he'd feel a metallic clasp, before he'd yell out, jumping forward, grasping at his holster and drawing his side arm, firing it wildly at what was behind him, only seeming to shoot into some kind of foggy black mist.

    Although with his hostility John is rewarded with something terrible, an odd ghoul like creature running out from the mist he had shot at and he could tell it was a woman, with hair strewing like paste from the top of its head, mouth agape with shark like teeth and the flesh on its hands peeled away to the bone, where its fingers would be sharpened into some disgusting disfigured claws. While basking in the horror of what would charge forward at him he'd only close his eyes, kneeling down to the ground as it neared him, slashing its claws across his chest and cutting almost rib deep with its attack before suddenly everything would stop moving and the sound of the city would come back to him.

    John would know though that he had not just experienced a dream or a hallucination as across his chest, would be three long black... cuts. But for some reason, John knew that he would be here again, not knowing how he arrived, trapped in the black once more.

    Do you agree that you will use these responsibly, and understand these can be taken away at any time? As usual, I say yes.

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    Re: Lord Of Fear

    Post by Absinthe on Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:02 pm

    Want more? Well ask away, I can give you more detail. More story about the character? Yeah nope? Roleplay examples or narrative form of things happening to the character? SURE.

    There's also demon lore coming up and it slightly reinforces what I am having, although the lore Shanaro is creating is for demons. This guy is kind of like beyond the regular bounds of a demon and does not specifically apply to anything regular, as in a very small sense you could consider the character a mini god. When he fights people, it's like he's playing a game and when he dies, it's because he allows it, if that ever does happen though he just gets returned back to where he belongs, the demon plane.

    Although generally speaking, I'd prefer to NLR him like any character, as to not have to wait for there to be an IC situation for him to come back, I imagine people would quite enjoy having a main antagonistic around on the server. Always depends on the the situation of course, if it's roleplayed out quite a lot and the actual aim for everyone is to kill him, I'm fine with him going for a while or permenantly.

    I will also have other secretive ways for him to die which I am NOT revealing on here as to promote meta game. There will be a lot of ways to weaken him, dismay his affects on the mind or to just kill him entirely. You'll have to either think logically or illogically, some of  the extra ways you can harm this character are very logical in terms of a demon and others are very odd, which would probably be discovered by accident.

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    Re: Lord Of Fear

    Post by Absinthe on Sat Oct 18, 2014 8:30 am

    Bump because 8 days and it's about to be 9 days long without a comment. Shanaro's said I had a particular influence on demon lore through that steam chat I had with him about the brain storm for demon lore, this shouldn't be that hard to judge.

    I HAD (No longer have) a 1/4th demonic character whom I roleplayed out correctly and properly. I exercised his weaknesses even more then I should of and tried to stout him mentally and corruptively as much as I could. This character is going to be worked in a similar way and every situation that is created, presents an opportunity for even the weakest of magic users and fables to kill him.

    I'm trying to get rid of this idea that pure magic or brawn is like a stat against whatever you are killing, I want to introduce fear and puzzles into the server, as people try to figure out how to both escape and kill their demonic captor. Instead of saying "Swish and flick!" then suddenly whatever antagonist they are fighting is dead.

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    Re: Lord Of Fear

    Post by Shanaro on Sat Oct 18, 2014 8:50 am

    I support this, by the way.


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    Re: Lord Of Fear

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    Re: Lord Of Fear

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    Re: Lord Of Fear

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